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December 16 - 31, 2005
"December 16, 2005"
Oklahoma Thank you very much for your music! Is this a difficult time for you to practice your faith?
Scotland can't wait to go to my first RT concert in glasgow next month
Maine RT is a great source of inspiration to me as a song writer and musician.
"December 17, 2005"
Washington "I also write, sing and play. RT is becoming an important new influence. Brilliant!"
"December 18, 2005"
Washington looking forward to seeing `1000 years` live sometime!
Alaska "I began listening to RT in the early 80's because I loved his guitar playing. Amazingly, around then I got to see him perform in Fort Collins, Colorado in a small hall at the local performing arts center. I have fond memories of me and my brother dancing around like a couple of idiots (we were the ONLY TWO people dancing mind you!). Anyway, of course Richard was great. He had some backuup singers with him, I remember that too. I kind of drifted away from RT in the late 80's for whatever reason. I just recently got the Austin City Limits live recording and it was love all over again! He's been doing some great stuff! I'm really enjoying going back and catching up!"
Monteverde When are you going to play Costa Rica?!
"Cleveland, England" "Fine website. I would argue that the 'sea green'background is more of a khaki military, much better than dayglo! Will Richard be touring England in 2006?"
"December 19, 2005"
South Australia Love the music
My 1st album: Bright Lights
1st gig: Middlesboro' 1979/80
Most intimate gigs: Clare College Folk Cellar, Cambridge University (early 80s), Northampton pinnet Hill Hall (late 1980s); Birmingham Red Cow (1991?)
Best gig: Exeter 2005"
Ohio "I can't wait for the songbook to be released.I've tried to figure out your music,but haven't been very sucessful.Mr. Thompson,you the most beautiful ballads I've heard."
"December 21, 2005"
Queensland you are very talented .. .even better in a live concert
Queensland "Hi Richard, we met you briefly at the 2004 Byron Blues Festival. You may remember we are old mates of Paul Goshe? We mentioned our little community radio station up here in Central QLD and the possiblity of you doing a small gig when you're next here which we see is in 2006. Your schedule looks pretty tight but please consider this opportunity to delight some loyal fans and spend some time in a lovely part of the world. All the Best..."
"December 22, 2005"
Pennsylvania Saw RT live only once at the Swan in High Wycombe. Awesome
"December 23, 2005"
Derbyshire Grown old with Fairport and enjoy keeping up with Richards music as well
"December 24, 2005"
West Midlands I'm getting married on February 12th. My best (wo)man has been worrying about organising my stag night. Then we found out Richard is playing in Northampton on Feb 4th - so now my stag night consists of front-row seats to see the man himself - how civilised! How perfect.
"December 26, 2005"
Vermont our music may not be similar in style [yet].. but we really like what you're up to.
Massachusetts More live DVD's please.
Iowa "I guess I am finally contacting this site as a result of a sad event. One of your greatest fans has passed on. Patrick J Elshaw of Brewer Maine, programmer on WERU-FM, was a devoted fan of Richard and Linda Thompson for over 20 years. Patrick was the first person I knew who was also fond of Fairport Convention. May pleasance abound forever in his life and the spirit of Richard's music bless his soul forever."
Utah "Am I going to have to grovel? I can do that--PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE can we have the ""Doom and Gloom"" collections on CD?"
"December 27, 2005"
Arizona "Was blown away by the guitar work on Grizzly Man. Want to hear much more, thanks"
Georgia "Listening to ""Dimming of the Day"" right now"
"December 28, 2005"
Northern Territory "I became a Richard Thompson fan in the 1970's when I bought ""Henry the Human Fly"" plus all the Richard & Linda Thompson vinyl records. I still think they are great."
Ohio "Your music inspires me, makes me cry,teaches me, makes me feel good. I've seen you live 7 times. Hope to see you more.Thanks....…"
New Mexico Genius!
California "Re: the Poodle, ""Prince""(?) in the Let It Blow video...It looked just like our silver Standard, Coda (albeit Coda is female, and one assumes that the ""...princes..."" in the lyric of that segment references the gender of the pup in the shot---although this IS California, so perhaps the gender is, as are so many other things here, negotiable). Whatever the case may be, the expression on the dog's face was quintexistentially poodlesque (poodlesome?). At the first viewing, it was a seemingly random and pleasant surprise, and it remains quite lovely to see as we replay the video to get to that moment (we DO occasionally listen to the song in its uninterrupted entirety also). Coda and I (and Django, her elder stepbrother ---and Diana, my lovely wife and mistress of the hounds) thank you for it. Oh, and of course, we are also thankful for your music (and I am desperate to be thankful for the apparently eventual RT songbook)."
"December 29, 2005"
"Glasgow, Scotland" FANTASTIC
Marlborough Please come to New Zealand
Colorado What can I say? When you hear the lyrics you always think about your own life.
"December 30, 2005"
"Fife, Scotland" Hello
Pennsylvania Love the music and the concerts at the Keswick Theater.
"December 31, 2005"
New Jersey "Loved your show at the McCarter Theatre this year. I used to go to McCabe's when Nancy ran the shows - thanks to her for lots of great music, too."