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December 16 - 31, 2006
"December 16, 2006"
Oost Vlaanderen This is the real singer-songwriter music with balls! Great.
"December 17, 2006"
Scotland I wonder how Richard enjoyed Christy Moores version of Beeswing?
"December 18, 2006"
Lancashire Did I hear one of RT's songs in the 'Driving Lessons ' movie shown on ITV last night ( 17-12-06 ) ??
Hampshire "Grew up in Cambridge Massachusetts, home of a great 60's music scene. Been living in UK for twenty years. Was a film cameraman, now teaching cinematography in an MA film program. Richard you are my favorite musician bar none.
"December 20, 2006"
Michigan Looking forward to the new RT Band CD and tour. Coming to Detroit soon, I hope?
Virginia I am completely haunted by your 1952 Vincent Black Lightning. Completely. I first heard it sung by another songwriter---who raved about you. So I have found you! Your song makes me weep---it is wonderful. I love to cry!! Do your thing.
"December 22, 2006"
Surrey I have brought the box set how do I download the free sixth CD please
Texas how to see ya at the Crighton in Conroe, Texas.
"December 23, 2006"
Texas I think he is one of the greatest!
"December 24, 2006"
North Carolina Hopefully Richard will come to the Raleigh-Durham NC area sometime soon!
Cambridge I cannot find the sheet music for Si tu dois partir, any ideas?
California Such memorable stuff... just finished watching Richard on Sierra Center Stage. Great going!
"December 26, 2006"
Birmingham when are you playing in england next?
"December 27, 2006"
West Midlands a well presented & informative site
New Jersey No comments at current time. Thanks for asking, though. Quite sweet of you, really.
Melbourne love him genius and not bad on the guitar and the missus loves him too!!!
"December 28, 2006"
"December 29, 2006"
England you and danny r doing a great job keep it up see u at fairport fest
Manchester I like your music. Thanks for doing it.
"December 30, 2006"
USA Right on! Great guitar AND lyrics. Heard you by mistake but I call it my good luck. Keep it up, you've got my attention now!
Abu Ghraib Gath-Smane
California Had heard on radio (KCRW) over the past years...Was browsing, and stumbled on your site.
Penafiel When I was 17 I heard Fairport Convention for the first time (Now I'm 40). I fell in love with the music and that guitar sound. Since than I'm always waiting for news about Richard Thompson. Thank you for everything you give me, Richard.
Pennsylvania For not having gotten around to checking your (and Fairport's) music out until recently, I'm kicking myself. Lots of catching up to do! Anyway, the site is great and your interaction with fans is wonderful. I'll be back!
"December 31, 2006"
Massachusetts my wife and i are massive fanatic fanics who buy every scap of thompson music we ca find. love the guitar, wit and heartfelt lyrics.
Lancashire Big fan, thanks for many years of enjoyment