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December 1 - 15, 2003
"Tues., Dec. 2, 2003"
Midlands Please can Richard tour the UK again soon?
Florida "When is Richard coming back to Tampa, Florida?? I have seen him in concert here twice in the last few years and he is the best!!"
New Jersey I've seen RT in concert more then any other performer!!! His music and talent is unsurpassed!!!
"North Shields, Tyne and Wear" Why can you not buy many new Richard Thompson releases from music stores in the UK ie Semi Detached Mock Tudor etc?
"Thu., Dec. 4, 2003"
Washington Been listening to your riffs since I fell off the dory.
Laval just wondered if there was any chance of Richard playing some gigs (preferably solo)in France in the reasonably near future....??
"Fri., Dec. 5, 2003"
Yorkshire "Can I make so bold as to ask Mr Thompson to think about including 'Bird in God's Garden' and 'Wheely Down' in his next UK tour set ? I've been to many a gig, and loved them all (even going down to London for the evening for 1000 years... recently - well worth it!), but have never heard these done. Also, can't recall hearing 'Night Comes In' live since Oxford '75, so that would be most welcome too. More power to your carpals !"
"Sat., Dec. 6, 2003"
Tokyo Please Remaster Early Albums
Surrey Keep doing it!
Coatbridge Scotland When are you coming back to Glasgow? August 2003 --- Absolutely awesome!!!!!
"Sun., Dec. 7, 2003"
Washington Got to get your music ;)!
"Tues, Dec. 9, 2003"
California "Imagine my shock at bumping in RT on Friday on the Third Street Promenade. The Armani Exchange, to be precise. I was so flabbergasted that it was all I could do to mutter ""Happy Holidays Richard."" Dammit! What I should have said is ""when do we get an LA tour date?" "So, when do we?"
Byron Bay See you in Byron Bay at Easter!! Peace
"Thu., Dec. 11, 2003"
South Carolina "First Light was the first RT album i bought after that i got all i could ,for me RT is the greatest,if you are a new fan get the albums he did with linda,some of the best music off all time,of course 1952 vincent black lightning may be the greatest song of the last 1000 years, but we are talking about king richard thompson"
Wales Keep on Rockin'
"Fri., Dec. 12, 2003"
California I hope you will be at the Celtic Festival in Nevada City next year! Seeing you play solo was the highlight of my whole year! Thank you!
Connecticut I love Richard
Lisbon "When will you come to Portugal where there are fans enough who would like to have the pleasure to see you and to here you in a live show.Your friends Fairport came to Intercéltico Festival in Oporto a few years ago and, then, they gave a concert in Lisbon wich I saw. In spite of your talent and wellknown contribution to popular music, it's amazing how so very few people knows you and it's a shame that your music can't be heard on radios. It's the mad world in wich we live. Once I went to London in business, and bought «Watching the Dark». Then I had a meeting and an english collegue (about my age) asked me what I had bought in Virgin Records. I proudly showed her your record and she asked me «Who's the guy?» It was a shock for me because I thought, being you an english man, everyone would, at least, have heard about you. In my country people knows who's in business even when they don't apreciate the music. Of course in England there are lots of stars, but not knowing you is too much. The press in Portugal sometimes talks about you or about your records and I can assure you they say all the best. I think there's a large audience for your music as well as for lots of talented guys all over the world, portuguese included, that music industry inssists in erase of our culture. My quest is to show what they want to hide and keep the pleasure of listening to music like yours. Thnak you, Richard! P.S. May I sugest you a few portuguese musicians wich I think you should know? José Afonso, José Mário Branco, Fausto, Sérgio Godinho. All of them belong to your generation and maybe you didn't have the oportunity to listen to them.
"Sat., Dec. 13, 2003"
Pennsylvania "Heh! I haven't been listening to Richard my entire life, but it has been more than 30 years. :)"
"Sun., Dec. 14, 2003"
Dublin "I'm probably going to ask a stupid question but after hearing an earlier track on the radio today I wonder was there ever a chance that Richard and Linda might do another album for old time sake. I got her last album last year and it awakened some memories with her and Richard singing in that golden eara they had?. And before I go that download of ""The banks of the Nile"" was superb. As a semi invalid I can't out as often as I'd like but I do try and catch you when are in Dublin. Thanks for all the joy."
"Mon., Dec. 15, 2003"
Pennsylvania richard - you are god!