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DECEMBER 1-31, 2011
"December 3, 2011"
Westmeath When are you coming to Ireland again?
Northamptonshire richard thompson-you have given us such great pleasure over the years with fairport convention including the late great sadly missed sandy denny,and with first wife linda thompson and as a solo artist-cheers loved the black cab sessions with judith and debra,esp the first song-i think it was called remember-and i fell in luv with both judith and debra-cheers again richard
"December 4, 2011"
Georgia please bring tour with band back to atlanta ga. soon as poss. thanks richard!!
Colorado When are you coming back to colorado???
Kansas yes i am that old
"December 7, 2011"
Derbyshire A long standing admirer from the days with Linda
California I just wanted to thank Richard for his generosity at every show I've seen him at. He's one of the only musical performers who has given a good show 100% of the time. Present with his music, giving his all with each song, full set, present with the audience, funny .... oh, and brilliant music, lyrics and playing. I perform as well, and was so taken by how Richard dealt with a ""difficult"" audience member in Petaluma. I could talk to him at length about how well he dealt with it. As I was listening to his songs, I felt like I was at an art gallery, and each song a perfect and complete piece.
"December 8, 2011"
California Caught your show at the Mystic last nite. Please keep doing 2 shows there, so it's not a mad scramble to get tix. You always amaze with something new, & thanks for showcasing a new talent this time. Maybe you can bring her to the Kate Wolf Fest this year.
Connecticut I chose a double RT record set out of a discount bin out of curiosity in 1972, and have been a great fan ever since. His music is timeless, never gets old. His songs are so literate, profound and his guitar playing makes me shake my head in disbelief every time I see/hear it.One of the pleasures of my life was shaking hands with him after a concert once in Hartford, CT.
"December 10, 2011"
Ontario I have been a fan for 25 years,and just turned my wife on to your music. Now thats all we play,all the time. Rock on Richard,and thank you for the best tunes ever.
"December 12, 2011"
Florida Can't wait to see and hear Richard at Tampa Theatre in Feb!
NSW A genius and a gentleman
"December 13, 2011"
California Just heard the 52' Vincent motorcycle song,,, cool!
"December 15, 2011"
Florida Would love to see more merchandise with the bees wing and RT emblem. I so relate to that song and it really touches my heart in many ways. Cant wait for your Feb concert in Tampa.
"December 16, 2011"
Wolverhampton I first saw RT live when I was only eleven years old. Met him after the show, and he smiled and told me that "it's all down hill from here you know". Richard, if you're reading this, you big liar! Ten years later, and you're still producing the best music, memories and live shows that I've experienced. Thanks for everything. I owe you a lot.
"December 18, 2011"
la coruña I´ve seen RT a lot of times & for me he´s like a friend from my whole life.- Thanks for your music & more, Mr Thompson
"December 20, 2011"
Massachusetts I've been enjoying RT's music for 40+ years, actually, and it was never better than it is today. Thank you!
"December 22, 2011"
Berdsk I'd like download Richard's music, maybe, meet with other fancier.
"December 23, 2011"
Colorado Missed your last show in Denver...don't want to miss any more
California Do, please, send tour date announcements. (I'm in San Francisco.)
"December 27, 2011"
Wirral I have everything he (+Fairport & Linda etc.) has done (and it's a lot!) on i-tunes
"December 31, 2011"
Oklahoma I could wax poetic here, but let me just remark that RT is the best thing since the bee's knee. My grandson (8) is amused by the song "Two left feet". Sounds silly, but has good musicality and all that good stuff. Brevity being the soul of wit and all, I'll stop here.