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DECEMBER 1-31, 2010
"December 1, 2010"
South Carolina Wish my fingers and guitars had a similiar familiarity as his seem to have.
"December 2, 2010"
Pennsylvania RT recognized for Dream Attic with Grammy Nomination
"December 3, 2010"
New York Oct. 23rd show at Town Hall in NYC was fantastic - you , as always, infuse such life , energy, & emotion into the show & into your audience. I'm still riding high. Thanks is a small word, but is heartfelt.
"December 5, 2010"
Ohio I have been following your career since the "Fairport" era. Congratulations on another masterpeice,"Dream Attic". I would hope that you finally get the recognition that you so rightfully deserve. That said, I just want to personaly thank you for the last 40+ years of the very best folk/rock music that I have had the privilege to purchase and embrace.
"December 6, 2010"
Missouri The art displayed during the St. Louis show a few years ago was incredible! The show was tremendous - thanks.
New York "I have never heard such richness of music and vocals in my life... Just went to a concert of Richard's in Albany, NY and was instantly hooked!"
"December 7, 2010"
Schwäbisch Gmünd
Antwerp I recently saw RT with Musicians of the Globe in Antwerp: magic! Is this music coming out on CD? Please let me know.
"December 9, 2010"
Surrey I play harmonica in a folk-rock duo and never tire of playing Meet On The Ledge at our pub and club gigs. Thank you so much Richard for being such an inspiration.
"December 12, 2010"
Brittany Play a gig in France and I'll be there!
Florida Are you coming back to the Palladium any time soon?
"December 14, 2010"
Tennessee Took my 2 sons, ages 21 & 20, to see you in Nashville this fall. They have grown up hearing your music, but have never seen a live performance of any kind. As usual, you was fantastic. The result: Two more Richard Thompson fans who will one day introduce their children to your music! Thank you for all of the joy you have given your fans throughout the years.
"December 16, 2010"
California Amazing songwriter and guitarist!
"December 17, 2010"
Fukushima Just now Richard's special radio program is on air by NHK FM in Japan. I listen to Richard's music first time. I think it's very warm and heartful. I love this music!
"December 18, 2010"
Rotterdam Thanks for all the fantasic music, keep it up.
"December 19, 2010"
Brighton Dream Attic is wonderful.
"December 21, 2010"
Yorkshire First saw him at Mothers club in birmingham England in 1968.Fairports at that time were a great live band!! Rediscovered him in the 1990's .Saw him with Christine Collister live in Bradford.Have been a fan ever since!!
"December 22, 2010"
Surrey My hero!
Massachussetts What mega-vitamin regimen keeps you going? God bless your stamina.
"December 24, 2010"
Illinois Just saw you in Chicago at the Vic Theatre on your Dream Attic tour.
"December 25, 2010"
Colorado I've attended at least a hundred or more richard shows over the years. The show at copper mountain this summer was incredible fun, and the show at the boulder theater in october with the band was one of the best ever. I look forward to many more years of great Richard shows.
"December 26, 2010"
Texas I bought 'Shoot out the lights' and 'Rumor & Sigh' two months ago and realized I had to get the 'Walking on a Wire' box set.. Unbelievable.
"December 27, 2010"
Massachussetts In 1999, thanks to Nancy Covey, I was at the Savoy's for a crawfish boil where a man named Richard Thompson showed up and played with the Cajun band for a tune or two. Now that I've discovered his music, I laugh at how clueless I was back then.
Genova grande richard!
Michigan i went and seen rt on 11/2/10 in ann arbor michigan i read about him and wondered where have i been all these years and why i havent heard abot him since rolling stone rated him top 20 guitarist in the world!!! well let me say the concert was by far the most amazing experience i ever had Richard is phenominal now im hooked not only that he made the evening a warm and pleasurable experience i can only say my life has been changed Thank you so much Richard for an unforgettable evening
"December 29, 2010"
Illinois keep it comin'!
"December 30, 2010"
London since I heard you & linda @ one of the Albion fairs in 70's....thanks to Tarby Davenport .... & a damn good new year to you
New York Why not do some reprise of Stan Rogers from Canada who died 1983. You have a similar voice.
Georgia Richard should make a record with Sam Bush. ask me why? Hell Y That's Why.....!!!
"December 31, 2010"
Mbabane How about a tour of Southern Africa?
Essex Congrats on the OBE, see you in Cambridge in Jan, Happy New Year
Yorkshire Brilliant news on the OBE. Good luck with the gig in York (and everywhere else!!)
Buckinghamshire congratulations!
Gloustershire Congratulations on the OBE. Thoroughly deserved and long overdue - and in the week that England retained the Ashes!
Viborg, Jylland Keep on turning the wheels. And may they bring you to Denmark from time to time.
Chorley Congratulations Richard on your well deserved honour! Thanks for the pleasure you have provided over the years. Your latest album, Dream Attic, is brilliant - one of your best.
Lytham Just had to say how pleased I was to read today of Richard's award of an OBE. An honour that is richly deserved .Congratulations.Looking forward to the Lowry 15th Jan
Glasgow, Scotland Congrats with the OBE! My wife's Aunt Nellie Currie was married to Richard's Uncle Alan Thomson both now deceased, they lived in Galloway in the 1970's. Looking forward to the Glasgow gig in January.
Yorkshire dec2010 just found out you have sold out new years hons list!!!! sorry not for me will stick with bowie etc who didnt take the queens shilling etc v v sad
Norfolk I have always been aware of RT's contribution to our musical heritage, but have really only started to fully appreciate his colossal talent as a songsmith and guitarist with the purchase of "Sweet Warrior" and the "Old Kit Bag" which has become a desert island disc for me. I am really looking forward to catching Richard at the Festival Hall in February and delving into more of the back catalogue. Thank you. Des the Gasman.