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January 1 - 15, 2005
"January 1, 2005"
Tokyo Richard live is about as good as life gets. Hope you'll be back in Tokyo soon.
Glasgow, Scotland hurry back to scotland
Maryland "Richard Thompson is the most talented musical artist i'm familiar with, hands down!"
"January 2, 2005"
California "amazing, heartfelt music."
Saskatchewan Thank you for interesting and intelligent music.(It is in my veiw point at least) It is cold as hell here but if you ever want to fish for northern pike - you can punk out here. Thanks
Queensland Richard's music is bred in my bones
"January 3, 2005"
Arkansas Richard Thompson is an under-appreciated genious!
"kanagawa,kawasaki" "I want some cd.Doom and Gloom,Two letter words and more.We will wait for that ones as CD format. And We hope RT come back japan! I can't wait for anymore!"
Newcastle upon Tyne Keep up the good work!
thomastown co killkeny have you forgotten where ireland is?
"January 4, 2005"
California "I saw RT at Bimbo's last year. Wonderful. Thanks for a great evening seeing and hearing a show that expanded my musical enjoyment. I know all the performers were having a great time with the audience, too!"
UK "The first and only time I saw Richard live he made my best man (to be) sit next to him while he played. Mark had made a ""henry the Human Fly"" tshirt for Richard. So what do you do when you see your tailor in line for the show? Make him join you out the front of course. This was about 1973 - things were different then"
High Wycombe Pour Down like Silver started it; some of the toughest long-distance song-stories that have stayed with me close to my heart. First live gig Richard and Linda at the Poole Arts Centre '78 or '79. Thank you Richard for making a happy man realise how old he is. [And for all the music !!!]
"January 5, 2005"
New York I love the Q&A page. Nice of Richard to take the time for this. I bought my first RT cd (Old Kit Bag) in 8 years. I'm very happy with it. It's good to hear Richard's voice again. I'm speaking of his guitar voice which is unique. Thanks!
California "nice website!!! send me any updates, especially shows in the SF bay area thank you!"
Massachusetts Thanks so much for hosting the BeesWeb! Great resource for RT
Alabama "I always prtoselytise for Richard.People are SO unhip!He signed my Watching the Dark cd a while back.Got thrown out of a hall when I was buying tickets because he was doing a sound check and I watched.It was awesome. He was touring with Danny Thompson.What a show! Recognized his drummer at a bar I frequent and hung out with him for a while. Offered to buy him a drink(God Loves a Drunk,I hope). He insisted on buying me one instead.Great night."
"January 6, 2005"
California "rt is great songwriter, musician and performer. santa barbara was great. please return to southern california"
Wales First saw Richard in a tiny pub backroom in Bristol in about 1981. It will be good to see him again at Cropredy this year.
Totnes Devon Great gig at Glastonbury 2003 in the acoustic tent!! Tremendous guitar playing!!
New Jersey I catch his concerts every year in Princeton and I now have friends driving in from 3 other states to listen! But I want front row seats next year!!! :)
"January 7, 2005"
"kanagawa,kawasaki" I hope that unabailable live cd will be released.I want to listen to RT's materials much more.
Victoria "ok, I submit"
Washington I listen to nothing else anymore
"January 8, 2005"
California RT is perhaps the greatest guitarist/songwriter I've ever seen. For sure the most charming performer around.
Texas "Richard, Just thought I'd say hi. I'm a big fan of your work. Hope all is well"
"January 9, 2005"
Nottingham Yes when is Richard coming to Nottingham again.
West Flanders would love to see a concert..
New York Great site!
"January 10, 2005"
Dublin When are you playing Dublin again or Cork (European Capital City of Culture 2005)?
florida please email me if richard is touring in my area
Maine "The 1,000 years of popular music show you did in Camden, Maine was absolutely wonderful and with your new persussionist is so much better than the CD out at the moment. In fact, the show was so much better that you have to put another CD out, I'm afraid. We'll pay again, don't worry. Of course, you made the mistake of assuming there were no English people in Camden. Never underestimate your audience. How the hell did you think we'd heard of Purcell? And who else but an Englishman would have made the outrageous claim that Agincourt was the last battle we won? You were wrong about one thing though. Maggie Thatcher won the Falklands war, not us. Anyway, if you find your way back to Camden, and I'm still not sure how you got there in the first place though I'm bloody glad you did, we'll be there again."
Delaware When are you goign to collaborate on something with Emmylou Harris? I caught last three shows this past year at the Scottish Rite Auditoreum and two at hte Keswick. All great venues and three completely different shows. I cannot think of anyone else capable of such top notch diversity. Keep it up!
"January 11, 2005"
Minnesota I really like the variety of great music Richard has a mastery of.
New Jersey saw your concert in Princeton. It wasn't exactly what was expected but we loved it. loved the Britney cover! See you next year in NJ.
Massachusetts I would love to see a Richard Thompson live performance in 2005.
"January 12, 2005"
Sheffield "I guess you may have a hatful of suggestions for cover versios by now, so apologies for suggesting yet another - please forgive - '(Are You) The One That I've Been Waiting For?' from Nick Cave's 'The Boatmans Call' album. Keening, beautiful lyrics, and ample scope for melodic twiddling and an expressive obscurity of the highest order. Hope that you return to these parts ASAP - Buxton was my favourite gig of 2004 by a mile, and I saw some good ones. Thank you."
Washington Better late than never! I am almost as impressed with your humility / humanity as I am with your music. You are a pleasure. Hope to see you next time you are in the Northwest.
Newcastle upon Tyne "Richard Thompson rules, we are not worthy"
Verviers I just thank Mister Thompson to do this beautiful music.
florida "I've known of him for a long time. For some reason unexplainable reason, I've only now started listening to him. "
Norway It started with Fairport Convention about 35 years ago. Then Richard and Linda. And the solo efforts. Marvellous music all the time.
South Carolina "We need an RT show in Charleston...he never comes lower than Greenville and Asheville anymore. He used to play in Columbia, but that's two hours north. We've got a couple of good places he could play here, and Savannah is just two hours south of us, so he could play down there and then head to Florida. It just makes sense!!"
"January 13, 2005"
California Thank you for coming to Sacramento! You have meant a lot to my whole family.
Hertfordshire Morris On!
Tennessee You've got to love that look on RT'S face when he he knows a secret.....What a great writer and player!
"January 14, 2005"
New Jersey love the live cd's & dvd
"January 15, 2005"
Georgia Keep it up. Place light to disperse the dark!
Lincolnshire I love Richard's music & what a great website!