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January 16 - 31, 2006
"January 16, 2006"
Netherlands happy birthday mr. Thompson (a Dutch fan)
Lancashire lets have some more great music
Texas "She's an American, he's a Brit, anxiously awaiting your next trip to Austin. Thanks for all you do! "
"January 17, 2006"
Paris When in France ?
California "I just saw Grizzly Man and was so touched by Timothy and the music behind his message. I can feel Richards spirit in his music so much. Very touching to here him play. Thanks so much Richard...."
Yvelines "Another excellent performance last night, this time in Paris! "
Gers I'm interested to listen your music.So long…
"January 18, 2006"
Aberdeen, Scotland RESONANCE
Ohio When is he playing in Ohio?
Georgia "I've been a fan since the Fairport Convention days! Don't remember, now, how I first heard-------but I've been hooked every since! What a GREAT journey through life!"
"January 19, 2006"
New South Wales RT's life achievement is our life's pleasure. We all knew he was worth this. Where is the knighthood?! Who do we write to? Wot's Her Maj's addy?
Hertfordshire Just now rediscovering RT as a solo artist having been an FC fan since the beginning!
Washington "I recently saw you on Grizzly Man and was moved by your artistry, becoming an instant admirer! Your music is beautiful, soulful, and transcendent. I will be telling my friends about you! "
New York "How about a tour with a 2nd guitar (like the Clive G years) and/or a female voice to counter Richard's. More Guitar got me to dust off old concert tapes... even though we're all a bit older now, I know RT still rocks w/the best of them. I still recall a Bottom Line (RIP) show from the mid-80's that left us completely blown away - rocking show, then ended with Withered and Died. To quote another, Do it again"
"January 20, 2006"
Sheffield "Devastated we couldn't get tickets for Lyceum, Sheffield, Jan 2006. Getting far too popular!"
Paris "really a good friend ...since F...C...It's time now for The Bataclanor The Olympia !,…"
Chichester Last night's concert in Chichester was excellent - thanks a million!. Any chance of another 'live' release (from this tour?)studio is excellent but there's no substitute for the real thing!
Isle of Wight Saw Richard at Chichester last night - excellent
Cornwall "As long as Richard keeps recording, I know I'll have new poetry to listen to and will always be surprised. Shame he doesn't do local gigs too often any more, but on the other hand i'm unutterably pleased that his audience continues to grow."
Dublin Any news on when Richard will play in Dublin???
Rouen the 17.01 concert at the new morning in paris had us either in stitches or weeping buckets all through besswing. great to catch up since 1979 in Huddersfield. Thanks
Pennsylvania you come highly recommended by some long time fans!!!
"January 21, 2006"
Netherlands never a dull moment to be found while listening to your music
New York Let's meet on the ledge friends
Scarborough brilliant music just love what richard does
Warwickshire "Just caught the gig at the Arts Centre. Whole new repertoire to me, though I appreciated the mention of Charlie Parker. What a fine guitarist RT is! A great gig. Thank you."
Portsmouth "We've just seen Richard at Chichester Festival Theatre, 19/01/06. Thanks for a great show, (despite the warm up act..). RT managed to make us both, laugh and cry on the turn of a song, charisma by the bucket. Double Bass simply stunning. Great Night Out, Thanks."
New York What can one say? He's the greatest thing since penicillin.
Massachusetts Tour dates in the Boston area?
"January 22, 2006"
New Jersey "It is simply impossible to describe the impact that RT has had on my musical life, I was 19 when Liege a Lief was recorded and it blew me away, and with each innovative change in RT's career my tastes have followed. Its not the so much the tunes but the lyrics which astound me, the ability to synthesise complex emotions and insights into lyrical simplicity. Richard is simply the master songwriter of my generation he has no equal. I hope that he finally gets the recognition he deserves, both as a phenomenally versatile guitarist and songwriter. Kudos Richard"
Rowhedge, Colchester and it's been an ever-fulfilling joy so to do!
"January 23, 2006"
limpopo "first listened to liege and lief during an extremely cold trip to the derbyshire dales. Now listen to old kit bag in the sometimes oppressive heat of the bushveld. I wish I could be in blackpool on the 8th of feb for the gig at the grand theatre - I wish you'd come out and play in south africa sometime. I suppose there's only a few suitable venues, but I'm sure they'd jump at the opportunity. thanks for making such lekker music."
Worms Thank you very much for an unforgettable night in Warwick.
Washington "Just a note to tell you that just this last weekend I'd taken out my old turntable and reintroduced myself to the wonderful world of RT's music. My old lp of ""Hand of Kindness"" has gotten the ball rolling now I intend on getting all of the available releases. Thanx much for great music over the years, and come and play in Spokane some time!!"
"January 24, 2006"
"Lothian, Scotland" Saw the (first ever!) show in Perth last night! A delight as always.The Thom(p)son twins rule!!
copenhagen love to hear news on latest releases thanks
Wyoming "We just finished listening to the Grizzly Man soundtrack and wanted to thank you for the beautiful music. Also, please come back to Wyoming (Targhee) soon. Thanks again."
"January 25, 2006"
Adelaide Unbelievably great
Leicestershire I'd love to see Richard & Suzanne (Vega) on stage together!
Hampshire Great show at chichister . You and Danny were amazing. I was blown away .Hope to see you down south again soon
Devon I bet it would be fun Knowing The Terminator
Ontario The early albums with Linda were my first introduction. Have pretty well everthing since then. Great stuff
Dumfries & Galloway Scotland "Sorry about the My Sharona thing, RT"
Birmingham "I would be really grateful if I could be added to your emailing list to find out when RT tours/releases CDs/DVDs in the UK? I saw him in Warwick Arts Centre last Sat 21/1/06...but only just...managed to get a couple of tickets on the back row in what must have been the among the last few tickets...not complaining though...the guy is simply fantastic. Last summer, he played at Cannon Hill Park, Midlands Art Centre, Birmingham (UK)....the park backs onto my back garden!!! I couldn't get a ticket. Just don't want to be caught out again. Please help because I really want to take my whole family...wife and 3 the next tour....and if plays at the bottom of our garden again, he can come in for a cuppa!!"
Scotland "Amazing show last night in Glasgow. Wonderful almost ad-hoc set-list. Did he tape anything? Hurry back, and think about playing The Barrowland next time."
Chichester Tremendous at Chichester. A legend.
"January 26, 2006"
England "first saw the fairports at mote park Maidstone Kent, Now after 20 odd years have started playing guitar again, studying Richards music(wish i had half your talent)"
Lancashire "Heard "Vincent52" on the radio and as a geriatric motorcyclist just had to have it. As a (rubbish)guitarist myself I appreciate real music as well as bikes. The CD I bought was not at all what I expected but it has grown and grown on me. This is fabulous stuff! How could I not have known about it all this time? Keep up the good work and thanks."
Lincolnshire As I get older it seems that Richard gets younger - and I'll bet that I now listen to more Fairport than he does these days!
Essex "Looking forward to the Barbican gig this evening. If you ever get tired of touring, and are passing thru Danbury and want to just jam - call me ! "
Tennessee "please play again at the Variety Playhouse in Atlanta, GA. USA Thanks"
Minnesota "I recently watched the Sundance special on the music for ""GRIZZLY MAN"" and I was awe-struck with the creative performance of Mr. Thompson!!!"
London Just got back from the show with Danny Thompson at the Barbican - what can I say? Awesome!!!
"January 27, 2006"
Washington Saw you on special re:Grizzly Man. Wonderful. My brother told me about this site.
Vienna "From ""Unhalfbricking"" with breaks till today! Was Richard at any time in Austria(Vienna) ?"
Kent "Really enjoyed the show at the Barbican last night. Liked the smart girl song, wanted to run home and put my glasses on! "
England I think you are an amazing guitarist. I have only been playing for under two years and I think your work is some of the best i've ever seen!
Israel Any chance of an Israeli Tour?
Bradford hi r.t. right on. swell to communicate with you .i love red molly(on her vincent 52) play it again
New Jersey Please tour the States again in 2006, New York City in particular!
Blackpool, Lancashire one of the guvnors
Essex "Just been to the Barbican concert, my first time seeing RT live - fantastic, thanks for a great show."
"January 28, 2006"
Nantucket I once brought honey to a concert for Luka Bloom. If you find yourself singing on tour in the NE US I will make sure you are served more than a thimble full of honey.
London I came to RT's music when a friend gave me Rumour and Sigh. I'd heard of FC but not listened to them (I grew up in Oz) - hooked since. Saw the Jan Barbican show. I'm still zinging!
Alsace "Je n'ai pas de commentaire, j'ai le souffle coupé par votre merveilleuse musique. J'aimerai beaucoup être tenu au courant de vos concerts en France. Merci mille fois d'être simplement là."
Dorset I've been to many Richard Thompson concerts over the years (second only to Dylan !) and have fond memories of many of them. However I have not been to one for about eight years before seeing Richard at Basingstoke on January 27th 2006. This performance was fantastic. The voice has grown in maturity and strenth and the guitar playing is breathtaking. Danny Thompson is the perfect foil to Richard's lead. Come back soon !
West Midlands Have done Cropredy twice but took a lady friend to the concert at Warwick Arts Centre last week and we were both amazed at the performance. See you at Cropredy.
London Truly great gig at Barbican on 26 January 2006. Please let me know the title of last haunting song with Danny Thompson playing Bass with bow.Many thanks
Oxon Richard's the Chief!
"January 29, 2006"
Indiana a friend of mine said Richard recently was on a Harmonia program. Which one?
Cheshire My wife and I are very much looking forward to seeing your concert in Blackpool.
thrapston i am going to see rt on the 30th of jan. i am hoping he will play ce bella because that is my favourite!!!
buckinghamshire "Fundamentalists dont seem to have much to do with the fundamental, the roots of the thing,.. do they? Apart from being a part of the story. Felt myself becoming joined with the gang mind in the audience @ the Barbican, encouraged to rightiously disaprove of them. Scary and interesting sensation.But loved being there. Beautiful.Thankyou and your friends. x"
Yorkshire Just back from Sheffield. A magical night!!
"January 30, 2006"
London Great to see Penge (where I now live) getting a mention on your last album!
Derbyshire Great set last night @ Sheffield!!
Cambridgeshire what is there to say about the pleasure the humour and the essence of a genius. thanks richard.
Sheffield Marvellous performance with Danny Thompson (no relation) last night. Thanks!
Scotland Went with my wife to see Richard and Danny at the new concert hall in Perth Last monday. A Fantastic gig in a great venue. I hope it doesnt take another 38 years before RT comes back. Could you bring the 1000 years of popular music set next time ... please !
Lancashire Really enjoy your music - why have I only just discovered it??
Derbyshire Looking forward to the new box set
"January 31, 2006"
Suffolk "Loved his early work with Fairport, Nick Drake, etc. Lost contact with his work after Bright Lights. Picked him up again in time for Mock Tudor and others. Saw him a few years ago (electric) and then saw him last night in Cambridge (acoustic with Danny Thompson). Fantastic show - and Front Parlour Ballads is sensational."
Southampton "I forgot to say sorry to Richard for interupting him in conversation at Teddy's gig in Cambden 25 Jan'06. He was just in front of me in the audiance and I asked to shake his hand. He very kindly did so. This meant a great deal to me and I really appreciated it. I know it's ""old fashioned"" but please apologise for me being so rude. I saw him at the Barbican and will see him tonight at the Hexagon. What a treasure, and with Danny."
Ely "Saw Richard Thompson (and Danny) live last night at the Corn Exchange, Cambridge. What a virtuoso performance -and huge fun. I'll be talking about it for many years to come.(girl in glasses ;o} )"
London One of my many dreams would be to support richard and danny playing together (I saw them last week at the barbacon and was re invigorated and inspired). Keep the british end up and thanks for all you do
California Jesse Thompson is my roommate!
Suffolk I saw Richard live for the first time last night in Cambridge (30jan06) and had a fantastic night. The mans a genius!
"Glasgow, Scotland" Saw the Celtic Connections show in Glasgow. Sublime!