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November 16 - 30, 2005
"November 16, 2005"
Warwickshire Just wonderful!
Ohio "Host, programmer of WKSU's Folk Programming in Ohio and Folk on the web."
"November 17, 2005"
liverpool richard thompson is so cool!!!when are you coming to liverpool {i had to work for my minimum wage last time!hehe} you rock dude!
"November 18, 2005"
Illinois what does one say that has not already been said?
British Columbia See you in Vancouver
Kentucky my wife thinks RT's melancholic; I just think that he's accurate.
"November 19, 2005"
Tennessee All superlatives may be used to describe the show in Atlanta of 4 November.
Oregon "Hello Richard: When will you perform 1000 years of music in Portland,Oregon? MANY THANKS"
"November 20, 2005"
Wisconsin Hooked from the start!
Birmingham Looking forward to your UK dates in 2006!
"November 21, 2005"
Sydney "Ah, I love a rumour. The latest one is that RT will be in Aus again next year - excellent! A great opportunity for a Box Set Launch. We'll be there with bells on, Richard. Not morris ones, though."
city of Amersfoort Richard your concerts are great. Everytime you visit my country i'll be there when you're on stage.Your gig on august 29 in de melkweg was fabulous.
"November 22, 2005"
London Genius- pure and simple! Thank you.
California "Read my review of ""Front Parlour Ballads"" at"
Ohio "As a parent searching for a way to connect to a growing (teenaged) child, I cannot imagine the joy and awe you must have felt when you sang with your son. ""Persuasion"" is one of the most beautiful songs ever recorded. You have provided your son with one of the most precious of all gifts: Your talent and your willingness to share it with him. The melding of your voices moves me. What more can I say? Someone should be very proud. With much appreciation"
Massachusetts "I'm a visual artist, and a huge but quiet fan. I never write to artists. I love your work."
"November 23, 2005"
New York Finally saw RT in NYC in Oct '05 and was awed - as I knew I would be. Eagerly awaiting his next visit!
Connecticut "I attanded an outdoors concert during the Summer near New Haven, CT and was totally blown away by Thompson's performance."
"November 24, 2005"
Michigan I have enjoyed him in concert several times.
Australia is Richard appearing at port fairy and if so anywhere else in Australia?
"November 25, 2005"
British Columbia My husband has been a fan even longer. We are devastated that we will be out of town when Richard is here next week. Any other BC or Alberta concert dates?
"November 26, 2005"
Kilcar Co Donegal I would like to know when he is coming to Co Donegal and I find it hard to get his records locally
saskatchewan loved his work with his ex-wife linda and love it even more with his own solo efforts; keep the music comming! Thanks.
"November 27, 2005"
Georgia he soothes my soul
California "anything i would write would sound........ does rt ever perform ""why must i plead?"" in concert? never heard him do it."
saskatchewan what make is the guitar richard is holding?
Wiltshire Great songwriter. Very sensitive to language. I still love Poor Ditching Boy. Keep going.…
"November 28, 2005"
California Please play Calvary Cross in the next three nights
"November 29, 2005"
"Ayrshire, Scotland" My husband and I love going to see Richard as each time we have a different experience. It's never a predictable gig.
Manchester Everyone says Hi!
California Thank you for your return to the Carriage House in Saratoga
"November 30, 2005"
Paris A request: please more concerts in Paris!