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December 1 - 31, 2012
"December 2, 2012"
Illinois I am re-collecting Richards discography. Unfortunately some are hard to find. Thanks for your music Richard.
"December 3, 2012"
Salford I first saw Richard (and Linda) live in Liverpool in Spring 1974. They were supporting Traffic. Both bands were great of course. I like the Cabaret of Souls album and am looking forward to seeing him at the Lowry in Salford. It will be about the 13th time I've seen him. Best wishes
"December 4, 2012"
Nottingham I'm not new to RT as I have followed Fairport since the beginning. However I never saw him in his own right until this year's Cropredy, and have been listening to his stuff ever since. Will be at next year's gig in Nottingham.
"December 5, 2012"
Yorkshire Just tried to listed to my cassette version of Daring Adventures, but it's all chewed up! Anyone got an old copy they have replaced and no longer need? (Am saving up for his latest CD)
"December 6, 2012"
Berge Hopefully Mr. Thompson will pay Norway a visit in 2013, like he did in 2012. Will be my Thompson-concert number 10, home and abroad.
"December 7, 2012"
Bedford I can't work out if he's best at guitaring or song-writing - a close call. He's like a vintage claret - gets better as he gets older.
"December 8, 2012"
Berks Henry the human fly is a tasty album
"December 12, 2012"
England just watched techonomy 2012 - really enjoyed it!. boring question -where can I find the set list for Buxton july 26 2012 rgads
"December 14, 2012"
NSW Yes, thanks Richard for all the great music. Have seen you live 4 times now ... come back to Oz!
"December 17, 2012"
Texas Looking very much forward to seeing you on Cayamo - again! :)
"December 20, 2012"
New York Mr. Thompson is a gift to us all. Thank you.
"December 21, 2012"
Dorset Keeps getting better
"December 26, 2012"
Cheshire I would love to see Richard play live
"December 27, 2012"
New York keep on keepin' on!
New Jersey Love seeing him in concert, especially at McCarter in Princeton NJ. Turning my 18-25 y/o sons into fans. All the Best in the New Year!
"December 29, 2012"
California I have seen you many times at the coach house and tiny desk bravo
New York thanks for all your beautiful writing, teachings, and playing! see you at F and R again!