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January 16-31, 2004
"January 16, 2004"
Indiana "I'm busy rounding up my friends for a trip to Birdy's in Indianapolis on Feb. 19th. I know RT will not dissapoint! My wife's birthday is the 19th and is hoping to hear ""Beeswing"" or ""Dimming of the Day."" Pretty predictable, huh? Anyway we'll be front"
"January 17, 2004"
Christchurch "Is Richard coming over to New Zealand when he is coming this way in March? Him and his wife would love Christchurch. They are most welcome to stay here. We have a spare bedroom."
Ontario Richard showed me how to play Poor Ditching Boy in his dressing room at Barrymore's in Ottawa (a LONG time ago). he had just taped his Across A Crowded Room video)
south carolina "We dig you in Dixie. C'mon back real soon. Remember me? Peace Center, MarchMadness 2000…"
"January 18, 2004"
Les Angles "I sincerly hope that the next album is as good as The Old Kit Bag,which in my humble opinion is his best album he made in the last 10 to 15 years. Not that I don't think all the others are bad, but the Kit Bag album has everything: great songs, incrfedibl"
"January 19, 2004"
Naples "my realized dream has been to hear and to see Richard live in concert (warm up in banbury and cropredy 2002)"
Maryland "Richard, this new record absolutely kicks ass! Track 4 gave me the kind of goosebumps I felt the first time I heard ""Shoot Out the Lights"". My wife and I lived in Scotland from 1987 to 1990, and we saw you live many times during those three years all over"
Texas Awaiting you in Houston!!
California Thanks to RT's appearance on NPR radio I am now discovering the art and craft of this fine music. Enjoying The Old Kit Bag as a start.
"January 20, 2004"
Massachusetts How on earth did i miss you! I'd almost given up on finding new music I liked and then there you are.
California "Not continually, but since the days of Mattie Grove"
"January 21, 2004"
Vermont "higher ground is a fun place to see a show! i practically force a few people to come each time RT is in VT and then, afterwards, i am a hero! Thanks"
"January 22, 2004"
Maryland Love this site!!
"Dundee, Scotland" Are there any plans for gigs north of the border this year?
"January 23, 2004"
Essex The Beesweb live albums are excellent. I've only recently caught on to the website. A real bonus.
"January 24, 2004"
Brisbane Can't wait to see you again at The Tivoli in Brisbane and will also see you both days at Byron Bay. You'll love it there and they will love you.
Croydon Its been a long ride since the first Fairport album. Does Richard remember the Hyde Park free concert? I think WWDOOH had just been released. The gig at Shepherds Bush last year was superb.
London Never disappointed live.Fantastic guitar technique and tunings
"Glasgow, Scotland" come back to glasgow
Kikinda genious!
ondostate tell me more about being a drummer
"January 25, 2004"
California "Richard: I was the newly ensconced Yankee au-pair chez Hodgkinson, Bridge House, when that awful accident happened…"
Salvador - Bahia your guitar playing is hippinotically beautiful! your sound really captured my soul. i like very much your work with the fairport convention and i'm listening your marvellous album 'i want to see bright lights tonight'. your music is a recent discover for me
Olney Enjoyed Warwick and Northampton last year
"January 26, 2004"
Bristol "Can I ask a question. Is it Richard playing acoustic on Graham Nash's version of Pavanne (on Songs For Survivors) ?"
Wellington "Dang! No NZ tour to follow Oz - thought that would be the perfect opportunity for RT's 3rd visit to NZ. Great live performances, but will obviously have to content myself with listening to CD's in the meantime. Cheers"
"January 27, 2004"
New Jersey hello from your No. 1 NJ fan...hope that you liked our cd....
"January 28, 2004"
Brussels shallow groceries
"January 29, 2004"
Massachusetts i love everything about this music!
Texas "Thanks for the memories. Where is ""Strict Tempo"" II?"
Surrey every tour I'm there somewhere! Often nearly miss out due to lack of publicity
"January 30, 2004"
North Carolina "How can I ask RT a question? Such as are there any plans to rerelease the old Hannibal recordings? Thanks."
Pennsylvania "Saw Richard in concert at The Kimmel Center July 18, 2003 with Shawn Colvin. My Wife and I first time seeing RT Live. Great Show ,looking forward to many more."
"January 31, 2004"
british columbia let us know when youre going to play vancouver
Massachusetts "Don't listen to anyone much, but always enjoy what you have to say and play."
Texas Love all of the acoustic stuff. When will Richard come to Austin to play? I've never seen him in person which is one of things I want to see before my live is over. LOL Best to Richard!
Illinois "Can't wait to see him at fitzgerald's in Berwyn, Il. "