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November 16- 30, 2003
"Sun Nov 16, 2003"
New Jersey I love it!
New Jersey "I heard Richard's 'Shenandoah'on NPR this morning as I was waking up, and I got all nostalgic about a time long ago - as though it was a soundtrack from a past life or something. Great stuff!"
Madison CT "Heard you on NPR this AM - tremendous. Esp. moved by Black Leg Minor and, Oops which I've been saying for a long time is real music, despite as Kurt Weil might have put it, the Twit that bore it. Thank you. "
North Carolina "I just heard the interview on Nat'l Public Radio (1000 years of music) and I loved what I heard! I plan on buying the CD but I will have to skip the ""Oops! I Did It Again"" track. The music was great, I just don't like the lyrics. Your version of ""Shennendoah"" brought tears to my eyes."
Washington "I'm really not sure I haven't heard your music before this morning on NPR. This may just be the first time I paid attention and I'm very glad I did."
Oregon "Do you ever play the Northern California, Oregon, Washington area? I have always wanted to see you play live."
California "Is this the same location for Flypaper. I would like to start receiving again. Thanks"
Portsmouth My brother and I grew up listening to RT as dad is his biggest fan!! Am glad we were introduced to his incredible songwriting.
California "what can i add to the praise thats come before my two cents? RT is tooo, tooo much."
New York "Not yet. Was at the top of the hill at Falcon Ridge waiting for my daughter to arrive and heard your set at some remove. Sounded like you were totally kicking ass. My friend who's been listening to you for thirty-odd years was down at the main stage, and confirmed my impression. Bought the first Fairport Convention set when I got home, plan to spend some time collecting and listening to the total oeuvre."
" Mon Nov 17, 2003 "
california what a terrific find
alabama "Will Richard be coming to B'ham,Al anytime soon? We miss him!"
Washington "I enjoyed the npr story today. I caught a lucky break. I did'nt know Richard was going to be on the program. I just happened to wake up and turned the radio on. "
"Alicante, south east coast" "Adore Richard Thompson's music. Fantastic and very moving lyrics. Seen him live several times, mainly in the UK. I love particularly 4 tracks on Old Kit Bag, A Love you Cant Survive, Gethsemane, Outside of the Inside, Happy Days and Auld Lang Syne. Love Mock Tudor and Mirror Blue and several older tracks from other albums. Don't have all his music yet. ....And still haven't heard enough of him. Will he ever play live in Spain? I think he likes the hot weather."
Montana "Saw you most recently when you came through Missoula last fall(2002). Just heard your interview on NPR Weekend Edition. I enjoyed your quips but think Liane Hansen missed a few..."
Maryland "Music has always been a major part of my life. But your music has taken me places emotionally I never thought possible. I can't get enough. Please don't ever stop creating what you do. And thanks for all you've done thus far."
Northamptonshire "Anyone know where I can get a copy of ""Strict Tempo"" on cd?"
"Tue Nov 18, 2003"
New Jersey "saw richard last week at scottish rites hall in collingswood .....incredible!!!"
Colorado "I knew Richard's music a long time ago and have renewed my love of medieval, pop and ancient music."
Colorado "Enjoyed your performance on NPR last Sunday,"
Kentucky "Heard Richard discussing his work on NPR last Sunday. Loved it and just ordered his ""1,000"" year CD."
Roanoke, Virginia "Kit Bag is excellent. OOps I did it is a whole new song in your hands, fine job!"
Washington Last years Bumbershoot just great please visit again soon
"Wed Nov 19, 2003"
Maine "Please come back to Portland maine soon. Thanks for all the wonderful music."
East Northport NY "I saw Richard in Huntington,NY(solo acoustic) His performance was amazing! As a guitarist,singer, songwriter, and performer superb!"
Manchester "no,but I have a strange feeling of deja vu, have I signed in before?"
North Dakota "Listened to some songs from Fairport, didn't know of Richard until NPR segment. Love the guitar work, very, very good. I am an acoustic guitarist and really appreciate his playing. "
Maryland I love him. Great music. I love Old Kit Bag.
Virginia "RT is cool, man."
Washington "Next time you tour in Seattle I'd like to invite you and your band to a 'Northwest' homecooked meal. Well worth the visit! Cant wait for the next tour!"
"Thur Nov 20, 2003"
Toowoomba "Richard - the rugby world cup in Sydney this weekend has sold out - this is purely because I've been spreading the word that you're bringing the band out to open the event. Plug in the Strat and turn all volume knobs to 11, the football will be forgotten!!(Then afterwards please travel north for a gig at the local pub up here in the middle of nowhere)."
"Fri Nov 21, 2003"
Leeds "I'm sorry but there are lots of things dancing in my shoes. I can't help it 'cos it's true."
"Sat Nov 22, 2003"
Washington My wife and I heard you on NPR station KPBX here in Spokane Washington just last Sunday the 16th. I am most especially a fan of acoustic guitar artistry in classical; rock; jazz; folk etc. Anyway I almost immediately liked your styling and depth of chording and your salt of the earth voice. Your sense of humor in studio 4A was subtle and somehow very refreshing! I kept my opinion to myself after listening and was suprised to find my wife in accord with me! Thanks.......
"Sun Nov 23, 2003"
Washington "I am a fan of RT in the sense that ""fan"" is short for ""fanatic""."
Helsinki Why Richard is not visiting in Finland? It's long time since the last concert!
Ontario "I love your music, absolutely beautiful and I hope to see you in person one day. My favourites are many but in particular Waltzing's for Dreamers and Oh How will I Ever be Simple Again."
Vermont "I'm ashamed to say that I just started listening to you dear Richard and I can't believe what I have been missing. Better late than never! As a matter of fact, I have a band and we are covering ""I Feel So Good."" Thanks for opening up my world and I can't wait to see you in concert...Blessings, peace and joy to you."
"Mon Nov 24, 2003"
New York " Richard's music rocks! I listen to RT, because Brittny Spears is scary. I like to listen to the 'Old Kit Bag'. "
"Tue Nov 25, 2003 "
Pennsylvania A fan since the early Fairport days -- Richard Thompson rocks!
Maryland "By virtue of a long productive career that shows no sign in waning, I think that Richard is destined to become one of the most important figures in the history of Anglo-American popular music. "
"Wed Nov 26, 2003"
New Jersey more live cd's please
"Thur Nov 27, 2003"
Sydney "In Australia, we wait. We wait eagerly but patiently. Wistfully wondering if we will hear any of those 'retrospective' tunes"
Brisbane Have just seen the first release of artists for Byron Bay Blues & Roots Festival 2004 and you're coming! You'll love it and I'm so please a different group of Aussies will get to know your music. See ya there. Hope you still make Brisbane as well!
Merseyside "Loved the songs right from ""what we did on.."" thru to ""old kitbag"" please keep it coming. "
"Fri Nov 28, 2003 "
Pennsylvania "What a year for our locality! Saw you at the annual appearance at Princeton in 2002, then the Keswick in May 2003, Kimmel Center in July, followed 24 hours later by Singer Songwriter and then back in Princeton November 2003. Can you do this every year? Can't have too much RT."
"Sat, Nov 29, 2003"
Florida "I love him! I am really interested in finding out more information about him, which seems quite hard to find."
"Sun, Nov 30, 2003"
Georgia "I appreciate someone who consistently puts out quality music. Thanks."