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FEBRUARY 1-28, 2010
"February 14, 2010"
Florida listening to Take Care The Road You Choose....high point of my day thus far Thanks
Washington Looking forward to the Seattle and Portland shows, Feb 15 - 17, I'll be at all three..!! Will miss D.T., hope all is well there...??
"February 16, 2010"
Washington Just got back from the Seattle Showbox performance, & as usual, had a GREAT time! The band was awesome & TIGHT. Thanks for yet another memorable evening of music! BTW, your shirt matches the wallpaper. Nice touch! LOL.
Maryland Can i order the Songbooks yet ?!??!!
Washington I've been listening to and following just about everything RT-related since the early Fairport days. Just saw him at The Showbox, in Seattle, last night (2/15/10). Both Richard and the band were HOT! Love the stuff from the new album!
California One the best musicians I have ever heard. Great Music
Washington Showbox Market Seattle concert was simply the most well done performance yet! Keep this new big band going, and we'll be back!
Washington superb performance at the Showbox last night!
Washington Richard--saw you last night at the Showbox in Seattle. You and the band were fantastic! My wife and I can't wait to pick up the new CD. A request, though: Could you put out a live CD of the second set as well? It was amazing!
Texas Come to Texas and play awhile with the band.
Oregon Wow, I just discovered this website. I love your music. Thank you for all the lovely music.
"February 17, 2010"
New Jersey I took my son to see you in Princeton in October - had a great time. Can't wait for the songbooks to be ready!
"February 18, 2010"
Canberra, ACT a fabulous website - quality look, good menu, merchandise, interaction with the man himself, well done!!
"February 19, 2010"
South Carolina Thanks for all the great songs, RT. How about some delta blues?
Oregon thank you Richard for providing the soundtrack for my life's story, the best as well as the worst. In this crazy world your music is something that has never let me down…
jersey ci we used to play the best song ever the wall of death in our band with maggie lucley in the tarts we are great fans and you met maggie last year in birmingham we would like to see you in jersey some time
Oregon I'm going to see Richard tonight at the Shedd in Eugene, OR! Wahoo!
California Just say you in Portland, great concert!
"February 20, 2010"
Oregon LOVED LOVED LOVED the Eugene concert tonight! ...and now I'm listening to one of the two live CDs I bought there... Love the CDs, too. Can hardly wait for the live album from this concert tour!
Oregon Show in Eugene, Oregon on the 19th was great. Thanks for coming to our town.
Oregon Great show at the Aladdin Tuesday evening Ritchie, (Wall of Death) was wicked cool "Haul me Up"......…
"February 21, 2010"
Oregon Rock on!
Washington just saw Richard in Seattle on Monday Feb 15, 2010. This was the 3rd time I was lucky enough to see him. It is amazing that he seems to get better with age when other guitarists start to loose their skill. I was glad to hear him play the old FC classic, Time Will Be the Wiser. Great choice. I was grinning ear to ear for most of the performance. He remains a great entertainer and the best guitarist I have ever seen and I have seen many.
Oregon Loved the concert in Portland - tight band!
California Do a project with Geoff Muldaur. Please?
"February 22, 2010"
Bedford Like a bottle of vintage claret - he gets better and better.
Washington In seattle after the new album was played, what was the title of the first song in the second set? I was seated in the back and the number of people talking just left me frustrated. Thanks, please come again.
Hampshire I have about 35 albums left to discover. Should see me through to the end!
"February 23, 2010"
Oregon First the music, then the performance, now the website -- all unique, wonderful -- almost magic. Definitely fun. I am duly grateful.
South Carolina PLEASE let me program the next box set!
California Always a pleasure!
New Jersey Thanks Richard
"February 24, 2010"
Tyne & Wear Is there any sign of a new album on the way? If so, when.
Arizona thank you! : )
"February 25, 2010"
Brighton Thanks for everything !
California We saw RT Band at GAMH last night: 2/24/10. We're out of superlatives. Richard's best band ever, and an incredible evening of music.
Northampton Look, it's more than 2 years since any news from home - therefore any news would be good gnus.
"February 26, 2010"
West Yorkshire R.T. - Top Man!
California as a 20 and 30 something, rt was there , and i was not really, but now am a huge fan last ten years. one door opens, another shuts behind.
California Thrilling music. I was thunderstruck at the Great American Music Hall.
"February 27, 2010"
san benedetto del tronto (AP) a bow !
British Columbia big fan for a long time.
"February 28, 2010"
Telford To qualify "My whole life!" I started with the Fairport first two LPs which I bought just after the 2nd came out. I had just started to progress from the Beatles Kinks and Hollies to Fairport, The Nice, Procol Harum, Chicago, Simon & Garfunkel inter alia. Now I follow too many bands to mention and having gone through mono to stereo, LP to original Cd to remastered remixed and whatever else it has cost a bloody fortune! But still worth it.