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January 16 - 31, 2003

"Thu Jan 16, 2003"


I am awed and inspired...rt captures the true and wonderous nature of music at it's ultimate best


i am really looking forward to seeing you in lawrence, ks next month.

Shropshire And he just gets better!
Cheshire What have you got against the NW of England? Surely you can manage a gig somewhere within reach of L'pool & Mancs. We NEED One! PS Great set at Cropredy 2002
Ontario " i've just discovered the web site in the last week, and really like what i see. i'm especially excited by the archival and live cd releases, and look forward to acquiring them."
Maryland Just marvelous art! Then play on!
Nebraska Will be at the show this Sunday in Omaha!
Oxfordshire "Richard, along with Billy Bragg and the Levellers, is the best!"
"Fri Jan 17, 2003"
Kansas "Lawrence, KS was wowed once again last night by the sublime music and musings of the Mighty Thompson! We're looking forward to the new album! We're also looking forward to seeing you play in Lawrence again! No, just kidding... We know you will return and we'll be waiting..."
Kansas "Amazing show last night! Wow, kewl, amazing, intense, laughing so hard I can't breath, falling out of my chair, impressed, amazed, wow Definetly in the top 10 shows we have ever seen! "
Illinois "Not a stalker. Just a big fan. I admire your work and will remain a faithful listener, purchaser and follower, perhaps not in that order. My sister saw the Lawrence, Ks. show last night and called me at the crack of dawn this morning just ranting and raving. Can't wait until you are back in town. Hope it's a solo gig like in Kansas. Your appearance at the Old Town School on Halloween night several years back and my first RT concert at The Vic remain treasures in my mind. Thanks for letting us vent. Would be nice if WXRT actually played your music a little bit more and not just before you come into town."
Ontario "Looking forward to the ""kit"" Love to see a tour in the London/Toronto area sometime. Cheers!"
Kansas The show in Lawrence KS on 16 January was outstanding!! Richard was in fine form. The new material sounds great - can't wait for the CD.
Wicklow "Looking forward to seeing RT with band for the first time, Vicker St., Dublin in March."
Kansas "I'd only give out such silly personal information for the opportunity to tell Richard what a fantastic show he put on at Liberty Hall in Lawrence, Kansas last night - where he broke a guitar string and we were treated to a few wonderful tunes from 1,000 years. What a ham. Thanks for a great show."
Missouri "I've been aware of him for many years, but having been (still am) a hard core rocker, I just didn't get a chance to be really be exposed to his music because the circles I traveled. OK, enough excuses. I think that there could be a great market for his music that could be tapped of people my age who missed out in the past, as well as other age groups. My wife and I went to his concert last night in Lawrence, KS and I'm being insufferable to others because of my ""raving"" of Richard's performace. Thanks"
Sweden Thanks Richard for making life worth living with MUSIC.
"Sat Jan 18, 2003"
Yorkshire "I think Richard Thompson is truly wonderful, I could go on in depth but won't bore you. He isn't faultless, and as a muslim I'm sure he will be happy to know that. His biggest boob is the 1,000 Years of...which everyone seems to want. Perhaps I'm spoilt, I am a serious classical and early music lover, I know most of the stuff on there and know how much better it can be done. This isn't to say he shouldn't step outside the parameters of Richard Thompson songs, just that this one doesn't work."
"Lawrence, KS" "Everytime I see you in conceert I feel thankful to be alive on the planet at the same time. I very much enjoyed last might's sho at Liberty Hall. AG Bell was lots of fun, I felt like I was hearing ""Dimming of the Day"" all over again for the first time. It really moved me. The song from the Taliban's POV was excellent, as was the opening number, also new to me. It was a wonderful evening."
north carolina Sure would be nice to be able to purchase the old deleted hannibal CDs. I'm missing two or three from my collection.
Iowa what away to spend a Friday evening ! Just saw Richard in solo concert . A terrific show .
London Richard Thompson guitar tab/songbook is long overdue. My guitar playing days are running out!
London Where can I find material on vinyl ?
Iowa "Saw RT for the first time (blush) in Des Moines on 01/17/2003. Let me know when he(you) is in the area again, and I'll be there."
Illinois Just a note to wish you well and say how much I enjoy your music. I own many cd's and have attended your concerts since the 80's. Your wesite looks great!
Manchester "My order's already in for the new album. Looking at the UK tour dates and there's nothing in Manchester!!! We are the second largest city in England Richard, and I insist that you come here."
"Sun Jan 19, 2003"
South Dakota "My family and I just saw you at Sioux Falls. It was great. I play some, but I have never seen play like you. That was as clean as it can get. Great Job! "
Boulder Colorado "Love all your you live when I can catch you.... really like the ""unofficial"" CD releases and would love a DVD release! Saw you at Chatauqua summer before last ... boy was it hot but a great show! come see us again!"
California When are you coming back to the Mystic in Petaluma CA? Or how about the Strawberry Music Festival?
nr scunthorpe "i play and write myself,i go to see richard when i think i,m getting good then it brings me back down to earth"
Nova Scotia Sure hope to see some northeast dates on the new band tour! ('03)
Yorkshire "we thought we saw you climbing Ingleborough hill in North Yorkshire a few years ago, but didnt want to spoil your day by intruding!! Was it you?"
Iowa "I just attended Richard's acoustical concert in Sioux Falls South Dakota. Wow I hope you will consider coming to Sioux City Iowa someday soon!! Excellent job Richard!!!"
Texas " Looking forward to release(s) of ""Kit Bag"" & ""1000 Years;"" also very intrigued by the possibility of a ""live"" release from the 80's. Hopefully it will include: ""The Reckless Kind!"" Also looking forward to seeing you in Austin this year. Best wishes/good health!"
Iowa Just saw you in Des Moines Friday night - wonderful show! Also great to see the big (and enthusiastic) crowd you drew. We particularly liked the new material - looking forward to the album.
"Mon Jan 20, 2003 "
Yorkshire THE Best ..and getting better...Thank You RT
Texas "I dropped a little CD off to Richard one evening after a show that I saw in Austin, Texas. I would really dig it if he wanted to cover a tune or two. "
Victoria "Hello, just registering my hope that you'll make it to Melbourne, Australia again before too long. I'll be sure to bring along some uninitiated friends! "
South Dakota Thank you for a wonderful show in Sioux Falls Saturday you may made at least one new dedicated fan.
Nebraska "Just saw you at The Music Box in Omaha, your first time here! Loved your songs, your playing, your humour. Would like to see you with a band sometime. Still love your electric solos on Drunk With Passion by Golden Palominos. More of THAT please!"
Florida Have worked in music retail forever and always love turning folks on to the music of R.T. Always attend his shows when he comes to Central Florida. Can't wait for the next show and the next album!
Iowa "Richard: My girlfriend and I saw you the other night at the Hotel Fort Des Moines. You played a great show and my girlfriend is now a fan. She wasn't familiar with your music, now she owns 2 of your CD's and is raving about you to her cohorts. This was the first time I've had the opportunity to see you in concert, for some reason our schedules have always clashed. Anyway, the show was great and the two hours passed too quickly. Hope to see you around these parts again soon. All the best in 03."
NSW "My daughter and I saw you solo in Brisbane, Australia about two? yrs ago - fantastic concert mate - at present my wife and I are living and working in Sheffield for six months and are looking forward to the Lyceum concert - any chance of 'Drifting through the days'? - best of luck with the new cd and tour."
Isle of Wright "Lived in Cropredy and friend and follower of Dave Pegg, Simon Nichol & Dave Swarbrick. Went to all concerts and moved to IOW 15 years ago. Go to the Cropredy Festival every year and all Richard's concerts I can when he's touring."
Sheffield "Got any plans to release ""My Mummy Is A Daddy"" or your version of ""Oops, I Did It Again"" on CD?"
Somerset "richard the great about time he was knighted "
"Tue Jan 21, 2003"
Hamburg "Hi Richard, I`ve only got the album ""Pour down like silver"", which I had been enjoying at the age of 16, 17 ...Nowadays, I was listening to Evan Dando`s version of ""For shame of doing wrong"", so I started searching for my old record and luckily, I¥ve found it. Now`I¥m looking for the tabs, but hopefully, my friend has got them for me. And there`s one more effect of this coincidence - we will come to your concert in Hamburg in February. And that`s it!"
Queensland Please - a DVD soon! Hurry back to Australia!!
Toronto "I'm pre-ordering ""The Old Kit Bag"" through my father in law in England so I don't have to wait til April. Can't wait either!!!! Just got the Del McCoury album with 1952 VBL. Awesome!!! Cheers, Richard, hope to see you in Toronto soon."
Virginia You are my pick for greatest living rock acoustic guitarist. Thank you!
South Dakota "Richard: Your music blew me away last Saturday night. My friends from England persuaded me to go. I just loved you--my great grandfather came from Scotland and my brother, wears tartan ties and vests all the time at Idaho State Univ. I told him about you in an e-mail as he also collects folk music. You are a beautiful performer--one wants to snatch you right off the bloody stage."
Northampton Looking forward to the new tour. Keep up the good works
"Wed Jan 22, 2003"
Illinois hope he comes to chicago area soon.
Nebraska "Thanks for playing at The Music Box in Omaha; a brilliant show! Come back soon, now that you know where Nebraska is (turn right at Des Moines)."
hauts de seine I like to know if the february Paris gig is a solo act or an electric band one. Thanks for the answer.
Stoke On Trent "Just thought I'd post and say Hi. Loving discovering RT's catalogue. The guy's a songwriting genius in my book. Anyone know his capo position and tuning for ""Taking my business elsewhere""? If I know the tuning and capo position I'll transcribe it, if anyone's interested in knowing how to play that, as I've not seen it anywher on any Tab sites...really hard to find. Looking forward to the kitbag album!!!!!! and when is that 100 song songbook out??? Anyone know?"
Iowa "Just saw his show at Hotel Ft. Des Moines and loved it! Would like to see him do a children's album …"
London sean colvin and RT duo on the cards?
Suffolk Richard is a guitar god and composer extraordinaire. I struggle to play anything approaching - songbook would help. Catch RT and band Cambridge UK in March
"miami, fl" "Saw RT in Asheville, NC a few years back and hope you come to So. Fla (was out of town when here last year). Bring Danny T with you. Looking forward to the new album. I'm a 60's folkie and I often listen to Fairport music to remember my musical roots."
Stirling Releasing Guitar/Vocal would be an excellent move
Nebraska Mr. Thompson's recent show at the Music Box in Omaha was mesmerising. My fifth show- 2 RTB and 3 solo Thanks for the visit. I hope he will consider a return engagement.
Illinois Are you coming through Chicago this year?!
"Boston, MA" "This is an area that will hopefully balloon as more people visit the site, and we get an idea of the size of demand."" Count me in for one of each."
lincoln nebraska "I just saw Richard for the first time in Omaha Nebraska. I was moved. Thank you so much. Would love to see him and the band come back again in the future. again, thank you for the experience"
"Bozeman, MT" "Dear Richard, Great show in Bozeman last night! What a privilege to have you share your incredible range of skills. I was completely swept away with a range of emotions - from hysterical laughter to deep melancholy - in a way that has been missing from my life in recent years. Thanks for being one of the few artists that seems to still retain a full measure of musical integrity in this increasingly disconnected world of ""popular"" music. I sometimes become despondent at the musical choices my choir students make - such utter commercial drivel. Still, I keep exposing them to alternate choices, and I sometimes see a spark. Today, I told some sixth graders about your ""send-up"" of B. Spears song, and they are anxious to hear it! There may be hope for them yet! I'll eagerly await the release of your show. Thanks again for your great performance. Excellent web site too. Take care! p.s. As I'm sure you already know, your Italian was fine."
" Thu Jan 23, 2003"
Vermont "the boss subjects me to RT all day, every day! Waiting paitently for something new!"
Montana "GREAT! Missoula performance on 22Jan03; missed ""B-wing""!"
Washington "I loved the Bumbershoot concert last summer, especially the tour through the history of great songs. My 11 year old daughter was absolutely thrilled to hear you sing a B. Spears number. Very amusing .Wish you were coming back to Seattle soon."
Rhode Island " Exiled Brit, RT fan since early FC days."
Washington " Thank you for coming to Eastern Washington. My family will be seeing you in Spokane, Washington tonight, 01/23/03. My son is 19 and an aspiring guitar and bass player. He is required to attend at least 10 concerts this year by his teacher and I picked you because I have always admired your work. He is reall looking forward to hear some of ""Dad's"" music. Thanks again for coming our way."
New Jersey why isn't kidz and god loves a drunk on the new album?
California Keep up the good work.Love the site!
"Fri Jan 24, 2003"
Nebraska "Caught the Music Box show on 1/19. During 'Pharoah' I realized we were in the company of a Great Master. Then you floored us with 'Oops I did it Again'! Godspeed, Richard, and please don't let your first visit to Nebraska be your last!"
Washington Great show! As a fellow guitar player I can't begin to tell you how depressed I am.I know alot of people at the show didn't catch the nature of the request you did for the poor kid but I did and must say you are truly a prince among men.If you ever need amp work I'm a great valve amp tech and it will be free.Now i must go practice!
Sydney How do I get the FlyCDs in Australia. It used to be through FOF.
Victoria first heard RT on a live ABC radio broadcast/interview playing razor dance. On the strength of that i went to see the concert of RT accompanied by Danny T. Totally gobsmacked. Loved Loudon as well!
New Jersey "Hello Richard, Looking forward to catching you with the band in 2003- three solo shows I've seen on the last three tours have been great... BUT ... I need some electric RT. When in New Jersey, E mail me if you want to pub crawl. See ya!"
New Jersey "saw you at the john harms in new jersey a few months ago. u were great. interesting event was when your comment regarding the iraq mess pissed off some guy who called you some names and left. my purpose for writing you is 2 fold: 1) i thouroughly enjoy your gtr work and songwritng 2) that guy is an asshole. we're all about free speech in ""the colonies"" and if he can't deal with your (imho) correct opinion that war with iraq may not be the right answer, then he can move. free speech is precious. the vibe of the show changed and you got very quiet. i wanted to let you know the guy did not represent my views and that more americans are less sure about this than that guy would lead you to believe. "
Illinois Richard ROCKS!!!!
massachusetts "I would love to know when Richard Thompson is performing in the area. Lowell, MA has Tsongas Arena where a lot of concerts are held. How about it? (I live in Lowell) I would settle for anywhere in the Northeast U.S.A. ;-)"
Washington "An avid listener for years,saw Richard for the first time last night in Spokane (well worth the 6 hour round trip drive) It was THE BEST show I've ever seen, heard, felt! No words really to express it...Thanks - come back again!"
Ohio "boy, Richard Thompson's absolutely amazing. however, we're not *all* inbred out in Amagansett. Anyway, RT's astonishing, and the news of the impending new record has made my day. "
"Sat Jan 25, 2003"
Oklahoma "when are you coming to Tulsa, Oklahoma??"
Gateshead "My daughter,a music student at Huddersfield,loves your music but is yet to see you live-a great goal to have.I'm lucky because I've seen you loads of times but look forward to the next."
Newscastle upon Tyne looking forward to the Customs House concert in March
Shaw Daring Adventures is THAT album for me which takes me back to a better time.That's what got me into RT and the best ever opening line is that of Missie How You Let Me Down.For God's sake don't stop.
"Perthshire, Scotland" Just please keep writing and playing the best acoustic music in the world and come to Scotland more often just with Danny!!
Washington RT is the greatest singer-songwriter-guitarist in the world!
"Sun Jan 26, 2003"
Sheffield yes more live stuff to buy via this site please
Oregon " Just saw Richard tonight in Eugene (Jan 25 2003). Great show! Sorry for the ""wit"" (twit) in the audience. 300 or so of us took him out back afterwards and roughed him up a bit.Come back soon!"
Washington "Went to your Spokane concert. Wow - it was great!! Thank you for a fantastic show. For two hours I just lost myself in your playing and singing. Great soul and passion. Thank you Richard"
London Well done on getting the site up.If possible could you please send me details of tours.
Havana I look forward to getting the new album when I am next in the UK.
Iowa "Caught a live show Jan 17, 2003. TERRIFIC!!"
"Edinburgh, Scotland" Not that I can think of at the moment.
Hamburg Please let's have the RT-Band in concert in Hamburg as soon as possible!
"Mon Jan 27, 2003"
Melbourne "love the albums, love seeing richard live."
Colombes V much looking forward to Paris gig Feb. 17.
Marlow "Brilliant music with a useful web site. I am away in March 03 so cannot make gigs 10 to 14 March. Are there other dates for touring in SE England? How about Nettlebed Folk nr Henley? or Reading/High Wycombe? About the web site I find the colours are a little dark making it difficult to read the writing, ie black on purple or brown. Can this be changed?Love the music"
"Glasgow, Scotland" Cracking site!
"Ullenhall,Warwks" Looking forward to the concert just up the road from me at Warwick Arts Centre
New York "Saw you at Milestones in Rochester, NY on November 22, 1999. A great show. It is amazing the number of great people who don't get here, but you bucked the trend!"
Washington Thank you for performing in Spokane. You are the best live performer I have ever seen. Even though we are all inbred up here we really enjoy your music.
Bath " How about an RT Band rendition of 'Tam Lin' on the 2003 tour, for old time's sake ?! Break a leg…"
Massachusetts It's great to see that even an old guy like Richard can adopt the new technology to reach the audience he has always deserved.
Ohio I have been a British Isles music programmer since 1974. Richard's music has been a mainstay of my programming since day 1!
Washington "We just saw Richard in Spokane at the Met and he was great!!! I just loved his concert and we were so glad that he came to our little town. Sorry about the guy going to the stage, kind of ruined the mood, but I loved the concert and would go again in a minute!! Thank you so much for coming and playing your wonderful guitar and singing too. It was just a wonderful night. You're the best."
Georgia " Just another faithful appreciator of the brilliant work of Richard Thompson. Catch the live shows at every chance. Adore the recordings. Thanks. "
"Tue Jan 28, 2003"
Missouri How about a sequel to Beeswing? Ive got to know what happened!!!!!
Vancouver "When are you bringing the tour to Vancouver, we are waiting for you. And with Kim Ritchie also, sounds terrific. Please though, bring Danny. We are huge fans of yours, particularly when you are electric and grumpy. "
Melbourne "Please allow local release of new CD via SHOCK records as a lot of our customers who don't have computers,e-mail will have to fork out lots of $'s for hi priced imports otherwise."
Oregon Thank you for the GREAT concert in Eugene at the McDonald. An unforgettable night!
New York " The first time I saw you solo you opened with the trad. song She Moves Through the Fair. Since then I've been searching for a digital copy of you doing that song solo acoustic. I'd give my left pinkie (well perhaps only the nail) for a good quality digital copy of this.Thanks for all the great music over the years, Richard."
Yorkshire Will all the Beewing Cds be made available in the UK - some mail order companies are advertising them but at exorbitant prices!
Missouri I love Richard's songwriting AND guitar playing! Duh!
New York need more!
"Wed Jan 29, 2003"
Missouri "I recently heard him playing Oh Shenandoah, on a recorded radio interview and have looked everywhere for a recording of that on CD. That song is extremely special to me and when I heard him sing it I was deeply touched. Any suggestions where I can find this? Thank-you"
Oakham "I'm 17 and think Richard's WICKED (sorry MARVELOUS!), my Dad's 52 and thinks he is GOD!(seriously) I didn't know so many people had actually heard of RT (no offence!) and I hope he keeps inspiring us for many a year! ( I especially love getting soaked at Cropredy! ACE STUFF!) Love it!"
Washington "My wife and I saw Richard Thompson's acoustic show at the Met in Spokane last week. It was one of the top five shows we;ve seen. It was luscious, magical, over-the-top, it was not was wonderful on many levels."
Nebraska "Thankx again for braving the scarecrows and blue lightning on the perimeter and entering the Forbidden Zone. Taylor said just wait, eventually some great music would make it through...his hot girlfriend didn't say anything....Please do come back to the Music Box with the band. And I think Dr.Zais would've also found Shakespeare's and Newton's ideas small ideas for little minds..anyway. Thanks for the visit!"
New Jersey my wife and i are big fans. we always look forward to richard's new jersey gigs. good luck with your new album.
"Stirlingshire, Scotland" "please could Richard sing ""oh I swear"" with Kim Richey in Edinburgh. I heard him sing it with Shawn Colvin... Beautiful."
Connecticut Is there reason to hope for the reissue of 'Pour Down Like Silver'? Everything I read about it indicates it's one of the all-time great albums; the fact that it's unavailable is a crime.
Texas I'm a long-time fan from the desert country of the American Southwest. Hope Richard comes out this way on his next tour!
Washington My wife and I attended the show in Spokane. Thank you so much for a great evening.
"Thu Jan 30, 2003"
Warrington "Does Richard know that according to Amazon's review of 'The Old Kit Bag, he has just become Danny's brother. Are there secrets we have not been told. I've got tickets for Warwick and Leeds, but I still want a North West gig....Please!!!!"
Alabama My wife brought home a copy of Bright Lights Tonight she picked up at Woolworth's for ten cents and I have been hooked ever since. I have also gotten into Sandy Denny and Fairport Convention. I have been telling anyone who would listen that if there is reincarnation and I could come back as anyone I would choose to come back as Richard Thompson. Can't wait to get Old Kit Bag!
paris "RT comming soon in paris 17 feb. Ouf!…"
New Jersey "Happy New Year!! I've pre-ordered (??) the new CD. Looking forward to a BAND tour. The solo is awesome but the BAND puts it over the top!!"
Newcastle upon Tyne I would travel to the ends of the earth (or at least north-east England) to see Richard in concert - especially an acoustic solo gig - it's even better than with the band.
Iowa Each concert is more enjoyable than the last! Thank you!
Co. Tipperary "I hated filling up that age bit but on the other hand it reminded me of just how long I have been enjoying the music. By the way, your FAQs mentioned videos and live performances: I have a tape of a live performance shown on Channel 4 years ago with Christine Collister backing - I think it was from Canada - very prized possesion: had to pull the tab to ensure preservation Come to the Olympia(Dublin - or any other venue!) again soon"
South Wales "When are you and Loudon going to release a live album? When are you and Loudon going to release a studio album? When are you and Loudon going on tour together? Will Loudon be guesting on the '03 tour, and specifically at the colston hall?"
Victoria Have been a fan for ages but have just dicovered this great site. Going to Byron Bay Blues & Roots Festival this Easter & would love to see Richard there. Perhaps not this year but this is the sort of venue that would really appreciate his music.
California "When will the song ""Hamlet / Dog Eat Dog in Denmark"" appear on an album? RT played it on TV on Sessions at West 54th?"
"Fri Jan 31, 2003"
New York "Another vote for more live releses (if possible). And what would it cost to have Richard follow me around with his guitar for a day? He could chalk it up as practice; for me: heaven. I roughly estimate that I could afford this sometime in his eighth decade (I've already started saving) but if someone could quote me a figure, that would be great. Cheers!"
California Was lucky enough to see the 2nd Getty show -- cannot wait for the '1000 years' release. Have mercy & don't wait too long!
East Sussex "Dear Richard, April this year will mark the 25th aniversary of Sandy's ever tragic death. Has anything been planned? I still listen to the 'Folk on 2' programme which included the 'Who Knows Where the Time Goes' tribute and your comments. I could go on but it's all been said before. I just wish I'd known that the elderly couple who sat on the grass in front of me during the Jazz and Blues Festival at Sandown racecourse in 68 , were Sandy's parents. I think I only recognised them subsequently from the Unhalfbricking cover. Look forward to seeing you in Brighton!"
Michigan "I heard Richard on the ""Mountain Stage"" W. Virgina, which I taped. My 8 year daughter has heard his music and we play the tape when we are together. I can't compare his music to anyone else; that's the best compliment I can say,I love his music! I hope to see him in Ann Harbor, MI soon. I missed the 2002 presention at the Ark. Thanks for his music."
Antwerp "Can you shed some light on the electric guitars you're playing ? And amps, effects and such ? Thanks a million."
Sweden Are there any plans for a compilation of tracks scattered on V/A albums and such? It's a bit of a problem to hunt some of them down since some of them are OOP.
Hereford I write here solely in humble appreciation of a great artist.
Swindon " Richard, you are one of the (increasingly few) english reasons to be cheerful (and an antidote for our shambles of a cricket team). Keep on keepin' on."
cork i became a fan in 1968 in the summer.i arrived in london to go to the kempton jazz and blues festival[i was 18].i was to meet my buddy at picadilly circus.there was a guy waiting there too with wild tousled hair.a beautiful tall blonde girl in a caftan arrived and they departed together.lucky bastard i thought. a couple of days later i see the same guy on stage playing guitar with fairport could i not be a fan with such syncronicity.any chance since then i have gone to see richard play and i am a goon for his guitar playing and sense of humour. i would like him to play again in cork and i could get him a gig at the opera house.
New Jersey " Thanks for the future updates. Regards!"
"Cheadle,Staffs" Any chance of a gig at Gatehouse Stafford.
Nova Scotia Come to Halifax-I could be your roadie!