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December 16 - 31, 2003
"Tues., Dec.16, 2003"
Kent How about some chords with the words?
"Wed., Dec. 17, 2003"
Vienna C'mon Richard - have a concert in Vienna/Austria - there are so many fans of you...
New York "Thank you for enriching my life with your music and humor. I've seen you at The Turning Point in Piermont, NY and the Tarrytown Music Hall in Tarrytown, NY and think I scared the daylights out of you when, at the latter, I came running up to thank you and shake your hand. I believe you might have thought that I was going to mug you or give you my mother's recipe for fruitcake. May you rock on for many years to come."
"Thur., Dec. 18, 2003"
New York Just got my Tarrytown tix! I'm so psyched!!!
"Fri., Dec. 19, 2003"
California Thanks for all of the great music!
"Sat., Dec. 20, 2003"
gipuzkoa I've now received the 4 beeswing cd's and they're quite brilliant. all the best
"Tues., Dec. 23, 2003"
California "I'm glad I found this site, because I was able to purchase 1000 Years..., which to me is a) the best CD of 2003 and b) RT's best in many years. I can't imagine this album wouldn't be a hit with the right promotion; it's joyous and thrilling. Thanks for making it."
"Wed., Dec. 24, 2003"
Dublin "I've learned my lesson, I'm coming back to the fold. Give me lots more REAL music and a lot less bullshit!!! Well done, Richard, you ain't no fool, your music has always been interwoven with sounds and meanings that never lent themselves to MINDLESS BOOGYING or TWATISH chat and conversation(sounds like Convention ha ha LOL (that means laugh out loud to the unitiated and brainless, try visiting any ELEKTRA site, you'll know what I mean!!) Please come to Dublin again soon, I really need a mucical detox, really, really, really. Thank God I have long fingers and a more than average musical aptitude. It's all thanks to you and Sandy (RIP). We can all drift and wander, I'm sure you did!! I've done it too but now I'm back, if you will accept a prodigal son ""I had it all then I let it go"", ""How can I ever be simple again"" I want to hear MUSIC again, it's been so long I can't remember, Love you but your site is too immature and clean, take that from an Elektra expert. Still, it's the music and playing and loving you that counts, please keep this site and the BULLSHIT level to a minimun, as it is now. Show them wailing, LOUD, MINDLESS, NON TECHNICAL, NON FEELING assholes how to play someday, Is it too late to learn at 50????(probably!!) Sorry, I'm shooting off steam now, maybe I just need to find a quiet Ledge to sit on and work things out. Might meet you there I'm coming home!!!!!!"
Tennessee "I got hooked with ""Henry"" back in '73. Never dreamed he'd get this far! Great musician and a great person.Thanks for this site!"
very good!
Sydney "Hello and best wishes to all at RT HQ for a fabulous and healthy new year. We wait with eager anticipation - see, our hands are quivering - at seeing you soon. Stay safe and we hope the littlies (those younger personages)enjoy themselves. In Australia there is a legend that Santa's sleigh is towed through the heavens by Six White Boomers. Of course, these are the stuff of the mind of our adopted God, Rolf Harris, who gives away tons of christmas gifts each year. All the best!"
Massachusetts "I had a ticket to his concert in Newburyport MA this past fall & unfortunately had to cancel--but I am interested in acquiring his cd's & hope to make the next (Boston, MA) concert come March, 2004! FanTAStic voice & music ability!!!"
jutland thanks for being there!
Thurs., "Dec. 25, 2003"
New York "In a recent ""News From Home"" ""Hashimoto"" mentions ""another plane of existence"" . I wonder if Mr. RT has read any stuff with lots of those odd elements. Thanks AGAIN for the great music."
Wa I heard the main man is on the bill at a pre byron festival in perth as well as a solo show at the Fly by Night club around April...awesome.
Massachusetts "Merry Christmas Mr. Thompson, (if you celebrate it??) and much Happy Days and Auld Lang Syne to you. (I'm sorry I just wrote that but hell I'm allowed to be corney once in a while) Peace!"
"Sat., Dec. 27, 2003"
Maine "When are you coming back to Maine. We miss you here, Richard!!"
"Sun., Dec. 28, 2003"
Pennsylvania I found a reference to RT's work on a Warren Zevon message board. I'm very pleasantly surprised to have followed up with a listen! I'm waiting on a recommendation for my first purchase.
Idaho "Is there any way in the world we can persuade Richard Thompson to come to Boise? We have a WONDERFUL venue for intimate shows, the Egyptian Theater--great sound, cool atmosphere, holds about 1000 people. They started having live entertainment there a couple of years ago. Lots of interesting and talented people have played there (e.g., Leo Kottke, Ricky Lee Jones, Ira Glass [from National Public Radio's ""This American Life""], Molly Ivins, David Sederis--people you wouldn't expect ever to find in Boise. There are some good larger sites too, particularly the Morrison Auditorium. My husband and I are real Richard Thompson fans, and we know many other people who would LOVE a chance to hear him in person. There were quite a number of us who would have gladly driven to Spokane, WA for his (fairly) recent show, but we didn't hear about it until our local music critic mentioned it the day AFTER it took place. It was extremely frustrating. Please lobby Richard to come to Boise--we can promise him a warm welcome!"
"Tues., Dec. 30, 2003"
"Fargo, ND" "My ""RT experience"" dates back to college days 1969. I've been spreading the gospel ever since! LG"
"Wed., Dec. 31, 2003"
nsw nobody can sing with the angst of a totured relationship or about life like richard thompson can