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November 16 - 30, 2006
"November 16, 2006"
Abingdon I recently transferred all my RT to an i pod and play in shuffle mode in the car. Some things stand out for me, as I listen during my 2 hours daily driving. I guess the main thing I notice is how many great RT tracks have DM playing drums. I was resmitten (a word?) by 'Devonside' - the wonderful John Kirkpatrick countermelody, almost tear-provoking Aly Bain solo - all underpinned by that great DM 'beat' (usual divine RT guitar and Joe Boyd production). What a great band that was!
"November 17, 2006"
New Hampshire (sigh)
"November 19, 2006"
Texas Enjoyed you at the Taos Solar Music Festival a few years ago.
Virginia I want to buy the songbook for Christmas. Let me know when available and how much it will cost.
Troon, Scotland The man's talent has no bounds. I have so many favourites. (teddy & linda are tip-top too) Look forward to the next show.
Tennessee Just bought your 1000 years of music CD/DVD. Excellent show. When will you be coming this way.
"November 20, 2006"
Western Australia Best Guitarist. EVER. Looking foward to seeing you at the Fly By Night soon. Last time you were FANTASTIC. Thanks a lot.
Oxford I missed some local venues this summer, because I didn't know about them. I would like to receive tour lists. Thanks.
Georgia My brother introduced me to RT 20 years ago via Fairport and this year we were able to see him in concert together in Athens, GA. Thanks for a magical night.
"November 21, 2006"
Midlothian, Scotland Just been to Christy Moore Gig where he sang beeswing and told the crowd to google richard thompson. Love the song.
Virginia Come back to the Birchmere soon!
Indiana I'd fallen away years ago from Richard's music...only to be reminded by a MUCH YOUNGER MUSICIAN just how unique and creative a musician he is. I hope to become a personal one-man cheering section for him. Have seen him in a couple of live venues recently (St. Paul, MN; Chicago, IL). Keeps me young. Rock (chant, scream, whisper, growel) on!
"November 22, 2006"
Glasgow, Scotland Superb site. Thanks.
Hawaii The November 25th, 2006 concert at Waimea Valley Park, Oahu, Hawaii was an EXCELLENT evening of music and entertainment
Victoria I will start listening, my Uncle sent me the Lyrics to King if Bohemia jsut after my father passed away in 2002, I feel comfort from it that my Uncle was thinking of me, I was 25 when my da died, I feel old for a 29 y/o!!!!!! looking forward to hearing more music
"November 23, 2006"
North Carolina I would like to purchase an album, but I would like it to have some of the songs I just heard from Richard when he was in Charlotte recently. Thanks
Buckinghamshire Keep up he good work. After brainwashing my 35 year old (musician) son for the last 25 years he's finally hooked on RT and can't get enough. He's trying to play like him now. (fat chance!)
"November 24, 2006"
Washington just got a copy of 1000 years of popular music. it is a great album
"November 26, 2006"
Texas I just got a season tickets renewal letter for my local concert series, and RT is on the schedule for March 2007. Excellent! I think RT will dig the venue; it's a 1930s theater that has been thoroughly restored. It seats about 525, and its acoustic properties are the envy of every live hall for 200 miles around.
Virginia Saw the show in Roanoke, VA and it was amazing. Very inspiring and enjoyable. RT continues to drop my jaw. Also, wrote to him c/o a venue a few weeks back but haven't heard back, so I'm hoping he reads this and pops my SASE in the post... I have a frame ready to go for the ticket stub and cd booklet. PS The site is great. Somehow I missed the info on the RT tab books coming out. Very exciting news.
"November 28, 2006"
California We just saw your show in Saratoga. We loved your wit, energy and reparte. We especially appreciated your time after the show you shared with us. Unfortunately our camera phone gave up the ghost so we need to get together again soon. When are you going to play San Diego again? Hope to see you again then. P.S.Wife says you are a sexy beast.....
"November 29, 2006"
Merseyside Just saw the Nov 28 concert at the Montalvo Arts Center, Saratoga CA. (I am visiting UCSB, 280 miles to the south). Attractive venue with excellent sound. Superb guitar reworkings of some classics and some interesting new songs. I requested Beeswing in the encore....thanks for playing it. Keep up the good work
Ontario first song i was introduced to was the 1952 black lighting. a friend had a vincent black shadow
Portugal Hello there.First saw Richard in expo sevilla.Great! When does he come here to Porto, we have a new Concert place great for shows!I would like to see him play and meet him.Please send him my best regards.
Northamptonshire Seen live at the Anvil Basingstoke for the 1st time- absolutely brilliant -i was hooked. The tickets were a present for my husband
California I am but a humble Tinker and I love you and your music. Monday at Montalvo was awesome; inspiring and humbling for the guitarists in the audience, wonderful for the rest of us. Wednesday was lots of fun. Many thanks! Please come back soon and stay long enough for another request show.
"November 30, 2006"
Hampshire Highlight of last Summer was the Wickham Festival. To see Richard appear at a venue so close to home was great. Look forward to seeing you there again.