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January 16 - 31, 2005
"January 16, 2005"
Berkshire Keep up the good work!
"January 17, 2005"
California Would love to have tour info/CD release dates! Thanks
Massachusetts It's been good so far.
Zuid Holland A Sailor's Life' from Fairport is my all time favorite. It's the most emotional peace of music I know. Thanks for it.
Indiana "The good thing about coming late to appreciate someone's music is that there's already so much there to discover and enjoy, as well as what's new. And I'm loving Richard's music, old and new! Thanks!"
"January 18, 2005"
Derbyshire What a wonderful guitar player and songwriter.
England like it!
"January 19, 2005"
New York "As a teenager, I was aware of Richard Thompson as a critically acclaimed artist, but was not familiar with his work. My only wish is that I had been aware of Richard's music as a younger man. How my life may have been different! I believe 1952 Vincent Black Lightning to be the most perfect song I have ever heard. I also love Wall of Death, and King of Bohemia."
Washington "I became acquainted with Richard's music with Mock Tudor. Don't know how I missed him before that. Have become an avid fan of all albums, have seen Richard about four times live here in Seattle, have strongly recommended him to many, many friends. He is quite simply the most impressive all-round singer songwriter I have ever heard."
"January 20, 2005"
Vermont "Dear Richard, Please come back to Burlington Vermont! Higher Ground has re-opened and we need(well, would really like) you here... "
"January 21, 2005"
California "I first heard richard play in davis ca,at the Palms Playhouse.He had his with Christine Collister[sp?] was an unforgettable experience."
Massachusetts Wife's a big fan.
California Please keep producing your wonderful music.
Wisconsin I loved your show in Madison last year. One of the best musical nights of my life.
"January 22, 2005"
California "My daughter when she was young use to call sesame street psycho street, (from listening to your music). I always liked this, but I'm glad no one call social services though. Hope to see you in Sacramento"
Yorkshire "Be glad to receive details of new releases and tours. I am living in Russia, why doesn't Richard come to Moscow and play a few local venues over a weekend. I would love to see him hook up with someone like Konstantin Nikolsky of Veskresenye fame who has penned songs that are part of Russian life."
USA "Downloaded some bonnie raitt and saw your name as the author ""dimming of the day"" ......your a great song writer and just download a ton of your music off of music match. Peace"
Simonstone Burnley Lancs Are there any tribute bands ?
"January 23, 2005"
Washington "Since Sandy and Fairport days! Saw the concert in Nevada City and later the Seattle show at the cub across from Jazz Alley"
Bari "at last see Richard play in my living room, brilliant ""live in Provvidence-dvd"" "
California Keep in Touch!
"January 24, 2005"
Massachusetts Listen to you on WUMB and enjoyed your performance at the Folk Festival.
ohio "My wife and I can't wait until he comes back to Cleveland. Amazing in concert! We've been going back a bit into old Fairport Convention stuff- the Raga guitar on ""A Sailor's Life"" alone puts Richard Thompson at the top of any rock list."
lancashire "How could I have missed RT all those years; still I'm making up for lost time! When are you touring England again?"
Nottingham Have been a huge fan since Fairport days. The man is an absolute wizard. A genius both as guitarist and lyricist as well as a composer of exquisite melodies. I met him after one of his UK concerts a few years and he was charm personified. Why is this man not a household name?
"January 25, 2005"
California Fairport era fan. Rock on!
Davao "I heard Henry the Human Fly in Portland, OR on KINK radio at midnight '72 & it changed my life I am sure. I LUCKILY listened to it...was AMAZED...& I bought it. Years later bought a casette tape of it on special order. I LOVE THE WHOLE ALBUM. I Just read that is re-released in UK and also that is was the WORST selling Warner Bros Album of all time or some such... WOW >>A BADGE OF HONOR! I LOVE that Album. I am a died in the wool Neil Young freako & I am an American..1/2 on the Isle of Mindanao...was living in Mexico for almost a year...any way I HAVE NOT LISTEND TO HENRY for at least 4/5 years...I am GONNA MAYBE BREAK DOWN & try to download it...or have a friend ship it from UK...meanwhile I am FRANTICALLY looking for Tabs (Have for along time) Finally found Poor Ditching Boy YEAH! GOD...ALL THE SONGS ON HENRY ARE AMAZING! God BLess you Richard Thompson...yer mommie and daddy did good ya hear?"
British Columbia "You will enjoy easy going times here in Courtenay at our summer Musicfest and great company on Saltspring island. That's just off Vancouver Island..It's a mecca for music and writer/players."
Ireland Look forward to seeing you in Cropredy. DON'T BRING THE RAIN - I'll buy you a pint if you don't.
"January 26, 2005"
Beds "Would it be fair comment, to say he's the dogs bollocks?"
California "Look forward to your next visit to Reno, Nevada!"
NSW just writing a review of the Providence DVD - Beesweb is a great resource!
" January 27, 2005"
Victoria When I win lotto I'll pay for a band tour of Australia with the stipulation that Mr Alphonso join them. I promise.
"Peebles, Scotland" The man's a genius
"Fife, Scotland" been a fan since 1968
"January 28, 2005"
South Carolina can not wait until you come this way again.
Missouri "Ah, beautiful music to fit any mood you might possibly be in, a dry wit, and knowledge of arcane music...what more could you want? Well, more notes from home/road would be nice. Maybe it could turn into a book? The characters in real life or the songs are priceless. Thank you for sharing your talent with the rest of us!"
Louisiana "Richard, You may not be able to tour Texas in total comfort, But Louisiana is always waiting next door. Hope to see you soon down here, where we are endowed with over 300 years of popular music."
Riyadh Keep up the good work!
London Hoping to catch RT at Cropredy 2005
Massachusetts Seeing RT live is fantastic but seeing him live solo at a small venue is one of the best experiences one can have! We all need a live acoustic album.
California My favorite RT show was at a small church in Mendocino in 94 or 95.
North Carolina "I would love to take a photo (just one, I swear!) of Richard at a gig. I have never had the opportunity or the pleasure. I have taken my camera to his shows(I have seen him 12 times over the years) but have been told that cameras aren't allowed, which I do understand. I've been good, I swear I have!"
"January 30, 2005"
Ontario "R.T. for me is the catalyst of past,present and future lyrically and musically."
North Carolina "Just to let Richard know, Western North Carolina awaits his return!!! We look forward to him playing again at the Grey Eagle in Asheville or even at the Orange Peel, also in Asheville. He is one of a very few artists I faithfully see when in this area and so I do hope he returns sooooooooon!!!! Thank you"
Suffolk "Please tell me where I can find a C.D. with ""Galway to Graceland"" on it....thanks!! "
Texas Looking forward to seeing Richard again in Dallas in the spring (a little bee told me he'll be touring Texas in the spring). Take care & GOD bless. See you soon.
"January 31, 2005"
California We will be at McNears in Petaluma on Feb 1st.
NSW "I have warm but distant memories of Fairport from my early days -- lost interest in rock et al from early 70s, so am just catching up with what I missed (R&LT, and post-LT RT). Would dearly like to see RTB in Aust, even minimal (trio) version."
"FRASERBURGH, SCOTLAND" uk tour dates?
Leicestershire I have long been an admirer of RT's work but have never had the good fortune to be at one of his live performances so I would welcome any news of performances planned in the UK. Will try to be at Cropredy - 2005.
Connecticut please return to new england soon...