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JANUARY 16 - 31, 2008
"January 16, 2008"
Washington DC looking forward to seeing/hearing you at XM next week!
"January 18, 2008"
Montana Thanks Richard for many great perfomances in Missoula Please come back again!
Wisconsin looking forward to 02/08/08!
"January 19, 2008"
California My luck...he is playing in my home town (Rockford Il.) and I am in CA. He still blows me away and I own every LP he has done...
"January 20, 2008"
North Carolina Marry me, Richard! We could make sweet music together...forever!
Georgia Been an RT fan since Fairport in 69. Just watched Grizzly Man, and loved the music. Thanks for all the great tunes and truly amazing picking. Crazy Man Micheal is still one of my favorites when I pick up my Ovation Balladeer.
"January 21, 2008"
Massachusetts Wish you were on myspace; I'd add you so everyone will know I have impeccable musical taste! PS: Do you have an incredible booking agent and tour manager? I know one - moi!
"January 22, 2008"
London i love the sweet warrier cd
Paris Congratulations for this very good website. And for Richard, too, obviously !
Florida Please come to South Florida.
"January 23, 2008"
Cumberland Maine Always ready for another 1000 years!
Clark A friend turned me onto Richard's music and ive become a fan. I really like the Sweet Warrior cd. Keep it up.
"January 24, 2008"
Missouri What are the chords to "Crawl Back"? I'm grinningly spellbound by the song...
Alabama best- a living legend-
Maryland Saw the show at Lisner last night! Terrific. Great music, mordant wit, liked the travel photos.
Lisboa life is too short for boring music
"January 25, 2008"
Wisconsin Saw RT at the Park West in Chicago many moons ago. Still among my favorite music ever. Need to xfer albums to CD disks!
New Jersey natural to check out the music of a guy with the same name. when i was a kid we got mail addressed to me at my house that i think was intended for you; it was from a woman saying how glad she was to find my home address and that she promised to keep it a secret. we thought it odd because at the time my parents nor i knew of any famous richard thompsons. oh well thanks for the music...keep chugging along
Pennsylvania Some of the most creative melodic, upsetting, wacky and just plain wonderful music I've heard and wanted to sing and play.
"January 26, 2008"
Vermont Last night at The Flynn in Burlington, VT soooblime. Might even get through this winter now thanks to you (and Deborah).
Vermont It just blew my wife and I away!
Connecticut I'm a Volunteer Street Team Member in Connecticut for The Del McCoury Band and promote Del's shows in New England. I love "1952 Vincent Black Lingtening" and Del mentions your name all the time. We are finally going to get to hear you tomorrow night in Ridgefield, CT. "Red hair and black leather, my favorite color scheme" - I'm a redhead! Can't wait to see you!
Lancashire 1952 vincent black lighting, This was played at Mossey's sendoff back in 97. He road a lighting for over 30 years. Never foundout who it was by till your song was played on radio 2, on the chain the other night. For want of words your song real sole and deapth. Would love to no if you come to lancashier for a gig. King's arm's in Clitheroe is good for this type of music.
New York I grew up without Richard's music playing in my household, rest assured, I'm not making that mistake with my 3 girls. His music is the soundtrack of my life for the last 25 years or so.
"January 27, 2008"
Maine I just returned from the Stone Mountain Arts Center in Brownfield, Maine. I can honestly say it's been a long time since I had so much fun at a concert. The ladies playing with Richard were enchanting as well. Thanks!
Check out Tathra Hotel, on the NSW South Coast, as a venue next time you're in Australia!
North Carolina Absolutly loved the "1000 years" concert in Charlotte, NC. Look forward to your next tour - be sure to come back to Charlotte!
Vermont Great show at the Flynn Stage Jan 25 2008. I had been waiting a long time to see the 1000 Years of Popular Music and I was very impressed.
"January 28, 2008"
Vermont Caught the Flynn Theater show! Awesome. Judith! You vixen. Nearly stole the show. Every minute was joy. I loved it!
Connecticut I saw you play in Ridgefield, Connecticut earlier tonight. I was amazed at all the disparate styles you can play so well and make them all your own.Your two bandmates were also very impressive.Thanks for the great concert.
Vermont Thank you Richard, Judith and Debra for 100 Years tour. Saw you in Burlington Friday night, and am plotting as to where I can next see you! Also enjoyed the RT Band in Boston last summer, and your solo tour in South Burlington a few years ago. Come back soon!
"January 29, 2008"
Illinois Rock on!
Vermont We were lucky enough to catch your "1000 Years of Music" performance here in Vermont (Flynn)- OUTSTANDING!!
Connecticut Just saw Richard's 1000 Years of Popular Music Show and was absolutely amazed. I'll look forward to the next time he comes around.
"January 30, 2008"
France You seam to make good music, hope to discover deeper your website.
Canterbury Never seen him in New Zealand, well the South Island. I hope he and his band make it out this way some day.
Glasgow, Scotland just the best ever
Vermont GREAT concert in Burlington, Vermont last week. Come again soon!
"January 31, 2008"
New York Please add us to your maling list...thanks!
New York Thanks for a great Ithaca show last night. It was great to finally see you perform live! Thanks again!
New York Saw RT last night in Ithaca after waiting since 1969 to see this genius. Just he Deb and Judy and what a show! I can't wait to see him play electric as well (and maybe get to see ""the"" Strat from long gone days-the best tone from the world's most tasteful guitarist bar none!) My only criticism of the show, that being so British he was tastefully tactful about his dislike of some of our political leadership. C'mon Cuz, it's OK. This is NY. Hopefully I can catch the show in Rochester NY in April! Worth the 39 year wait!