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November 16 - 30, 2004
"November 16, 2004"
Pennsylvania I'd like to be informed of shows and new releases please
Maryland "When coming to Wash DC, please play someplace more audience friendly than the 930 club. I want to see you, but I won't go there."
London "Just discovered jealous words. Richard. Sincerely glad you made this record. You deserve this against your name. Thank you so much for your early work too. Signed a fellow musician who appreciates everything you have created with such individuality."
Antwerpen Your website is very good!
Nebraska "I was on my way back from a caving trip, and my friend put in 1952 Vincent Black Lightning. I have wanted to see a concert since."
Yorkshire Nice site!
NSW "Richard, I have enjoyed your music since the Fairport days and have been an keen listener ever since having collected all your recordings, both commercial releases and those available via your on-line store. I have also managed to catch most of your Sydeny performances over the years. I currently have placed an order with the Connextion for your latest DVD and a couple of CDs. Is there any chance that I could get you to sign the CDs before they left the States?"
Scotland "Please come back to the Queens Hall, Edinburgh asap--in Scotland its the best venue (well, we think it is)"
"November 17, 2004"
Hertford Richard is simply the best
Massachusetts "Iron Horse in Northampton, MA 11-01-04 (or 01-11-04, as it were)day before King George returned to the U.S....Greatest Show on Earth...with Judith, et al. 1000 Years of Popular Music + the amazing thing was that no-one yelled for ""Vincent 52"", etc...we all just basked in the glory that is RT...!!! Thank you for attending our 350 seat venue - it was a lifetime treat..!! ( and I lived in Sandbank - Dunoon, Scotland from '79 to '82 listening to John Martyn ). You're magic! Cheers...!!!"
Lima I just received your DVD and it's superb!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
"November 18, 2004"
Yorkshire Please play U.K. more
"November 19, 2004"
alice springs Enjoyed the site.
Brisbane Hangin' out for a tour of Oz with the band (must include Brisbane) please. Have seen all your shows here and at Byron.
Cheltenham Is it possible to get a few words from the legend himself regarding following in his footsteps?
utah "1980-81 when I first heard Fairport Convention--then Pour Down Like Silver, I think. I've been listening ever since."
"November 20, 2004"
Tokyo "I have to say thanks to Richard because I could see and listen his NOW at ""chrono show"",""more guitar""and ""Live in Providence"". Waiting for next issue and I hope Richard came to Japan again!"
New York I just love your music! I can't wait to see you live in New York!
Calcutta "I'm delighted to be here. I've been a serious fan of Fairport Convention and the haunting music of Richard Thompson and the late Sandy Denny. It is very difficult to find Mr Thompson's music in Calcutta, where I live. But over the years, I've collected some of his 70s LPs, courtesy kind friends, who remembered me during their trips to the UK and US. These LPs are my most precious possessions. I agree `possession' is an ugly word in these soulless times. But all I can say is albums like Henry, The Human Fly, I Want To See The Bright Lights Tonight, Pour Down Like Silver, Hokey Pokey and Sandy Denny's `Who Know's Where The Time Goes' Box Set make life worth living even in the one's darkest hours. I've had many an epiphany listening to `End of the Rainbow' or the `Great Valerio' in the dead of night. I'm very grateful to Mr Thompson for his honest music which has perhaps made me more aware of life's realities...I would like him to know that."
New Jersey "I find myself forcing myself to listen to something other than Richard's music. This is because it is like chocolate. It is amazing unless you get too much- you want to stop but you cant, and then you explode."
"November 21, 2004"
Hawaii "Aloha! Last nite's Honolulu performance was witty, charming, brilliant and intimate. Thank God Richard enjoys a tropical Thanksgiving holiday every couple of years. I only wish I didn't have to fly back to Maui this morning and miss the 1000 Years of Popular Music program this evening. The young Thompson lads did a fine job manning the swag table.Thanks again, Richard, for another memorable evening....see you back in a couple of years?"
Virginia Superlative.
South Carolina Have a great day!
Maine "I am from northern Ill. but I was never able to see you live, now I live near Portland Maine. I love it when you come to town (to the state street church or the STATE Theater) and YOU know everyone else does too. Your loved here and I cant wait untill you come back."
Dorset Beeswing is in the top 10 songs ever written. Never get tired of hearing it.
"November 22, 2004"
New Jersey matty groves
Maryland "Actually, I've been listening to Richard since the late '60s with Fairport and other projects. I hope to continue doing so for at least as long again."
Hawaii "It was such a wonderful feeling walking out of the show on Friday night knowing that it was not the end, and that we would again see Richard play the following night!"
"November 23, 2004"
Japan I want to see RT in Japan!
West Sussex "Keep up the good work , any chance of an acoustic tour coming to west sussex ?"
"November 24, 2004"
Noord When wil Richard come to Holland?
"November 25, 2004"
Arizona "At age 57, I've seen just about everyone, and I swear I've never seen anyone better than Richard and the band. RT, please bring the band out to the west of America before you guys are REALLY too old to kick ass :-)."
New York UK Ex-Pat
"November 26, 2004"
"Edinburgh, Scotland" "Look into my eyes, not around the eyes, look into the eyes.Richard will play live in Edinburgh soon"
New York "Have seen you perform live twice, once in Buffalo NY & again in Rochester NY. Great shows both! Really enjoy the banter between songs & of course the music."
Ontario Thanks so much.
"November 27, 2004"
Ohio Am in love with his voice..
Massachusetts Would love to know his tour dates and any new music!
Washington "Richard-you have amazing energy. Last concert I saw the group was on Maui-geez, 5-6 years ago? Ran into Danny on Makena Beach-post surgey...Anyway the point is, I live near Seattle, and I hope to see Richard, with or without the band.Happy Holidaze"
"November 29, 2004"
wisconsin A big thank you for this wonderful site!
Massachusetts "I was in London for Thanksgiving week + found a copy of ""Henry the Human Fly"" @ HMV in Picadilly Circus. I was ecstatic! Trafalger Square was a different place knowing RT's music better these days too. Thanks!"
Texas "Richard, your regular visits to Houston are missed. Unfortunately, the Satellite has become a hair salon."
california Would like to get on mailing list for tour dates so I can get tickets right away...
"November 30, 2004"
Dublin "My daughter for my birthday baught the Chrono album and the new DVD as a Christmas press. [still unopened but eagerly awaited]. I really enjoyed the live one but I do have a small quibble with it. Any time you here in Dublin I always enjoyed your personality between the songs. So I find the album almost like a stuio album. Please don't get me wrong the playing is excelant and the selection of songs superb going all the way from Fairport,through Linda [I'd say the version of ""Did she fall or was she pushed"" worth the money on its own] on to more recent stuff. Anyway small complaint compaired to the enjoyment I get out of it. When are you due back in Dublin or have I missed you this year. You are welcome anytime greetings of the season."
Ohio "Absolutely. Addicted. I'm so jealous of all the comments from other fans about getting to meet Richard after shows - I've been to at least ten and never had the pleasure. But will keep coming anyway! Richard please come back to Cleveland - we so need to see you here. It's been a discouraging time for us bleeding hearts in Cuyahoga County. Hey, love your new DVD. Thank you thank you!!!"
wisconsin "My 14 year old son has accompanied me to the last three Richard shows in Madison, we got autographs and set lists and Richard gained a new lifelong fan. Please come back soon!"