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FEBRUARY 1-28, 2009
"February 1, 2009"
Halifax I have a photo of Richard taken in August 1970 at the KRUMLIN FESTIVAL. I'm researching the story of the fest for a book. Any memories you can share with me?
Liverpool as a fellow musician[rocknroll]i first heard "bright lights"whist hospitalised last year.i bought the cd.on my discharge and featured several songs during my shows.its my first day on the internet ,installed yesterday.i heard a track on radio2 recently,linda sang a song about having "yellow teeth"etc.details please and any info whatsoever will be welcome.
Brighton Just been to see RT in Brighton-wonderful concert.
Georgia Just heard the bluegrass version (Del McCrory) and it blew me away
Newcastle under Lyme Huge fan and love the live gigs and DVDs Can't wait for the songbooks as regularly sing lots of Richard's material at local acoustic folk nights, all unaccompanied!
"February 2, 2009"
Canterbury Went to 1/2/09 Canterbury concert - the blurb looked mildly interesting in the theatre agvance prog. Absolutely knocked out - FANTASTIC.
Kent loved the 1000 years concert i saw last night. The first half was especcially wonderful. judith owen was fab.
Somerset Fantastic show on Friday at the Colston Hall Bristol. Truly entertaining!
"February 3, 2009"
Arkansas I cant believe my ears.. I am with out words.....
Arizona My lover told me if I could "get" "Rumor and Sigh" it would even more guarantee her walking with me to the end of the earth. I said OK, plus I like it to boot…
North Carolina see ya in Carrboro in march!!
Tokyo Last saw Richard in Tokyo in 2001. Is a visit to Japan planned in the near future?
London Going to the gig at the Barbican tonight
"February 4, 2009"
Finchampstead I'd just like to thank Richard for his wonderful songwriting and for influencing my own in a smallway
"February 5, 2009"
California 1983 at the Cotati Cabaret, I was the guy in the white T-Shirt. Do you remember me? Seriously, thank you for nearly 30 years of joy!
Herts me and my wife are regular RT concert goers,for many years.At Barbican 3/2/9 and as always RT(& girls)brilliant!pleez put us on mail list.
Maryland Been in USA for 24 years, would love to see Richard live again
"February 6, 2009"
Kettering, Northants I have been watching bands all of my life, from Yes to the Young Knives (a chronological gap rather than alphabetical). I thought the write up for the 1000 Years show sounded interesting so I got a ticket. I did not expect much, but of the thousands of bands I have seen, the show at Northampton was one of the best ever. A fantastic evening, quite special.
Hampshire I saw 1000 years twice; Basingstoke and Wimbledon, and I thought it was absolutely wonderful
Salisbury Saw Richard last night 5 Feb 2009 at Salisbury-excellent entertainment!
Bournemouth saw RT last night in salisbury. Lovely concert. Great fun!
North Yorkshire Always magical. Gateshead '1000 years' - beyond superlative. I just didn't want the concert to end - and this from a woman struggling to overcome panic attacks in crowded places!
"February 8, 2009"
Pontypridd, Wales Great concert in Cardiff. Great combination with other artists
Swindon Superb last night of tour in Oxford - thanks
Northampton Richard's music means a lot to me. He was my Mum's favourite musician. She died 4 years ago but I always find hope in Richard's music. It allows me to take time out and think of her. We played her favourite song 1952 Black Vincent Lightning at her funeral.......she was born in 1952, and the song rmeinded her of her Grandfather who had that bike! I recently went to the 1000 years of music concert and I felt like I took my Mum with me. She would have loved the music from the middle ages especially.
Hokkaido From 'Liege & Leaf'album, when I was 15.
Oxfordshire It beggers belief how one man with just ten digits can get SO much music out of one little wooden box! I've not heard such great creativity or virtuosity with a guitar and with lyrics and music since Bob Dylan in his early years, but with humour to boot! All power to your elbow - I mean fingers. Hey, how about preventing all that creativity from going to waste (once you're 'gone' ;o( so start up a creative music How do oy do it? Come up with ideas and put them into words and notes? PS - Happy 60th for 3/4/09 ;oD
New York Richard Thompson is my favorite musician of all time. His music is beautiful and his lyrics are inspiring to me as a writer. I love seeing him live--he always gives fantastic performances. I have seen him in Washington, D.C. a number of times.
"February 10, 2009"
South Wales I think "dad's gonna kill me" is inspired
"February 11, 2009"
Brighton Saw RT at Lewes Guitar Festival 2007 - had ignored his music for years: that changed my mind!
Texas Any New England shows on tap for 2009?
Tennessee Amazing to watch RT play...he makes it look so easy I want to throw my guitars away
Massachusetts Can't wait for the Nashville show!
Washington Terrific concert in Lowell, Massachusetts last summer. Hope you make a return appearance. Thanks for signing my CD.
"February 14, 2009"
Devon No comments, but another big 'thank you' to Mr Thompson for the music.
"February 15, 2009"
New Mexico When you playing in England next?
"February 16, 2009"
New Mexico Richard (or person reading this for him and passing along selected comments) Please come to Seattle or better yet, Bellingham where I live with my darling wife. There is a University here with lots of youth needing to hear you. All the best
Virginia come back to blackpool,please!
"February 17, 2009"
Dunfermline, Fife, Scotland :-) Loved your performance at Perth Concert Hall, sorry it took me so long to say so! You are extremely versatile and your guest singer, wow! What a voice!
"February 19, 2009"
NSW Come to Australia with yr band, do you want to buy a song?
"February 20, 2009"
Pennsylvania Just started listening to Folk Village. Not typicaly touched by music but Beeswing took me places. I'm a recovered alcoholic, maybe there is a bit of that lost child in me. Now I can't get enough of his music.
Surrey Richards music parners intensely vivid imagery with soaring guitar work. Lovely and so addictive
"February 22, 2009"
Worcester The man is a genius.
"February 24, 2009"
Texas Started with the first Fairport Album in 1969. Try never to miss RT when he's in the area.
England Found you on You Tube Fantastic song!!!! 52 VB Shadow the rest I have found are great as well!!!
"February 26, 2009"
North Carolina I am bummed-- RT's show next Sunday night 3/8 is sold out--i was supposed to go for my b'day. Don't know if I can make the Monday 3/9 show....gonna try though!