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DECEMBER 16 - 31, 2007
"December 18, 2007"
Lancashire If I could be a guitarist I would be RT.
Tennessee Come back to Knoxville Soon!
"December 19, 2007"
Virginia I saw Richard open for Bonnie Raitt at the Richmond,Va Mosque in the late 1980's. Didn't know who he was when I went to the show but have been a fan ever since.
"December 21, 2007"
Yorkshire Really interested in the release of Strict Tempo + the 2 Chrysalis albums
Virginia such a talented man
"December 23, 2007"
Mississippi glad to see the tour. maybe head a little south during the winter months like,say, nawlins. enjoy the music lots
"December 24, 2007"
Bristol I Love His Music So Much He's An Amazing Guitarist!
"December 25, 2007"
Washington I have been through the shitstorms of life too, and thought that I was hardened, but when I heard "1952 Vincent Black Lightning" for the first time...I teared up! Not like me at all! Been playing that song at least three times each day since! THANKS RICHARD! LOVE YOUR STYLE!
Winnipeg, Manitoba I had the pleasure of seeing you perform at the Winnipeg Folk Festival a number of years ago. Brilliant. Thanks for being such an inspiration.
"December 26, 2007"
Indiana Please come back to play in Bloomington, Indiana.
Colorado a fan since the fairport days, so glad there are dvds out since I've never got to see him
"December 28, 2007"
Kent First heard on Celtic Heartbeat Radio Wales by Frank Hennessy.
California I saw Friday and Saturday concerts at Montalvo - the most amazing two musical nights of my life!!!! Thank you, Richard, for your unflagging enthusiasm and energy. I can't wait to see you again.
Auckland RT is 'The Guv'nor'. Plain and simple. Seen him live more times than I can count. He really does need to play in Auckland again soon though.
New Jersey Itching to see Richard again!
Oporto Hi Richard, how are you? Just started lestening your music and impressed about your music. I would like to see you play again with Bob Dylan. Have a good year Richard and if is possible came to Portugal.
New Hampshire Am I able to hear the song "When the spell is broken"
Ohio I want to play guitar with you some day Mr. Thompson! God Willing, one day I'll good enough!
"December 29, 2007"
Wiltshire Been to four fantastic gigs this year. Richard just gets better and better. No exaggeration to say that six years ago he changed my life.
Limburg I really think Richard Thompson is one of the very best musicians in popular music. His guitar playing is magnificent, his text writing is great. He knows how to tell a complete story in a 4 or 5 minute song (e.g. 1952 Vincent Black Lightning...)
Essex the first album i bought was sundays child by john martin when it was released in 74(?)o i dont know why not heard anything b4 thank diverse vinyl for pressing sweet warrior EXCELLENT!!
"December 30, 2007"
Louisiana Richard, I just heard you on Seirra Stage, (the spelling may not be right!!!!!!!!) at 11PM last night. I didn't know you existed. I use a thumb pick and my four finger nails. I play flat pick style when necessary. I play finger pick style when you play necessary. You play finger pick backup with flat pick leads at the same time, "Unbelieveable!!!!!!!!".I love your vocal, but your guitar is beyond beliefe. I've been playing professionally since I was thirteen years old, I'm now fifty nine. I have never heard or thought any thing like you!!!!!!!! Chet never did anything like that. You have gained a fan.....
Vermont Richard, my wife Leslie and I have been listening to your songs for years. An an englishman growing up in Australia, I first heard and saw you in the early seventies with Fairport Convention. We perform original roots based material as Laslo Cameo, and would be honored to have you hear our first work together ""Second Avenue Serenade"". Look forward to seeing you in Vermont in January, we can be found on the web or Cheers and Happy New Year.