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NOVEMBER 16 - 30, 2007
"November 16, 2007"
None really, other than long may Richard reign!
Mississippi I found 52 vincent by accident. I can't stop hearing about James and Red Molley.
Illinois Actually I've been listening to Richard's music since the Full House album was released.
"November 17, 2007"
England He's a grower!
Glasgow, Scotland dads gona kill me is fucking brilliant.
Edinburgh, Scotland Heard a man playing Beeswing just outside of Dundee in one of the smallest country pubs you could imagine. Had to find out more about where a song like that came from... Beautiful. Thanks richard! Keep on keeping on!
"November 18, 2007"
Pennsylvania Too clever by far! Love it!
Kailua, Hawaii Discovering RT's music has been like been like being reborn in I have thirtysome odd years of great music to look forward to.
Wellington no chance of a new zealand visit.. we're hopeful after the Front porch namecheck. Is the latest coming out on vinyl ?
"November 19, 2007"
Michigan The coffee was bitter this morning.
California I hope Richard never stops touring. He is totally unique and the only performer I will pay to see over and over again.
Oxford i think you're peeking
Texas I took my 16 yr. old to his last austin show, he was the youngest person in the audiance. he was so motivated!!!! he knew almost every song, and the show has inspired a totally different kind of style of music for his band. an amazing experience! thank you Mr. Thompson!!!!
Nevada Saw you on PBS - Sierra Center (or some such.) I was totally blown away. Where the heck have I been??? I have almost 800 hundred albums, and hundreds more CD's. Jazz, Blues, Rock, Folk, even some Country and Classical and New Age. Originally from NYC where they actually have (or had - been away since '89) great music stations. How could it be I never heard your music until a few days ago? (OK, I do know FP and Sandy Denny.) Man, I just loved your playing, your lyrics, everything! Thank you for sharing it.
California Would love to get on a list for internet presales if there is one. RT RULES.
"November 20, 2007"
Denbigh, North Wales A great performance of a lot of the new stuff at Liverpool recently - keep buzzin' Thompson you're a star - thanx
"November 21, 2007"
Virginia I can't believe I only discovered RT a couple of years ago. Please accept my profuse apologies, Richard!
"November 23, 2007"
Hertfordshire Brilliant musician, would like to know about concert dates.
Maryland Huge fan. Went to the concert in Harrisburg last spring. Always hoping there are performances in the Baltimore area.
Co. Down keep her lit
"November 24, 2007"
New York don't really know how I missed Richard all these years. My stepson gave me Rumor & Sigh 3 years ago. Just the beginning, yo. I will see him perform for the 3rd time in January. It would have been 4 but the rain and wind in Brooklyn last summer finally chased my friends and I out of Prospect Park. (A while later from a long way away, we heard the band start up!)
Glasgow, Scotland You made my life when you last played the Royal Concert Hall in Glasgow. I was in the front row. You came on for the encore and the audience were calling out a load of requests. I caught your eye and asked if you wouldn't mind playing 'meet on the ledge'. You did and invited the packed concert hall to blame the bald guy in the front row! :) It has always been a beautiful song to me, without sounding like I've got a mouth full of cheese. I will have it played at my funeral...It seems to me to be great 'gathering song'.
"November 25, 2007"
Limerick I first came across RT at the Trowbridge Village Pump festival a couple of years ago and was blown away by his stage presence and professionalism as well as brilliant songs.
"November 26, 2007"
Zuid Holland Super
"November 27, 2007"
Pennsylvania Really enjoyed the recent NPR concert from DC. Take Care the Road You Choose is outstanding lyrically and musically. RT is as fresh and brilliant as ever. Take care yourself and safe journey.
Waunfawr Gwynedd, Wales Have only seen Richard play in North Wales once (Beaumaris, Anglesey.)We'd love to see you back.
"November 28, 2007"
Dublin More dates in Ireland, more, more, more
Oregon If ever in Oregon, please stop and play. The scenery is wonderful if you find a nice day.
"November 29, 2007"
Ontario Great site!
Ohio Thanks for all the great music!
New York I feel so overwhelmed....I found Richard's music after hearing VINCENT BLACK SHADOW 1952 on a local radio station. I then looked up all I could about the Vincent which I remembered from my mispent youth [thank you Hunter S. wherever your ass'es got blown to] and during my surfing found a Richard Thompson [any relation to Hunter S.?!?!?!]discussion group and three sonds, Keep your distance, Vincent Black Shadow, Hard on me. Hard on me AFFECTED ME. Love you DAD, thank you Richard.
"November 30, 2007"
Illinois The duet with Teddy on Persuasion is #1 Most Played on my iPod!