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DECEMBER 1-15, 2008
"December 3, 2008"
Texas When are you coming back to Austin? We love you here. My husband and I caught two of your performances at UT and they were wonderful Thank you so much.
"December 4, 2008"
"December 5, 2008"
Nottingham Looking forward to RT visiting Nottingham again - Can't afford to travel but will save up for a local gig. - Booked to see Teddy in January. Respect to a musical inspiration.
Washington This is a beautiful website!
"December 6, 2008"
Manitoba Saw the show in Winnipeg December/5/2008. First time I saw R.Thompson. Once heard (secondhand) he was an arrogant chap, but this did not srtike myself as such. Seemed like an affable chap on stage, kinda reminded myself of Pete Townsend - with the E. London accent, and mannerisms. Though I suspect R.T, is more solid of character - whence called upon. Regarding playing: I actually heard a 'Beatles influence', in the way RT strums his guitar - with authority, and distinction. Many other influences, as well. Good picker, great chords, different tones with capo, interesting lyrics, and solid vocals. Altogether an entertaining 'one man acoustical band'. Left poster of canadian guitarist (recently deceased) Jeff Healey at the signature table. Thanks for comin' to Winterpeg! Actually commuted 400km round-trip to see the show. Still a fun trip.
Vancouver, BC love him!
"December 8, 2008"
California Looking forward to the Montalvo shows !
California Keep on keeping on. P.S. I am an extraordinary harmonica blower. Love to play with you someday...
London Richard, I don't know if anyone else has pointed this out but Waiting At The Church on your 1000 years album (which I love) is definitely not written by the prolific Trad. It's by Fred Leigh who also wrote Why Am I Always The Bridesmaid and Don't Dilly Dally. Pedantic I know but as a songwriter I do like to see even long dead people get a proper name check
Mississippi Waiting on the songbook so I can finally learn to play them correctly.
"December 9, 2008"
British Columbia Love you Richard!
Bristol As a local singer /song writer richard has given me great inspiration. I think as a musician he is nothing short of a genius. He also appears to be a very nice person and good all round egg.
Derbyshire see in brum :)
California I can't think of a week that has gone by in over 2 decades where I didn't listen to some RT. Hell, my 7 yr old daughter is more familiar with your catalog than David Fricke. Rumi moves me and in these days I have to ask you to sign the Global Pledge at Global Majority and ask you to let us link you - should I drive down to McCabes and ask next time you play? I was the boorish asshole at the last Sunset Center show in Carmel (and will only make 2 of 3 nights at Montalvo). - I'm the artist outreach coordinator (don't hold it against me - REM, Utah Phillips and (soon) Joan Baez is not the worst company you could be in).
"December 11, 2008"
Maine we try to get to rt`s gigs wherever he is in new england. have seen him about two dozen timmes over the last twenty years, and he is always fresh and exciting to listen to.
Minnesota I am a huge RT fan!!!
"December 12, 2008"
Texas needle 'n thread is fabulous...and the guitar is delicioso; just heard them on my local public radio station KMBH, brownsville, texas
Missouri Love that monkey!
"December 14, 2008"
Ohio Richard, I saw a video of you on you tube playing Austin City limits. You had what looked like a Celtic jersey pin on your hat. Are you a Glasgow Celtic supporter? Mon the HOOPS!!!
"December 15, 2008"
Alberta I was fortunate enough to see Richard @ Calgary 03.I have a few shots from the fest if you would like to see them....
California please let me know when richard is w/in 300 miles of me i will go see him.i heard kamila for the 1st. time she is so talented also.....