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January 1 - 15, 2006
"January 1, 2006"
Cheshire Just discovered Richard. Love it!
"January 2, 2006"
New Hampshire "I just got done listening to the Making of the Doc and Score of GrisslyMan and I just about fell over, I am in love with your music, I can't wait to get some of your music. It completely spell binds me. Great stuff."
"January 3, 2006"
New South Wales any chance of a guitar lesson or 2 in Sydney in March 2006 ???
Texas Looking forward to the new box set
"January 4, 2006"
dominical "nice work, awesome really on the griz sound track. right up there with neil young on deadman...... thanks for the tunes"
Birmingham first saw fairport in 1968 when the first album came out.instantly hooked.i could not have dreamed up a band to suit my tastes if i tried. got over all the changes and saw rt last tour and fairport at swarbaid II.still am hooked on the music.
"January 5, 2006"
New York I can't wait to begin to explore
Scotland so looking forward to the gig in Glasgow. I'd pay to watch this man tune his guitar.
"Mo I Rana, Nordland" Richard makes songs for every occasions
Bedfordshire "Undoubtedly one of the finest guitar players of all time, unbelievably good songwriting - just touched me in so many ways. The world's most unlikely popstar!"
"January 6, 2006"
California " I found a version of ""Oops, I did it again"" you may enjoy. It employs Karaoke and pronunciation samples from online dictionaries. Enjoy!
Alabama Saw the bonus section on the Grizzly Man. WOW!!!!! Both my wife and I are blown away. Consider us Richard Fans.
Arkansas "Thanks for all of the GREAT music. Another record with the feel of ""old kit bag"" would be appreciated (humbly).
"January 7, 2006"
"January 8, 2006"
New Hampshire I have listened to PERSUASION now for about an hour straight. I had heard it a few years ago and thought it was one of the most beautiful songs I have ever heard. Then the other night I was reminded of it again and now have the CAPITAL YEARS CD.
Anustralia Great Site! Well Done!
Okinawa "Hello, I'm learning(only just starting)to play the acoustic/electric guitar. I have Martin 000C-15E, as my first guitar. I would love to know the brand and model of the turquiose & white guitar that he used, in the making of the movie, as well as the acoustic one. They, (along with his awesome abilities) produced such amazing feeling and thought provoking sounds! I'm a true animal lover...have been, always will be. When I saw the release of Grizzly Man, I had to buy it. At that time, I had never heard of(appologies)Mr. Thompson's style of ""majic"" What I want to do is, learn his thought gathering, past rememboring, peace giving, future inspiring(I could go on)style of mastery. I've only just learned of his talent, oh my goodness! I was mezmorized by Mr. Thompson's guitar work! I've grown up listening to Robin Trower, Jeff Beck, Stevie Ray Vaugh, B.B. King, Keb 'Mo, Robert Cray...So many more that, I could go on & on(Love the blues!) I'm sorely impressed with Mr Thompson's style, feelings, abilities & methods of presentation. He truly makes it look ""Second Nature"" One day, I hope to have a fraction of his amazing talent. Most kindest regards
Quebec Dear RT, I recently discovered your music through the Grizzly Man session on the CD. I was enchanted by your music. Your contribution brings a dimension to this documentary that makes it a better film. I am a beginner guitar player (yes, I started a little late). Watching the recording session gave me a fabulous insight into the creative process as well an opportunity to experience your music on its own. You inspired me. Thank you.
"January 9, 2006"
Berlin Dear Richard, I am waiting for your next visit in Berlin. Best wishes
"January 10, 2006"
Michigan heaven
British Columbia Would be dazzled to see a live performance. Kaslo has a cool festival in August. Deep in the heart of Kootenay mountains with a lakeside stage. Mock Tudor is my current favorite. Female harmonies on Kit Bag a real compliment. Anticipate all new music.
Oregon "I heard Richard Thompson on Grizzly Man and particularly liked Treadwell no more. Come to find out Thompson was with Fairport Convention, so guess I've been listening for a long time, with a long period in between way back then and now! Boo hoo. But now I'll listen and make up for lost time!!!"
California "Saw Grizzly Man and the music featurette on the DVD... loved the music, and bought the soundtrack on iTunes. Thanks!!!"
Oregon Discovered RT when watching Grizzly Man. His music was the best part of the movie.
"January 11, 2006"
Alberta "I love your music Richard ! I've got a question for ya, will you ever come up and tour in Canada? Keep up the amazing job ! Cheerio "
Maryland "i've still never seen you live! my bad. Song selection/arangements on album/cd's are uneven -- the rockers (my 1st luv) don't fare well w/ the maudlin ballads. Pls, no more V.B. Lightning in concert. Good song, overrated. thanks!"
Taunton Lost you then found you again. Just as good as when we were young.
Dukinfield Always the 'SUPERSTAR'
Illinois What an artist! I have never listened to 1952 Vincent Black Lightning without shedding a tear. We love you!
California Just listened to GrizzlyMan SoundTrack on the DVD and liked it so much I ordered the CD.........Thank You for some great guitar work.
"January 12, 2006"
Hampshire just wondering what music you are listenning at the moment and what your opinion is on some contempary music compared to the old ballads
Pennsylvania Love you!
"January 13, 2006"
"Newport, South Wales" I think Richard is one of Englands finest ever songwriters. Looking forward to seeing him next month in Bristol.
Birmingham "Very impressed that you actually provide full length mp3s. How refreshing and entertaining, and what a feature rich site! Interesting and engaging."
"January 14, 2006"
West Wickham Looking forward to seeing Richard for our 11th concert at Brighton on the 1st Feb.Recently purchased Teddy's new CD it is brilliant. Dad must be very proud.
Colorado "Just watched Grizzly Man last night and loved the music. Really liked the extras on the dvd about the music, as much as the movie. So decided to do some research and get a cd."
"January 15, 2006"
Luxembourg "A hello from a small country - Luxembourg - any chance of a stop by here on one of the next tours? We've got some good venues, and a lot of your countrymen+women to attend, nexgt to your Lux fans like myself !"
California I'm a huge fan!
Yorkshire Looking forward to seeing & hearing the man play!!