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January 1 - 15, 2003

"Wed Jan 01, 2003"


i am really looking forward to seeing you in lawrence, ks next month."

New York "FINALLY got to see you live at the Egg in Albany, and was utterly floored (as was the friend I'd brought, who'd never heard you at all; she's now hopelessly hooked). I will be waiting outside the record store's locked doors on the morning ""The Old Kit Bag"""
Arizona Love yer tunes. Keep on jammin'-hope to hear ya live one day. Cheers!
Vermont "Happy New Year. I did try to make it to Johnson State College that time, but remember the blizzard? Miss you."
Texas I listened to Fairport and even bought The Bunch but I really got hooked when I found Human Fly in the cutout bin while in college. It was in the 3 for a dollar bin. Just the right price for a college student! :) Bought a bunch for friends after I fell
Georgia "Please visit the Atlanta area soon-better yet, Norcross."
Yorkshire "Mock Tudor was the mutts nuts, and with good marketing would of been top 10, Im sure, all the best for the future Richard, have a good 2003"
California "Richard, you are the man! Every tone, every note, every silent space between is full of meaning and spirit. In a world like this, I am so grateful."
"Thu Jan 02, 2003"
Washington this is a pleasant surprise. I hadn't previously heard about the live albums of the 90's. I intend to look for them.
Norbotten "How about make Rafferty produced Shoot out the light to a official bootleg,"
Dublin Can’t get enough!
Georgia "Thanks for being you. Listening to your lyrics has inspired me to write my own songs, poems, etc. I wish you all the best in your continuing career. I am looking forward to seeing you perform again."
Maryland "please, a recorded ""three-minute hamlet""-? don't need onions though"
California "I enjoyed the interview and performance on ""Fresh Air"" from last May, that was rerun last week. Nice web-site!"
Michigan "I've seen alot of concerts over the years, but I've seen you more than anybody. Love your stuff."
Utah "I heard an interview with Richard on an NPR radio network, I just love his music"
Birkenhead "Just heard the exciting news of the new album due out on Feb 3 in England. I hope that means you'll be touring in the UK soon to promote ""The Old Kit Bag"". I saw the last tour at Liverpool Philharmonic.... absolutely fantastic.... can't wait."
Texas "Just made a New Year's trip from South Texas to Oklahoma with ""Action-Packed"" in the CD player and 3 squabbling kids in the back of the minivan. You're right. Texas is the Tardis of this world. Thanks for saving my sanity."
"Fri Jan 03, 2003"
Montana "Hi Richard! I'll see in Missoula, MT Hope you're well, and I look forward to the new CD."
British Columbia it is funny but my dads name is charlie pettifer just like lindas but we are from birmingham
California More live music recordings would be great. I first heard Richard play at McCabes guitar shop in LA in 1982 and am hoping for a recording to match that experience. Wonderful!
South Carolina A live performance by this man is not to be missed. Extraordinary. Please release more live performances on CD. Or DVD. Or just visit us more...we're not that picky.
Kansas " Keep doing what you're doing! It's great! You're one of the few musicians I listen to that my wife likes. It's not so easy to please the wife, you know!"
Mississippi Heard your music on NPR Sound and Spirit and had to order CD of Beeswing
"Sat Jan 04, 2003"
Staffordshire Any chance of touring the UK Midlands soon(Stafford Gatehouse would be good!)
California "get ready to see our ugly mugs in the front row again, brothers."
Iowa Keep it coming! Come to Iowa City.
Indiana "I find it very intriguing that you will be putting out your songbook. I've already learned many of your songs from your recordings. However, I hope when the book does come out it is published in musical notation instead of tablature. As they say, tabla"
Yorkshire "Richard should know me, I bought Henry the human fly on the day it came out!! Have been a life long Fairport fan (until he and Sandy left) and go to see him whenever he is live within a 60 mile radius of Driffield (where?)"
Limburg "Keep it all going, so we will have fine hours of listening to the nicest music ever made."
Leeds Great to hear that you have a new release due soon. Can't wait to hear it!
London "Saw RT twice in Ottawa, Canada including the 1989 Barrymore's show-also taped the show on CHEZ FM-and now have my own CD version--a great performance. Now located in London--any chance of a UK tour soon?"
Stockport Hi Richard........still into jugband psychedelia (?!)
"Sun Jan 05, 2003"
North Carolina I have admired your work since the Fairport days. Good storytellers are hard to find on the modern music landscape; especially with such a wry wit as yours. Please come to NC soon.
Buckinghamshire listened to Del Mcroury' version of 'Vincent'52'. Just love that whole sound too. Love to know your thoughts on it as I think you maybe like the Bluegrass sound?
"Mon Jan 06, 2003"
"LONG ISLAND, New York" "We love your music!!! My friend and I go to EVERY show in our area(and then some!!) You always ""banter"" with us (only when it's appropriate) and you usually play the songs we shout out for. My one request, well actually two requests, are ... play some sho"
Virginia "I first saw Richard In Roanoke in the late 80s at a club called "" The Iroquois"", now late and lamented. The venue was dark and dank, but the performance was unforgettable, filled with wit and polish. An unforgettable night, and I thank him for the memory."
upstate new york "Saw RT live in rochester, new york. excellent show!"
"Ann Arbor, Michigan" How much will it mess things up if US fans buy the UK edition of the new album? I hate having to wait another 2-3 months.
Montana "Can't wait till you return to Bozeman Montana on Jan. 21st! Looking forward to it!
"Los Angeles, CA" A friend just sent me the web page and I am THRILLED to see a new album forthcoming. It's been too long. Would love to see RT in SoCal...any chance soon?
"Tue Jan 07, 2003"
"Heard a live version of""Shoot Out the Lights"" excerpted over a scene on TV's Crossing Jordan last night. Unexpected."
Ohio I have all of Mr. Thompson on C.D. and quite a bit of Richard and Linda's but unfortunatly I didn't take advantage of buying everything when I had the opertunity. As I grow older I find Mr. Thomspson's music stays with me and like anything that is good an
"Wed Jan 08, 2003"
North Carolina I enjoyed browsing in the beesweb.Great satire of the whole KennyG-PatM tiff.
massachusetts heard 'shoot out the lights' on Crossing Jordan (US detective TV show) It does my heart good when you get mainstream recognition for your underappreciated music
Pennsylvania "Thanks for putting so much into your music. You're doing great!!! Come back to Pittsburgh as often as possible."
Sunny Halifax "I'm always at a loss at times like this !"
Hong Kong Good site - look forward to Doom and Gloom on CD. If you head to Oz you might come via HK.
"Eugene, Oregon" We at KRVM public radio are sure looking forward to Richards show.
"Thu Jan 09, 2003"
"Mt. Vernon, Maine" "This past Monday evening (1/6/02) My wife and myself came home from playing darts and turned on the T.V. Before the video came up we could hear ""Shoot Out the Lights"" blasting from the T.V. The show turned out ""Crossing Jordan"" and the song was in a scene"
Pennsylvania "Is there any recording with the Orazio Vecchi Italian rennaissance song ""Mi Bon C""ha...something or other"" that he did in concert?"
"Branson, Mo." Richard is one of my favorites... saw him live in Dallas at Poor David's Pub when he was touring solo... still telling my musician friends about that show…
suffolk got to shake the great mans hand at cropredy last year (despite the best efforst of the A+R man on your shoulder..) - did that queue ever get shorter? looking forward to the new album. Don't suppose there is any chance of trekking out to the far east coast
London "Love the albums, love the gigs. Keep 'em coming!!"
Glos " I want to get a good version of bees wing (?) Any suggestions?"
wolverhampton Thanks.
arizona Richard is one of my favorite songwriters and guitarists. Hopefully he will return to Arizona
London Please tour again!
Michigan I am so in love with Richards guitar playing and dark lyrics. I love the happy ones also..…
"Fri Jan 10, 2003"
California "What a tease it was to see RT working his way down the west coast, solo to boot, and then deviated from Eugene to Europe. I was sure we were going to get some dates in the Bay Area. Santa Cruz? Meet us at the Fez Festival in June!"
"Washington, DC" "Just a short note to say thanks for all the lovely music you've provided over the years. I just came upon a tape of you performing with Linda P? T? in 1972, it was quite something."
Utah "I agree with you that most of the tabs on the web are useless, so I would really like to see you put out an ""official"" songbook. I'll be first in line to buy it!"
Lincolnshire "Wow! New album, and a tour, AND the first date in GB is near us, AND it is on our first wedding anniversary!! So, guess where we will be on the 2 March? Damn right, Sheffield! Cor!!! (Too many !!!'s but we are so excited....!!!)"
Vienna I would really like to see RT in concert in Austria or Germany - there are much more fans than you expect!!
Hawaii "I loved Mr. Thompson's concert at the Honolulu Academy of Arts. I was only familar with his work with the Fairport Convention and album Pour Down Like Silver, and his concert opened another world of great songs. I now have Action Packed... and I'm hooke"
Ontario "I have just heard the audio tracks on the cooking vinyl web-site - can I have the album sooner than February? Oh- could you arrange to tour up to Toronto in 2003 ?"
London good luck keep going
North Carolina "Please come back and sing for us in the Raleigh-Durham NC area! We saw you at the Carolina Theater in Durham. You are without peer and continue to make your music!"
Suffolk "A long-time hero - I'll always be grateful to Chris Sugden who first introduced me to the delight sof Richard Thompson all those years ago.... and what about rereleasing The Bunch's Rock On on CD?......"
Tynemouth Looking forward to March 5 at Newcastle Opera House
"Sat Jan 11, 2003"
State of Glasgow "Next gig in Scotland? Is Henry thE HF or Words/Music on CD? What happened to Hokey Pokey FZine? I can't believe it is over 30 yeass I've enjoyed the music of RT (Full House. It seems timeless and as good today as it was when you first heard it. Thanks"
Massachusetts "I used to see the ads for RT thrown in by Rykodisc in the Morphine albums I bought. So when I saw a copy of something used for $5, I said, what the hell, let's give it a try... Wow. I think of how sheer, dumb, lucky I was to have stumbled across this m"
California "Thank God for RT, a person who creates the music he likes and even shares it with us! The insight, wit and the grace with which he delivers his art to us is greatly appreciated."
Pennsylvania "Hello from the shores of Lake Erie! I first heard RT on Golden Palominos' ""Visions of Excess""...17 years later I am a doctor by trade but my goal in life is to be known as the Richard Thompson of the fiddle...ha ha ha! PS when does the next French Frith"
West Wickham A very Happy New year to Richard and his family..Looking forward to Old kitbag...With my friend Joe had the pleasure of shaking Richard's hand in London during the Mock Tudor Tour.
Groby RT is God???
California My husband (a fan for many years) introduced me to Richard's music and I have been hooked ever since.
California "i saw richard perform solo acoustic last year at this whole earth hippie festival last year. what a pot of gold it was to hear him play in this intimate arena, free no less. a true pot of gold. elequent as ever. what a day that was. "
Illinois "Richard Thompson is my favorite musician!!!!"
"Sun Jan 12, 2003"
California Thanks for your all your sweat and hard work! Can't get enough.
Warwick "Great site, hope to hear RT on Radio 2 on Monday!"
Maine A DVD please !!
Oxfordshire "Just been reminded how old I am - but the music still does it for me."
"Mon Jan 13, 2003"
Oregon Thank you for visiting Portland Oregon so often. I never miss your peformances.
Northampton "Think someone, somewhere should re-release The Bunch's 'Rock On' on CD with lots of bonus tracks"
Georgia "Yes, By all means do the ""1000 Year"" project."
Kent I was brought up on Richard's music - my father is John Wood my husband is also now a great fan - as he had to listen to it as well
Norfolk Such musical integrity is rare and fine...
"Tue Jan 14, 2003"
Michigan " God Bless You, Richard!"
Oregon " i can't believe i was not introduced to your music most of my life until 1997. i got turned onto your music via re-visiting fairport convention albums (leige and leif, etc.). i am amazed by your song writing and masterful guitar playing. "
Edinburgh Heard Richard on Radio 2 last night (13 Jan) and he mentioned a tour. Any dates in Edinburgh/Glasgow ? Have already ordered the new album!
Derby What can I say to A genius who has touched my life in so many ways. Keep those extended solos going!
Bedfordshire Any chance of the RT band of gregson/zorn etc at Cambridge folk fest. that BBC R2 recorded being issued on CD. It is one of my favourite gigs ever.
Yorkshire Any chance of a Fairport Live at Burton Constable all-nighter 1968 album?!
North Carolina "I used to work for Hannibal records and thought all those people who used to call and order the entire Richard back catalog were nuts. Well, now I'm one of them! Can you please post Richard's tour dates on this website? Thanks. "
Georgia "I enjoy the website, and appreciate the work that goes into it, (and maintaining it!) but I find it VERY hard to read, because both the background and the print are so dark. "
New York " Please -- more concert stops in upstate NY (the State Theater in Ithaca, for example - nice venue)"
"Wed Jan 15, 2003"
Seattle "I truly hope Seattle will be one of your stops in '03 with the band...we SO love you up here!"
Warrington Wot! No North West tour dates! Shame!!!
Massachusetts Thanks for the great music and heart you give. As Salaamu Alaykum Wah Rahmatu 'llah
Livingston get some dvds out there big man ... the world awaits !
Yorkshire details of March British tour?
East Sussex "Thank you for signing Semi-Detached Mock Tudor for me at Cropredy. Thanks for waiting!! Looking forward to both the new album and 1000 years, especially after the sample at Croppers! Any chance of the song about Hamlet being released any time? See you in"
Liverpool "Don't ever stop, Richard!!"
Valdres "Amazing new songs at Cropredy! Release them immediately!"
Hampshire (Old) Absolutely my top popstar! My girlfriend is not convinced yet - I'm working on her. When are you touring in UK?
Leicestershire Very glad to have found this site. Very very glad to find the 2003 tour includes Leicester. I'll see if I can persuade a few friends that the guitar licks are worth giving up an evening in the pub for.