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December 1 - 15, 2006
"December 1, 2006"
Hampshire Highlight of last Summer was the Wickham Festival. To see Richard appear at a venue so close to home was great. Look forward to seeing you there again.
"December 2, 2006"
Mississippi The man is fricking amazing.
Derbyshire Seeing Richard play with "Sour Grapes" in Manchester in the 1970's was magic, I bought "Henry The Human Fly" too!
California RT is my #1 favorite musician, even over Dylan! His solo shows are beyond words.
"December 3, 2006"
Oregon Please come back to the Britt Ferstival soon, Cratulations on Lifetime award
London 47 in December. First saw 'Cooksferry Queen' Live on Jools Holland - instantly hooked. Mock Tudor was the first album I bought, and am listening to Mirror Blue as I type ... REALLY hope there are some London dates before I peg it. Incidentally, I have turned several friends on to RT as well (correction: Richard has done this, but I am smug at having made the introduction. MANY brownie points with the friends in question.) All the very best.
"December 4, 2006"
Lagos i will like to do collaboration with Richard cos i play a brand of music i call afrorock. you can check me out on my record company site:
British Columbia I hope you'll come up to Victoria to perform again.
Thornbury When are you performing next in Bristol, England
California Saw the all-request show at Montalvo November 29th; wonderful work, great show, sorry for requesting "Kiss". Thanks for all your dedication and talent.
Pennsylvania I find his music both provocative and transformative. This guy's got an amazing amount of talent!
"December 5, 2006"
Netherlands Taken aback by "1000 years..." This is just brilliant stuff. Technique and spirit and fun - fully balanced! ""Wow"" is the correct phrase here, I think!
"December 6, 2006"
Massachusetts RT is the greatest -- about the only musician I HAVE to see every time he comes through town.
Maryland would like to see you in concert again!
Pennsylvania "Thank you, thank you very much!"
"December 7, 2006"
Kentucky "Heard the Bluegrass version of Vincent 52, liked it, was researching the title and stumbled on the site that had audio of the original, and loved it, as well as the other two songs."
Bristol Any news on the RT Song Book Vol 1?
London RT has no equal when it comes to getting the heart of the music. I am regularly moved to tears by the beauty of his performance.
Sundin Sure wish there was a DVD of a solo performance.
"December 8, 2006"
Hawaii First saw Fairport at Bradford University -- same concert as on "What We Did On Our Holidays". Also saw many other times -- used to hang out at the RoundHouse for many years. Last saw Richard on Maui (great concert, should have bought the CD). And just remembered that Richard & Co played the ill-fated Krumlin Festival. I ran the newscaster on top of the stage.
California Great Stuff - Sierra Center Stage was a wonderful performance. Santa Barbara in March? Please keep going north to the bay area also!
"December 9, 2006"
Michigan Listening to RT's music reminds me why I play guitar.
"December 10, 2006"
Co Kerry came to your music via christy moores version of beeswing
"December 11, 2006"
Georgia I've bought 4 of your CD this week.
Sainte When are you coming to tour France?
Maryland Actually, I've been listening to Richard closer to 40 years including Fairport, but having too much fun to count.
"December 12, 2006"
Hertfordshire More live 'electric' shows in the UK would be nice.
Lancashire Fantastic concert in Blackpool earlier this year.
California Just missed Richard in the Bay Area. So sad!!!!
Minnesota RT is so unappreciated that the masses don't deserve him. Words don't do him justice.
"December 13, 2006"
New York Any update as to when those guitar books are coming out?
Maine want to be informed when RT is coming to Maine or Mass.
"December 14, 2006"
South Africa Just saw Grizly Man on DVD with the sessions as a bonus feature. It's the first time I've heard you and I'm blown away. Even though I play guitar myself, I usually don't like a lot of guitarists. Well done!
New Jersey As a budding guitarist, I recall spending an afternoon with the great Willie Johnson in the late 1970s at Mariposa Folk Festival in Toronto. He turned me on to the Shetland Isles sound and showed me some amazing chord melodies. It is a high compliment to you that I always recall that afternoon whenever I listen to your guitarwork. I always try to teach my students one or two of your tricks. :) PS -- My daughter thoroughly enjoyed seeing Teddy and the Thompsons/Wainwrights at Carnegie Hall last night.
"December 15, 2006"
Brighton Great to be mining a new (for me) seam of music
France Merci beaucoup for your wonderful music, sir Thompson!