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December 16 - 31, 2004
"December 16, 2004"
california Mas live RT in SoCal please. Peace & Blessings.
Gouda "I like this music better and better. I want to buy ""1000 years of popular music"" in the shops in Holland and also the DVD. And I'm waiting already a long time for a show in Rotterdam."
New Jersey Interested in whenever Richard is touring in the Northeastern US
"December 17, 2004"
Wolverhampton "I've posted before, and just got caught up with Catch of the Day and "News from Home" postings over the past three months. This stuff is priceless. As well as being one of the greatest guitarist and songwriters, the stuff about Arnie and Wolfgang should be in the New Yorker. Dear webmaster (or mistress) you really need to syndicate our hero's journal - more of the world needs to see his humour, not just us obsessives!"
London One of the greats!
"December 18, 2004"
california "I love Richard's music, especially when it's live! When is he coming to California again?"
v.götaland richard please come to sweden again soon.
"December 19, 2004"
New York thank you very much!
Massachusetts I just want to say THANKS to all people in this community. You really help me.
oxfordshire "Hi,Richard - Just passing... thought I'd drop in for tea…"
New Jersey "I absolutely LOVE Richard's music! One of my all-time favorite songwriters & guitarists--& a primary influence on my own music & playing... The man deserves a statue somewhere in the middle of London!..."
West Sussex Nearly 35 years of listening to RT - but not whole life!
NSW "Hello to all at Beesweb and RT HQ. Best wishes for a safe and happy Holiday Season and here's hoping that RT sells absolute masses of fine music in 2K5! Goodness knows, I'll be buying up lots! Love from sunny Sydney."
"December 20, 2004"
new hampshire "As a longtime guitar player,songwriter, and lover of fine literature I am continually amazed at Mr. Thompson's mastery of his craft. Bravo!"
Massachusetts Come to New England soon! Check out the Arlington Regent Theatre-much better than Neburyport venues. Jorma and Jack Cassady love it. Great accoustics..
Victoria "Quite put out that it took me so long to find out about RT. Funny music - sounds a bit dark & sometimes jars at first, but the more you listen..........When is the next Oz tour? Or SE Asia? (am working in Malayasia for a while) Anyway, thanks RT. I am a great classical fan (years of nothing but Bach), but I also love rock blues jazz etc. Trouble is so much rock style is actuall so poor in musical terms. Not so RT - truly a musician with real depth."
Roscommon An enduring artist. One I return to again and again.
"December 21, 2004"
Bolton Are there any RT songbooks available? There aren't any listed in the merchandise section. Great website otherwise.
Clapham "I saw him on the Whistle Test - he played with his big band, music from Hand of Kindness - I was blown away - I went and bought his back catalogue - he's the man."
Indiana "I have been to many, many concerts.. I have seen Richard twice, and everytime he is twice as good as anyone I have seen in concert..well perhaps Bruce Springsteen almost caught up with him one night in 1985 (but) he really doesn't have much to worry about. Richard is the real deal."
Pennsylvania "Saw Steeleye Span in concert, branched over to Fairport. With Ian Matthews 'If You Could See' rediscover RT and got Henry and the rest is his-story"
"December 22, 2004"
Pennsylvania I just saw the 1000 Years show in Harrisburg and thought it was fantastic.
Bury "I have enjoyed Richard through all of his musical journey, and have never failed to be touched and amazed by his music."
morayshire scotland "it would be nice to see you do a wee tour in moray or highland, warm up gigs sort of thing.Also just incase you are interested, there is a Guitar festival in Ullapool, wester-ross, every October around the 2nd weekend of the month, where the artists do work shops and do a couple of shows, the website is i think simply called the, check ASK to make sure, best wishes for 05,hope you make it up north"
"December 23, 2004"
Iowa I'm hooked. What a voice...delicious!
New York When are the box set and the solo c.d.'s coming out?
British Columbia How about another visit to Richards on Richards in Vancouver ?
"December 24, 2004"
california just hope you're back in the Bay Area soon!
Virginia pls add me to mailing list & let me know when DVD comes out. Thank you.
"December 25, 2004"
Georgia "I just got through watching Live In Providence and still have goose flesh! This is going into the bag of ""most influential art"" that I plan to pass on to my children. I wish, with all my heart, that I had some way to repay you for the immense joy that has been the gift of your life's work. Thank You wholly inadequate..."
New Mexico "I last saw Richard at the Winnipage Folk Festival years ago. I am moving back to Fargo in the Spring. Any chance he'll be in Albuquerque before then, or in Fargo or Mpls or Winnipeg after then? Keep playing, I love the music"
New Jersey thank you
"December 26, 2004"
Nevada "OK. I think I've been patient enough. It's time for a Las Vegas performance. By the way, the DVD is fabulous; make more of them! How about ""RT Finally Sees the Bright Lights by Performing in Las Vegas""?"
"December 27, 2004"
Pennsylvania I am blown away by the talent of RT. Can't wait to attend more shows!
Noord Brabant Richard is OK!
Gravesend The most under-rated performer in the world today-sublime-I connect with Richard like no other artist.
South Carolina "always some great songs.... he's been a influence on me ,not only as a musician /songwriter but as a person too"
"December 28, 2004"
humboldt "RT is the seminal artist of this genre.His shows in Humboldt were exquisite and we hope he returns soon!I love the way he resolves his chord progressions.In a world of thinly veiled stupidity posing as music,please keep the light shining my friend…"
Alberta This website is a great resource. RT has been kicking my ass with his songs for years.
Ontario thanks for the great music
california keep up the good work!
"December 29, 2004"
lancashire delighted to hear he is playing at Cropredy 2005 - can't wait to see him!!
London Love all the music from Fairport onwards.
Newbury looking forward to the next UK tour!
Brisbane Was lucky enough to get your DVD for Christmas. Wonderful - thank you. Have seen you solo (live) four times but this is the first time with a band. Congratulations. Fine production as well. Come back to Australia with the band!!
Pennsylvania "Just recently saw Richard in Harrisburg PA. at the Whitaker Center. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE come back to our area soon !!!"
"December 30, 2004"
Hertfordshire When I first heard RT in Fairport I was totally amazed and that hasn't changed.The music is still as good as ever
Florida Come to Florida
"December 31, 2004"
Dublin "Loved the new DVD so great 2 c u play electric again when are u coming back e Dublin Oh and a happy New year"
Massachusetts "the first song i heard was Valerie in '84 and by god you get better every recording. i have them all. the guitar, the words, the voice. thanks for years of music!"
Connecticut I am interested in what will be in the upcoming box set. I enjoy your live offerings and have the three disc set. Looking forward to more RT in 2005.