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DECEMBER 1-31, 2009
"December 1, 2009"
New York Three Cheers!!!
"December 2, 2009"
Dublin Incredible music - when is Richard coming to Dublin? He's way overdue.
New York I just discovered RT's music this year. it's totally cool and regret it took so long. Thanks Richard for allowing me backstage at Winery show. It was a thrill to meet you.
Texas Referral form Robert Earl Keen. Thank you Robert... Thank you Richard.
"December 3, 2009"
New York I've been to 30+ RT performances over the years but just recently I had the immense pleasure of finally meeting and talking to him following his show with Loudon Wainwright at the Belly-Up Tavern in Solana Beach near San Diego. It was actually the third time within a month that I had been to one of his shows. In October I attended the "Loud and Rich" show in Westhampton on Long Island; then three weeks later I was at the City Winery in NYC for one of his all-request shows and then we traveled to the West Coast to see him in California. His shows with Wainwright were outstanding and presented the opportunity to become a LWIII fan at the same time. The all-request show in NYC could not have been more enjoyable. His performance, as is his wont, was near-perfect, no, make that perfect. I'm embarrassed to admit that when I did finally get to meet him in San Diego I was as tongue-tied as a 14 year old Beatles fan meeting John Lennon in 1964 (I'm 59). I told him I was his biggest fan in the world, to which he repied,""no you're not""(I just might be though)but my wife took a picture of the two of us together which is now one of my personal treasures, framed and on the wall. If I were able to push the rewind button back to that evening I would hope that I would have been a bit less intimidated. Sorry RT if I came off like a bit of a dolt but I had a bout of pseudo-adolescent regression in the presence of my all-time favorite musician. As I muttered to you that night, no pun intended, "you have immeasurably enriched my life" with your prodigious talent and peerless musicianship. Thank you, thank you!!
"December 4, 2009"
California I've been a fan since Fairport Convention albums we were listening to at University of California Santa Barbara days. Darn, due to recent layoff from a job at latest Silicon Valley company for 9 years, I've been pre-occupied with many issues and forgot to purchase tickets for my wife and friends for the Montalvo Concert in Saratoga, my home town. I think I'll show up anyway to find out if any seats become available if there are any no shows. Please do not stop your musical energy. Are younger people listening to your music and other creations? They should.
California Thank you for your amazing musicianship. I'm in love.
"December 5, 2009"
Maryland Welp, I've been an RT fan since Pentangle and seen the fellow a couple of times, most notably at the Stephen Talkhouse in Amagansett, LI some few years ago. Here's looking at you, Dick.
"December 6, 2009"
Wiltshire Such talent - awesome! Thanks for giving me so much happiness.
Ontario Love It
leipzig Just watched grizzly man - the soundtrack is sublime...
New Jersey I saw you with Fairport in Philadelphia and have been a fan ever since. It was probably in the late 70's with Sandy Denny and I've never forgotten the show just the date. Thanks for all the great music.
"December 7, 2009"
California We're doing our bit to bring in the younger fans as well so that we don't all die off too quickly!
Wales Anxiously waiting for the song book so I can play the 'real' chords!
California Just saw him play at the Mystic Theater on December 3. Loved the show!
California Richard Thompson is my hero.
"December 9, 2009"
Connecticut I would love emails about when he will be in the area. Thanks!
"December 9, 2009"
Oregon Looking forward to the return to The Aladdin Theatre Portland Oregon and the show in Eugene. Thought Oregon had been forgotten, been a couple years now.
"December 11, 2009"
New Mexico Please come back to Santa Fe. Thank you
"December 12, 2009"
Dublin Keep up the good work. Any news on Ireland/UK shows for 2010.
"December 14, 2009"
Tennessee I happened upon the Mary Black version of a Richard Thompson song intitled "The Dimming of the Day" and was wondering why the recording has "changed my life" as a man as well as a songwriter. Does Richard co-write? Or give lessons and would it be OK if I pitch this song?
"December 15, 2009"
Illinois Great stuff. I started listening to Fairport Convention in the late 60's or early 70's along with Pentangle, Steeleye Span etc.
Pennsylvania Love your g-playing, story telling, and sense o` humor...
Oregon Look forward to hear Richard in Febuary Need to market that beret.
"December 18, 2009"
Massachussetts yes
Washington One of our times great musicians, great guitar player and a nice guy to boot!
"December 19, 2009"
California amazing artist also my favorite
"December 20, 2009"
Colorado Always thoughtful and melodic, he's a musical giant.
"December 21, 2009"
Wisconsin Come back to Milwaukee soon....
"December 22, 2009"
West Yorkshire Thanks and best
Utah Please come back to Salt Lake City. I know, you don't make any money here in this musical wasteland, but we need you.
"December 23, 2009"
California You rock!
"December 25, 2009"
Worcestershire I continue to be inspired by the quality of his output
"December 26, 2009"
Waikato Thompson is the greatest guitarist of the rock era. Apart from Jimmy Page. However, Jimmy can't sing or write wonderful lyrics and has no decernable sense of humour.
Idaho thank you for sharing
"December 27, 2009"
Tennessee I only wish I could bend them strings like RT. Love ya baby!!!
California Just saw Richard last summer and fell in love with his guitar work! We hope he comes through again this year-we're going to get more tickets, and bring more people-everyone should have the opportunity to hear him live.
"December 29, 2009"
Oregon Sorry to have missed you at the Aladin in Portland on the 29th - nasty snow. Love your box set. Continue to be drawn to your lyrics, your voice, and your playing. thankyou for not forgetting those of us in Oregon you can't hear you enough. Please keep me on your list for your next concert date. thank you for all you have brought to us all.
"December 30, 2009"
Ohio Heard his music on Sundance Channel.
"December 31, 2009"
California "Richard, Just got the box set for christmas and once again get to fall all over your gifts to us! I had no idea where to start so I just grabbed all the discs, threw them in the car CD changer, hit random search and blasted away...never heard Gethesemane's solo sound soo good...see ya at the Great American Music Hall in February"
Hessen The best wishes for 2010