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December 1 - 15, 2004
"December 1, 2004"
England More UK tours please.
"December 2, 2004"
Florida "Richard might get a swelled head but, he is the greatest. Please tell him in earnest, he's a dangerous man."
South Carolina I'm so excited to have found this wagon to jump on! Always looking to discover before my friends and then introduce them to new worlds. I thank God that you're around to inspire my heart.
Brussels Great guitarist and live performer. Wonderful lyrics as well. He understands how a man can love and suffer.
"December 3, 2004"
Texas "Fantastic music. Can't beleive it took me so long to give a listen. But, just a few albums in so more great music to discover. Hope he comes through Texas soon."
Washington My girlfriend sent me here ..I've never heard his music or him! I'll bet he hasn't heard of me either!
Massachusetts "Have seen him live in Basingstoke, Berks UK as well as Newburyport, MA last year. Can't get enough!"
Brazil Tour in Brasil!!! Please!
california Will Richard be aired on Austin City Limits again?
"December 4, 2004"
Yorkshire saw the concert at york in may.when are you coming back?
"December 5, 2004"
British Columbia I'm a singer/songwriter myself... and Richard consistently writes songs that I wish to God I'd written!
Bedfordshire More UK live dates please ?
New York keep me informed re tour dates
"December 6, 2004"
Illinois "I've seen Richard in concert and have been listening since his days with Linda. He is one of my favorites. I don't know many that are the triple threat- singer,writer,guitar player. Keep up the great work and continue to surprise me !"
"December 7, 2004"
Colorado Have enjoyed RT's songwriting and guitar playing for a long time. Thx.
Arkansas "As a Presbyterian minister, I must say that if I ever give up monotheism it will be in order to worship RT as a god.…"
Israel "A real thrill. RT is just the perfect combination between a soulful singer, an inspiring songwriter, and a horny guitar player. He's not only singing, he's performing the songs, he feels them, they are right there in the blood, bubbling all over and exploding outside as his phenomenal approach to the songs. god bless."
"December 8, 2004"
Ontario Oh yes...wonderful. I am enjoying this music so very much. All new to me but I am liking it more and more with each session…
"December 9, 2004"
New York WKZE from Sharon CT. plays alot of RT.
Michigan "Those who do not worship Richard's guitar playing must fear it, for his abilities are undeniable!"
Muenster keep up the good music
"December 10, 2004"
Norway Richard Thompson:What a guitarplayer!
New York "at a free rt show in central park (nyc!!) many moons ago i asked a guitar playing friend why rt is not more famous (as if that's possible!!) and he replied ""because he's too good!"" i guess that sums it up."
Bavaria "I started out with Liege & Lief when that came out.. anyway, I love this site and come back often to look for new live CDs, Q&A's, or to check the lyrics to certain songs.. thanks to the webmasters and to RT for their generosity"
"December 11, 2004"
Essex Saw him at the Cambridge Corn Exchange this May - probably the best gig i've ever been to - changed my life and the way i listen to music forever. (Down Where The Drunkards Roll is the greatest song ever written) I'd be very interested in knowing about any other gigs richard will be doing around the essex or london area.........Cheers
california I love you Man! My wife and I saw you at Tower Records on the Sunset Strip when my wife was pregnant with our daughter. Our daughter is now 13 and loves music thanks in part to you!
Ohio "Live from Providence DVD is jaw-dropping. Bonus material from earlier years is simply magnificent. Great, great stuff! Bravo! Columbus beckons you."
"December 12, 2004"
Pennsylvania "My tape player ate my rare and expensive doom and gloom II tape just after I got it in the post yesterday from my ebay seller. I've been quite sad about it all day. Why couldn't I have burned it onto a cd before it was eaten? will a doom and gloom II come up on emay again soon? will watching richard perform the choice wife on the dvd satiate my thompsonian appetite for the time being, or will i continue imagining and reimaging those seemingly elusive versions of layla and s he moves through the fair?"
Dorset Long may he keep writing and performing!! I've seen him live in Basingstoke - brilliant - hope to catch him again - is he coming to Bournemouth?
Nottingham "RT is wrong, Dylan is not the best of the latter half of the twentieth century !!!!"
Norway Just want to put some pressure on you to sign up for Cropredy 2005.
"December 13, 2004"
Manitoba "Sorry to hear some people have misconstrued your comments on Dylan's book. Your remarks seemed perfectly harmless to me. It's a funny old world, innit? Keep up the great work. Looking forward to the next concert or recording of yours to come my way."
"December 14, 2004"
Ontario "Richard's comments on the Zimmy chronicles were hilarious! Probably the most refreshing of the many I have read. All history is revisionist. You'd think that fans of either Bob or Richard would know not to take everything literally. Many of Bob's fans are humourless gits. I adore Richard Thompson for his dry wit. Critics should dry up and blow away."
Ontario "Richard is my favourite musician on this planet, or any other for that matter."
"December 15, 2004"
Melbourne "A fan for a good while now, and earlier this year saw Richard when he played his one concert at the Art Centre in Melbourne. Awesome!!!"
Oklahoma "I'm a Brit living in Okie land...when , o' when will Richard ever come here??????"
Kassel Hope RT will be touring Germany soon. Any chance???
Merseyside I have followed Richard Thompson since 1967/68.
Massachusetts "I have this eerie feeling I may have signed already. But I just bought new music and I am absolutely smitten. Where have you been all my life? Checked you out after listening to Cheryl Wheeler's song ""Driving Home"" where she describes ""with Richard Thompson on"""