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January 16 - 31, 2007
"January 16, 2007"
Cork i met richard in cork backstage at opera house he is a gentleman
"January 17, 2007"
Cheadle, Staffs Top Man
"January 18, 2007"
Georgia Loved the live shows at The Variety in Little Five points, GA. Hope to see him again soon.
Vermont Richard - thanks so much for the music over the years. It's truly been an inspiration.
New York Great website and thanks to Richard for speaking to fans. When is the music being published, and the next visit to upstate New York
Texas I was asked to learn a Richard Thompson song for some sort of tribute thing a few years ago and indignantly said that HE should sing MY songs. I bought Rumour and then Mirror to see what the fuss was about. I humbly chose to sing " I Feel So Good" for the show after taking my boot out of my mouth. Great work.
"January 19, 2007"
Wales Only that he is so wonderful, well him and his guitar, that there really isn't an awful lot more to say. The track I love most of all is one that is not just Richards but Nick Drake's, "Thought's of Mary Jane." It is such beautiful music done by two beautiful men. xxx
USA looking forward!
"January 20, 2007"
California As a novelist who writes about music, I think - and have always thought - that Richard's brilliant.
Derbyshire Yes. Been familiar with Richard's music through the English folk -rock thing, but new as a solo artist.
Massachusetts Yes, I have a recording of an RT performance in Uppsala, Sweden, from 1982. It was broadcast live on Swedish radio at the time which is how I got it. (I moved to USA in 2005) After hearing that I was and still am "hooked" on RTs music.
"January 21, 2007"
Virginia Please come back to the Birchmere soon, we miss you.
Japan Hi, I listened your music in radio program its special "RT" OH what wonderful music! My first impression! Then, search your website!i Began fairport convention cd,listen,of course RT too. I am jehovas wittness and iam patient CFS(chronic fatigue symdrome) sometimes feeling blue ,why? I cannot go out side ordinary woman. that time jehova god words said Izaiah 33;24 there is no say "i am Sick" It is very storong for my heart. And listen to your song I go to sea with your song, I can't go there really ,but I see that location! i pray for jehova god ,IF you will come japan, for play the concert ,I will join you there!thanks Richard! love from japan
Ashton-in-Makerfield Keep up the good work look forward to hearing more of your work
Wisconsin I'm only sorry that I didn't "discover" Richard earlier in my life! His wife actually turned him on to me.…
"January 22, 2007"
Arizona I have enjoyed your music from the first time I had the privilege of listening to your music.
Antwerp I'm searching for a Sheetmusic-book containing the 1000 years of popular music songs,that is if it do exicist ofcourse.. anyhow I'm wild of all the songs
California Saw you at the Troubadour way back when "Full House" was being released, they gave away free copies at the door - my best frined and I snook around to the dressing room (used to be able to do that in those days) and shook a couple of hands and went on about how great you were (and of course you were), anyway, I've played the grooves out of a few of your records, and of course have continued my technological amusement into the digital format!!! I play and customize guitars, and you've been a major inspiration to me over the years! Never really wrote a fan letter before, but thought it was about time, so thanks mate for all the great music, quirky lyrics, views on life, the world, the human condition, and most of all , that race horse those damn angels made off with! Cheers and All the Best
Cheshire great site; great box set; perfect album (front parlour); looking forward to much more - thank you.
Pennsylvania i'm your bigest fan. i've got "richard i love you" tattooed on my breast. (ha)
"January 23, 2007"
Texas Wish I'd discovered his music long ago. Such is the state of radio in Houston (with the exception of KPFT).
Oregon looking forward to seeing you and band at the alladin in portland, hopefully! come visit silverton, you have friends here.
"January 25, 2007"
England Having started guitar lessons last April, I am in considerably greater awe then before (not only for Richard's playing but for his rhyming schemes too!. Please ask him never to retire and to do a concert in Manchester every year…
"January 26, 2007"
Oslo I have just moved to Norway after living in the US all my life. Maybe I should have considered in my decision to move that you only come to Norway once evry 5 years! When are you coming back to Norway? Keep up your excellent work! Best regards
alicante Still working hard to be able to buy my own Vincent.
"January 27, 2007"
England your music gives me endless enjoyment, thank you.
New York At richard's tarrytown,ny concert he asked the audience for requests, so I asked him to perform ""the poor ditching boy"". His response: ""Oh, shut up!"" Between our concert tickets and the $50 bucks spent on 2 cds that night, I don't understand the rude reply. Richard, don't you actually like your fans? I'm still wondering...
Virginia Love all the Richard and Linda Thompson albums. Recently bought Rock On by The Bunch. Great record and can't get enough of it! I am interested in exploring his solo albums and those with Fairport Convention.
"January 28, 2007"
West Virginia I first saw and heard RT at the Guinness Fleadh in New York City in June, 1999 on Randall's Island. Since then, I have attended concerts in Pittsburgh, PA, the Stuart's Opera House in Nelsonville, Ohio and Morgantown, WV. I think RT should be in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame!
New York Let Richard know I've been turning on the youngin's by the handfuls.
Yorkshire Thanks for the originalty and integrity in your music and persona.
"January 29, 2007"
New Jersey I miss the band. Can not wait
Bucks Beeswing & Vincent Black lightning are already in my top 10 best ever tracks
Dublin Advance notice of gigs both big and small in IRL and GB would be appreciated
Scotland "Hi Richard,i saw you play Meet on The Ledge in drop d tuning on a tv prog,anychance you could send me the Tab,i play guitar,and i love the way you played it,anyway keep up the good work ....... "
"January 30, 2007"
Holland super song 4 timothy grizzly
Woodstock Possibly the best guitarist in the World!
Brazil Olá, adorei o seu site e gostaria de deixar este recado! Abraços (Hello, I worship his site and like to leave this message! Embraces)
California Please come back and play at the Mystic theatre in Petaluma again (50 miles north of San Francisco)
Quebec When will Richard visit la belle province again?
"January 31, 2007"
Bavaria i live in germany, but i'm a yank.
Kentucky love 1,000 years!