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NOVEMBER 16-30, 2008
"November 16, 2008"
London Keep up the inspirational work. Coming to see you at the Wimbledon Theatre in January 09. Looking forward also to the long-awaited publication of your 3-volume songbook which Maartin Alcock says he's finished transcribing!!
Victoria Hi there Richard Unfortunately (for me) I can only admit to listening to your music sporadically over the years, but when I do, I tend to get rather obsessed! We recently saw your performances on Later with Jools and we (me, husband, kids) were completely floored. My two boys (six and nine years old) now have two new favourite songs. They especially love chanting "Dad's Gonna Kill Me" (probably remembering the time they spilt the paint on the good rug rather than anything military). What are the chances of another tour to Oz? Thanks for you superb music, Richard. Kind regards
Kentucky I had the chance to see you at The Kentucky Theater in Lexington a while back and I hope you come back soon. I love your music, and Teddy's not too shabby either.
"November 17, 2008"
Ohio PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE REPRINT CELTSCHMERZ!!! I lost out on ebay, and my copy is thrashed and skippy. Please in the name of all that is holy or not reprint this most amazing CD! (Although I will still love you if you dont.... and come back to Columbus soon, okay?)
"November 18, 2008"
Alberta just listened to hard on me, vincent '52, and loved it, where can i hear some more
"November 19, 2008"
Florida I cant seem to find the depth of things I read about that are supposed to be available, merchandise, books, music (songbooks etc.) Can you help?
"November 20, 2008"
Bristol Almost by chance I first saw RT in Kendal in the 80s and was blown away. I shook his hand and treasure the memory v much. Seen him since then in Bath and Bristol and will certainly see him this time round. What a brilliant geezer - THE No. 1 guitarist and songwriter by a country mile.
Scotland Was denken Sie ueber John Birch gitarren bitte?
Georgia Is Beeswing played in a tuning. Or maybe Richard just plays the guitar better than me!
"November 21, 2008"
USA Easy there , steady now !
"November 23, 2008"
Northampton Look, I'm having withdrawl symptoms through lack of 'News From Home'. It is nearly a year now since the last post. What's going on?
Washington Absolutely one of the finest guitarists ever. Blows my mind every time.
"November 26, 2008"
Canterbury dont stop richard
Minnesota My brother-in-law and I have nothing whatever in common. He's a born-again Christian and a Republican who believes the war in Iraq is moral. I do not. A father of 4, stepfather of 1, and now even a grandfather, a 45-year-old Army reservist, left yesterday for a yearlong tour near Baghdad. Our ONLY common ground is our love of Richard Thompson's music. Peace
"November 27, 2008"
Liverpool God we were so thrilled to get 3rd row reserved seating for the Philadelphia Folk Festival 2001. How we shouted for 'Cold Kisses'. You wouldn't play it because it was far too sad. You played 'My Daddy Is A Mummy' instead, hahaha!
"November 29, 2008"
Moscow Thanks for your music!!!
"November 30, 2008"
Hay on Wye Have an ecclectic taste as it were...who do i think i am not having Richard Thompson in my archives! from zero to 9 discs in 1 week! thank you.
Massachusetts Great products. Keep 'em coming.