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December 1 - 15, 2005
"December 1, 2005"
California "What was I thinking? How could I not have been listening to Richard for the last 30 years. Better late then never! I just saw RT in Saratoga, CA last night 11-29-05. I was so impressed and had such a good time, I'm going back tomorrow 12-1-05. RT is truly Awesome!"
"December 2, 2005"
California Great concert last night at Villa Montalvo!
California I saw you Richard last night at Montalvo. Awesome show. Come back soon.
"December 3, 2005"
California "My husband and I just caught the Richard Thompson solo show at the Carriage House, Villa Montalvo. This is my 3rd RT show this year, and each time just gets better. But how could that be? "
Ontario Without peer
Washington "I listened to RT's interview with Bob Edwards on XM Radio on 12/2/2005 and was thoroughly impressed by RT's wit, insight, etc. Almost drove to his concert in Vancouver as a result. Come to think of it, I should have. When is he coming back to either Seattle, Vancouver or Portland?"
billinge whole new lease of life to music
California "I thoroughly enjoyed the Villa Montalvo Show on 11/30/05. Your wit, charm and wonderful music were lovely to experience. Thanks for rolling out a few oldies and sharing the new stuff with us as well. "
"December 4, 2005"
Hawaii "Where o where can I get another copy of Chelzhmerz (SP)?? I bought a copy in Honolulu at the show 2 years ago (or maybe 4?)and lost the CD. It's my absolute favorite and am lost without it...please tell me you have a copy!! Mahalo, a diehard fan"
Iraq "Came across Richard Thompson in an absurd way. I was restoring a 1969 MGB GT and was searching for parts online when I found a song called MGB GT. Had to order the CD, but expected it to be crap. Now I'm back in Iraq, and Mirror Blue is the CD I listen to most. I play guitar (27 years, very average), and appreciate RTs playing and song writing. His style reminds me of the late Warren Zevon. Life gets better the deeper you dig, particularly when you strike gold like Richard Thompson."
"December 5, 2005"
"Guernsey, Channel Islands" "I met Mr. Thompson in the John Lewis store in Glasgow, once. He was most gracious and didn't seem to mind me bothering him."
California "I saw Mr. Thompson at Sierra Nevada Brewerey last night, 12/04/05, Chico CA. What a great performance."
California Great show at The Sierra Nevada Brewery last night. Simon might remember my saying it was lovely. I'm still smiling this morning and listening to the Chrono Show CD I picked up at the concert and Richard graceously signed. Thanks for sending the spirit of music deep into my soul.
Connecticut "saw RT at Newport-blew me away-am now gathering all I can-lots of work to do. Always knew of him, but hadn't paid too much attention since the LT days."
"December 6, 2005"
Pennsylvania A friend recently turned me on to his music and I just love it. The Action Packed -Best of the Capitol Years and the DVD Live in Providence are fantastic. Richard's guitar playing and song writing abilities are unique. It's been a while since I've been this excited about an artist; unfortunately it has taken me so long to be introduced to his music. I hope he stops nearby on his next tour so that I can catch a live show.
Massachusetts "Although RT's work has been one of the few constants throughout my musical life, I've somehow managed to avoid seeing him in person, something I hope to rectify at some point! Thanks, Richard, for years of consistently rich and inspiring music."
Colorado "I was first introduced to RT's music by a band-mate in the early '90's, and have been hooked since. "
"December 7, 2005"
British Columbia "What a terrific show you put on the other night in Vancouver; but I'm inclined to apologise for the poor 'performance' of the staid... ""oh, so canadian"" audience. Please don't let that put you off... and do come back some time, eh what?!"
Virginia I buy everything he releases.
Pennsylvania LOVE THE MUSIC!
"December 8, 2005"
British Columbia "The concert last week at St Andrews in vancouver was the best RT solo show I have seen - please come back to this venue soon, as it is so much more suitabke than the club venues with open bar, chattering prats etc!"
Illinois Working hard on playing Vincent Black Lightning on guitar!
"December 9, 2005"
NSW A brilliant musician whose biting wit and perspicacity make him so refreshingly different from lesser performers.
Texas It's longer than 30 years!
Kwa Zulu Natal Good listening
"December 10, 2005"
Sussex Mind's a blank
"December 11, 2005"
Australia Great stuff- like the variety especially the folk
"December 12, 2005"
India Thank you for your site your musical albums are very great
"December 13, 2005"
Victoria Arrgh! I'm going to be in Tasmania when you're touring Oz. This will be the first time I will have missed you on tour in Oz for many years. Any chance of adding a gig in Tassie to your itinerary he asks hopefully?
Colorado "Front Parlour Ballads is this holiday's gift of choice when I buy for my friends. Thanks for the downloads, too."
"December 14, 2005"
Dorset lovely site
South Canterbury great stuff
"December 15, 2005"
Australia "Love the lyrics & music, enjoyed the tours, looking forward to 15th March at the Tivoli. Would love to see RT backing band in action with the great man!"