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DECEMBER 16-31, 2008
"December 16, 2008"
Kent I absolutely love "DIMMING OF THE DAY", seeing Richard play it live on You Tube has inspired me to pick up my guitar again and play. I now have got to see Richard live in concert myself so I am hedging my hopes for 2009.
Manchester Thanks for the musical journey.
"December 17, 2008"
Australian Capital Territory How about bringing the band to Australia, though you wouldn't be able to play at Tilleys in Canberra if you did. I could live with that.
"December 18, 2008"
Georgia You, your talent, being as one w/ guitar, lyrics touch soul,spirit, stage presence,lovely eyes,spark fire,glimmer w/mischief,shout anger,reveal tender love,longing. Singing and lyrics speak to the human condition. Eyes of every human emotion. Love to hear, see you, [attempt] 2 sing along. Captured this Georgia Girl's musical heart. And Never Give It Up! Fav Song - like trying to pick which child I love the most. Can't B done. Oh, do love to see ya sing the Coo Coo Bird! You look so happy. Yeah, I'm moonin' over ya,in the musical sense. Take Care Lovely Man.
Georgia Keep enjoying keeping it real.
"December 19, 2008"
Nairne Went to Adelaide concert a few years ago - front row - brilliant. Want to play your songs my Ukelele:)
"December 21, 2008"
New York We love Richard Thompson, and see him live every time he appears in our area. Fall 2008, we saw him at three different venues...all amazing performances. RT just gets better and better!
Massachusetts I am an accomplished tuba player, and I think it's safe to say I have played all RT's songs on tuba; which I make mention of simply because I am most likely the only person who has, or realistically, can, make such a claim.
New South Wales truth love peace respect freedom
"December 22, 2008"
Glasgow, Scotland Since 'What we did on our Holidays'
"December 26, 2008"
Birmingham I'll be at Brum gig 29 jan 2008 - U can invite me onstage to duet with you, if you like
"December 27, 2008"
Kent hi richard i met you at cropredy couple of years ago great music great show look forward to seeing you at the marlowe canterbury 1/2/2009
"December 29, 2008"
Montana I saw you in Missoula earlier this year- the tickets were a present from my husband. We had a great time! You rock!
"December 30, 2008"
Kent My whole family are great R.T fans. I write and play my own songs and have even started to include my version on Dad's going to Kill me which I love. Hoping to see RT in Canterbury in Feb at the Marlow Theatre.