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JANUARY 1 - 15, 2008
"January 1, 2008"
Pennsylvania 3 time concert goer. would like to do it again soon.
"January 2, 2008"
New Jersey I first heard of Mr. Thompson when "Shoot out the lights" came out, but I've been listening A LOT since the "Watching the Dark" collection -- which, by the way, was a huge seller at the record shop I worked in back then.
"January 4, 2008"
Johannesburg A short visit to South Africa would be great. The last time I saw Richard live was at Glastonbury 1987.
"January 6, 2008"
Washington Just heard you on XM radio mixed bag. Loved it and your son, look forward to getting to know your music!
"January 8, 2008"
Netherlands Amazing new album, of a man who dares to be outspoken. Even in the U.S.A. Definately want to hear more of Richard. Though I knew him of his mate L.Wainwright. Who does not pay me, L.O.L.
"January 9, 2008"
England Just been send an early snippet of a remake of One Sure thing, by Judy Dyble, and a band from Yorkshire. Its really good! It'll make some interesting listenign for you no doubt - the guitar parts are somewhat changed! All good though. Have a great 08.
"January 12, 2008"
Kingston thanks
Florida 1952
"January 15, 2008"
Florida Thank you for all the years of listening pleasure. I have a question/request. Would you consider doing a DVD/video version of the 'The Guitar of Richard Thompson' instructional tapes you did a long time ago? I like them so much I've bought both tape and CD versions... but seeing your fingerings would be a service to the world. Or, at least to me.
Ohio I very much dig "Harlan's Bounce."
Arizona Is Richard's current tour with his band or is it a solo tour?