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January 1 - 15, 2007
"January 1, 2007"
Lancashire Big fan, thanks for many years of enjoyment
Kansas Richard, thanks so much for sharing what I think are incredible musical journeys. I hope to see you perform live in the near future.
"January 2, 2007"
Nova Scotia I am now entering my second decade as an unwavering and zealous Richard Thompson devotee. Hurray! I discovered Richard's music as a teenager and instantly fell head-over-heels in love with it. I sought out and spent my allowances on everything he had done, from Fairport's debut to you? me? us? (which was at the time his most recent release). When I should have been doing my chemistry homework I was pondering questions like, _What exactly are Mingus eyes, Stanislavsky tears, and Vincent Black Lightnings?_ I was ecstatic when I found a Jimmy Shand record in my parents' collection. I sang Richard Thompson's praises to my friends and my family, and then I sang his songs in front of my high school graduating class. In short, I became obsessed. And I'm still listening and frequently asking, _What's he up to next?_ (Musically speaking, that is. I'm not obsessed like I want to know if he'll be working in his garden or perhaps shopping for melons a week from Thursday ha ha ha. I wonder though...) All joking aside, I can't say how much pleasure this brilliant artist's music has given me over the last ten years. Tapadh leat, Richard!
Sheffield Looking forward to seeing you live again
California Thank you for your gifts!
colchester 1952 vincent black lightening, what a track bought tears to my eyes when i heard it for the first time. still does too.
"January 3, 2007"
Texas Next time you're routed through Texas we'd like for you to add Ft Worth. We have several venues and think you'd like them.
Wellington love the music. Would be great to see him out here
"January 4, 2007"
Hampshire Quite why I discovered Richard's music only 10 years ago is puzzling - but most probably due to my rather polarised obsession to learn and play John Martyn's music from the 70's. Only to a home noodling level I would add. Mirror Blue was a revalation that added an equally intense obsession to listen to and learn Richard Thompson's music. The output in 2006 just gets better and the 05 Basingstoke concert was the best acoustic sound concert I have ever attended. I am also highly appreciative of the open manner in which Richard discloses tunings, tabs, and his equipment choices and personal perspectives. This web site is the best site that I have accessed in the artists sector. Many thanks go to those who create and maintain it. A Sunrise pick up and RSI have now replaced my Echoplex and CFCCGD tuning! Long may you continue to provide such inspiration and I can ""kinda"" play stuff in conventional and drop D now!(Is that a Divided by 13 I hear calling? keep me away from Charlie Chandler's please!) Best wishes to RT and his team for 2007.
Yorkshire First saw Richard in the original Fairports (with Judy Dyble) in maybe '67 or '68 at Leeds University... Was amazed by his playing. Discovered only much later that we are exact contemporaries (April 49) - at the time I assumed he was much older because he was so cool with his cowboy hat. (Now he seems younger!) Have never stopped playing those Fairport LPs with Swarbrick and Sandy and co... My band ""Mulberry Blue"" play some of those now, and also a cover of ""Outside of the Inside""... Have started listening to Richard's solo back catalogue after year's of listening to nothing at all - amazed at what I'd missed.
Bournemouth I just love the man - he gets better every time I see him! Can't wait for the 2007 UK tour.
West Midlands Richard, Do you have any plans to write your autobiography?
Hertfordshire saw you at sadlers wells for the 1000years of song cropredy in 1979 and last year fantastic and when you caught and bowled in the cricket- my son passed you a cd -now aka nom danes in japan
Massachusetts I hope Richard does some more dates in Massachusetts in 2007.
Virginia Heard "Sloth" for the first time in 30 years and could sing along with every word -- what a pleasure. Thank you sincerely.
Kansas "Big fan, saw Richard in Lawrence, Ks and KC, Mo (Uptown) and wish he was stopping by again (understand you are playing for those heathens in St. Louis)."
"January 5, 2007"
Brussels RT > simply the best
Ireland/France Counting the days until the songbooks... RT is the best. Any chance of some Grizzly Man tabs? Easily one of the best albums of the past decade.
Georgia The last two shows I've seen of his in Atlanta seemed like a set-up to break folks hearts open with "Persuasion." Where can I find that song? Thank you and blessings
California Love Richard! Please pay SoCal More ofter! (I know you do alot anyway, but would love to see you more!)
Lancashire Just keep up the good work
Colorado Come back to Fort Collins, Richard. It's been over 20 years!
Lancashire long live king richard!
Hertfordshire My Favourite singer by far
Illinois I'm always interested in Mr. Thompson's music and tours.
Oregon Great website..keep on pluckin'Mr.T!
Washington Hope to see you in Seattle sometime this year! :-)
"January 6, 2007"
Ontario I think R.T. is a great guitarist and am looking for some of his finer electric moments...what cds do I buy?
New York bring the band back to town hall!! (ny)
England excellent site - please do more gigs in the North East , UK; great performance at the Sage Gateshead last year. Come back!
Pinxton, Notts What a wonderful guitar player and songwriter you are Richard, thanks a lot.
Ohio I haven't seen Richard personally with an electric band. Any plans?
New York My brother in Knoxville, TN has been asking me to got o the French Quarter with him. If I can, I'd love to be at your show at the House of Blues on February 28th! (I met you a couple of years past @ the Egg in Albany; 'hope you return if I could just get to that field @ Cropredy this year to see you back w/ Simon, DM, Peggy (plan to see Fairport acoustic this Spring). Best Wishes as Always
Schwaebisch Gmuend I have nearly everything from RT
Leceistershire Saw RT twice on the 2006 UK tour with Danny ...STUNNINGLY GOOD!! Just received tickets for CONKERS July 2007 ...YIPPEEEEEE
Connecticut Richard has been generous in playing for the students at Westover. I am particularly impressed with his good nature and humility. As Simon says, he understands the meaning of "amateur." I have also enjoyed my conversations with Simon.
Idaho To read it. I don't recall hearing him before. Love the text of the song.
Texas Can't wait for the show at the Lakewood Theatre in Dallas. I just bought tickets online! Also , the Live in Austin dvd is wonderful. I have watched it at least 20 times.
"January 7, 2007"
Illinois I have listened for a very long time since Fairport Convention in 1969.
"January 8, 2007"
Michigan RT is the best!!!!!!
Pennsylvania I love RT.
Indiana Looking forward to your Bloomington show in Feb. and hoping to see you afterwards for another autograph---the last one was lost in a trailer fire!
Solihull more dvds please!
Argentina thank you
"January 9, 2007"
NSW Any chance of a return to Oz in the near future? Moved here in January and saw the show at Byron Bay last Autumn (down under time). It was awesome. Took my brother in law who was an instant convert! My twin kids aged 7 have (to my amazement) taken to 1000 Years and love it - asked to watch the DVD only last night. So I reckon between us we could muster up at least a dozen bums on seats for starters.
Yorkshire Hello...I met you at Cropredy this year in the cd signing tent, it was a great priviledge.. My parents have been into your music forever and have always gone along to cropredy, well one year(99)they managed to talk me into going.. I acted as if i wasnt interested, (how could i like the same things as them?? ). Until you appeared on the stage on the Friday night, i was at the front and loved every minute.. I went back to where my parent were sat completely buzzing.. since then i have been every year and am a complete convert into Folk music.. So i was over joyed to find out you are on stage head lining on Friday night this year at cropredy... Carnt wait!! ps I have a photo of me, meeting you on my fridge,it's my prize possesion!! bye!!
California 1000 Years of Popular Music is a Masterpiece. Saw the Show in Petaluma,CA and bought the earlier version at the show along with "More Guitar" and purchased 4 copies of the CD/DVD to gives as Christmas gifts. One recipient played the DVD with friends to welcome in the new year. ALL THE BEST TO RT and to you all at Beewing. Cheers
"January 10, 2007"
Yorkshire bop till yer drop !
Florida "Please come to Florida more often...maybe even with the *band* sometime? I *love* your solo act, don't get me wrong...but us Floridians haven't had a chance to see you work the Strat (or the Ferrington, for that matter) in ages! Anyhow, we miss you... :)"
England looking fwd to the songbook
Cheltenham Thank you Richard for your music i have covered some of your songs at my gigs. I am in awe of you......thanks
New Jersey More releases on CD. Can't get enough RT!
Washington When is Richard coming back to the Seattle area?
Cambridge from your humble servant and devotee, dear RT!
Virginia you are one of my husband's guitar heroes and i can see why! love the '1000 years of popular music' dvd/cd set. thanks for entertaining us!
New Mexico Loved you since Fairport and even more today. Keep on...
California When are you going to do a show in Las Vegas?
"January 11, 2007"
British Columbia RT along with Knopfler & Waits are the troika that I return to -- year, after year, after year...
New Hampshire a fan for life!
Cheshire Early warning of UK tour dates hugely appreciated. Really looking forward to an RT Band tour.
Nottingham have recently replaced early albums by CD courtesy of ebay, great to hear guitar vocal & sunnyvista again. Have missed them.
Michigan Bought Liege & Lief in 1969; got divorced about the same time RT did; used 2 RT songs at my dear 2nd wife's funeral in 2005; Teddy sounds really good on I'm Your Man soundtrack!
"January 12, 2007"
Georgia Followed Richards Career since Fairport days - never gets dull.Seen him live Electric, Acoustic, Solo and with the band , even saw him backing Sandy Denny in Newcastle upon Tyne too many years ago. Long may he reign.
Connecticut yes!
"January 13, 2007"
Arizona are you playing in phoenix in march?
Dorset Superb music/lyrics, smartass fingers; I mean that in the best possible way. Happy new year.
Massachusetts Slowly working my way through all (and I mean all) of your artistic output - and loving it :-)
Hällekis Fancy coming to Sweden?
Liverpool Love the bitterness and the emotion. I relate to it and wish I could express myself that way. Lyrics fantastic poetry not doggerel. Triumphant not trite.
"January 14, 2007"
Essonne Not quite my 'whole life!' but bought Unhalfbricking on its release (1968?)having heard Fairport regularly on John Peel. PS Nice site
Tennessee do you race sailboats?
"January 15, 2007"
Washington Please send tour date info - and get him back to Seattle!
Kentucky Dad is going to kill me on CD? I was born in Dundee, any information on the Lowland Four? They had an album in the early 60's of folk and Dundee street songs.
Louisiana I am going to the show at the House of Blues on 2/28/07 and was wondering if there was any type of fan club or any way of getting to meet RT or have a picture taken? Your music has influenced my life in ways I can not thank you enough for.