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January 1-15, 2004
"January 1, 2004"
Melbourne Magic!
"January 2, 2004"
saint-pierre et miquelon I've never been able to find one single weak track in Richard's dicography!
"January 4, 2004"
Victoria "I'm very much looking forward to the tour in 2004, with one mild apprehension. I was overseas when you came in 1986, same in 1997, but managed to be here last time. I'm going to be overseas for some time this year so am anticipating an early April tour - here's hoping! Whatever the outcome I'm always loving the music. Thanks for all the great times."
"January 6, 2004"
Michigan "I love it all, old & new; even the tributes...."
Cheshire I played Vincent Black Lightening for 6 months solid in the car! - great song."
Illinois "Fondest wish for the New Year: a CD featuring a live performance by the 1980s RT ""big band""--a digital remaster of the WXRT broadcast from back then (featuring a mind-shattering ""Hand of Kindness"") would be deluxe. Please get word to Santa for Xmas 2004!"
Iowa Best songwriter of his generation.
"January 7, 2004"
West Virginia "I saw Richard on the Trio channel with Nancy Griffith about a year ago. Became an instant fan. I now have a collection of his music and can't get enough of it. He is the greatest guitar player i have ever heard and that includes Jimmy Hendrix and Santana. Please do forward me with any news of new cd's. I plan on seeing him for the first time in Charllotsville, VA, march 16. And I just may try to get a couple more performances in while he is on tour here. Great, great song writing."
"January 8, 2004"
West Virginia "While I remember Fairport Convention, and heard raves about the Richard and Linda Thompson recordings, I have just started my R/T journey. Just a comment, on ""MGB-GT""and ""1952 Vincent Black Lightning"" the motoring references are pretty strong. Did or does Richard Thompson own an MGB-GT? I grew up loving, yet not owning, great British sportscars and Scottish drivers like Jim Clark and Jackie Stewart. Now, I have an interest in the history of some of the racing teams, like Ecruie Ecross. Any motorsports interests, currently?"
"January 9, 2004"
Fife Scotland What is there to say - RT is a genius and his music is never far from me.
south carolina "dear sir, thank you for all the great music action packed gets me going every morning rock on"
UK Well he's just the greatest singer/songwriter/acooustic/elelectric guitarist around.
Ohio "thanks go out to richard, obviously, for his incredible music, wit, and down-to-earth approach to it all. more thanks also, to the creators and administrators of this web site...truly a shinning example of what a musician's website should be - a perfect marriage of information, minutia, commerce, and exchange. thanks tons...."
Kent " mocking now :) I discovered RT when a pal lent me ""Mock Tudor"". Hooked ever since. Seen him live 3 times (first time was acoustic set in Croydon...I didn't play my guitar for weeks afterwards!) RT remained an enigma for a while but slowly I buildt up my collection and althoguh I can only boast 6 albums in my collection...they get daily air play! I am amazed and aghast at RT's writting skills...and of course his deftness with the guitar!"
"January 10, 2004"
New Jersey Small State but a lot of people and places to play. How about it?
"January 11, 2004"
vermont Can't wait to see you in Middlebury Vermont!!!yay
UK Keep up the good work!
Ontario When are you coming back to Ottawa? Please come soon.
Stavanger "Any chance of a gig in Stavanger? (if Elton John and Robert Plant can make it so can you). PUT IT THERE PAL!"
pewsey.wilts all the best richard for 2004
Oregon "Just got the iTunes Exclusive. Great stuff! Three questions: 1] Who are the band members on ""Hand of Kindness"" and ""Put It There Pal""? Presumably ""Two Left Feet is the ""Ducknapped!"" line-up from the UK tour? 2] More live exclusives? 3] When are you coming back to Oregon? Soon, we hope..."
"January 12, 2004"
Colorado "WHEN ARE YOU COMING BACK TO DENVER??? I found out about your last 2 visits here too late, and would love to bring at least one friend with me. I'd just like to add that I first heard you on a late night program on NPR. Not long afterwards, I owned my first RT CD, ""Mirror Blue"" I played it all the time for months and love it still. Keep up the great work! You are appreciated here in the states perhaps more than you know."
Maryland "I am a huge fan of ""a true article"" whose music is mesmerizing. A favorite song that is utterly and beautifully painful is ""Persuasion"". Thank you! Unfortunately, I have never seen R.T. live, and am very disheartened to miss him again as tickets at the Ram's Head Tavern in Annaplis, Maryland, for March, 2004 are sold out. Won't R.T. perform two shows that night???!!! Please?!"
"January 13, 2004"
Colorado "You've moved on but I'm still stuck on ""Pour Down Like Silver"". Bought it in '75 when Rolling Stone said is was the best of the year. I only have the vinyl, can't you get Island or Hannibal to re-issue as CD?"
Maine "seen mr. thompson twice in a very small hall in ellsworth, me. two of the most wonderful evenings of my life! coming back any time soon?"
Maine I'm a big fan. I hope to see Richard come to Maine some time.
"January 14, 2004"
Bristol Like Albert Lee (and Chris Speeding) Richard is an unsung guitar hero who also writes some of the best songs in the world.
vermont "Tarrytown NY almost scared Mr. T to death by walking up to shake his hand? My that sounds familiar though I accosted poor Richard in a parking lot in Northampton, MA last summer. I thought he was going to run away until he saw the dopey grin was sincere. Looking forward to Winosski and Middlebury!"
"January 15, 2004"
France Richard Thompson is the most underrated rock musician i've ever come across.