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February 1-15, 2003

"Sat Feb 01, 2003"

Florida "Great group of folks on the mailing list have turned me on to alot of new, to me, music!"
South Dakota "Just saw Richard for the first time in Sioux Falls, SD where I live....The show was amazing....Please Richard come visit us again!"
"Great website, I'm happy with the MP3's - unfortunately there's no link on ""Banks of the Nile', so you cannot download it - please check that. I'm looking forward to Richard's tour of Germany - he should be here more often !!!!"
Ontario Why did you choose to develop an English style for electric guitar when so many players of your generatoin wanted to play blues or other American styles?
"Glasgow, Scotland" The day your tour hits Edinburgh I've booked to see Carol Kidd in Glasgow... can't let my wife down now so have a great tour.
"Sun Feb 02, 2003"
"Lismore, NSW" Will the new album be available in Australia?
Virginia "Re: Playing in Delaware: there is at least one viable venue, near Rehoboth Beach DE, in the town of Dewey Beach. I can't recall offhand the name of the venue, something like the Rusty Nail. Anyway, during Summer months (at least) they regularly have live"
"Frome, Somerset" Love all your work for yonks! Old Kit Bag bees knees! Take care-your continued good health.
Kent "I have been a fan for many years, good to see that at last Richard is getting the recognition he deserves."
lancashire "great to see someone like Richard at the small school venue in Chorley St Micheals , the support bands were excellent too, "
"Mon Feb 03, 2003"
Oregon "Saw your show in Eugene, OR on Jan 25th -- the best single musical performance I've ever seen. Come back soon!"
Maine "Hi there, hey, I just tried to download one of your MP3's,Banks of the Nile, to be specific, (thought I would see if you went for the gusto on the high notes, sort of the English Tenors) and it takes an absolute century, longer than a campaign through Eg"
"Tue Feb 04, 2003"
California "Glad to see the site is up and running, and that it reflects Richard's fantastic sense of humor. I miss seeing him out on the California coast as I am living inland now. Any chance of coming to Chico, California? "
Minnesota I truly appreciate your music and love your voice. I just saw you in Iowa and South Dakota and you were wonderful as always. Thank you for sharing your gift.
Victoria "Would love Richard Thompson to write a song about the English cricket team. It could be a tale of tragedy and farce and doom and gloom. Having said that, one tour that I look forward to more than the poms ashes tour is RT returning to Australia. 2003, please."
California " Had the pleasure of seeing you at the Troubadour in Hollyweird during the Action Packed Campaign. I heard you don't take requests, so I kept requesting ""Psycho Street"". Got a great look from you. Show was awesome, by the way. Rumor and Sigh is one of my favorites."
Sussex Old Kit Bag landed on my matt this morning. Wonderful stuff as ever. RT just gets better with age. Looking forward to the shows in Sheffield & Brighton.Web site improving by the week.
Yorkshire Fantastic new album Richard! Looking forward to hearing it live in Leeds!
Indiana "Richard's music speaks to my soul; he's absolutely the best, and I hope to buy all of his music as I spread the word of his excellence far and wide."
portstewart waiting impatiently for gig in Dublin in March. Show in Belfast about 5years back was as good as it gets.
Queensland "Congrats on an intelligent, interesting, up to date site. My only complaint is the color - my baby boomer eyes have trouble reading it. Saw you at the Tivoli in Brisbane a couple of years ago. Please try to do East Coast Blues & Roots Festival."
Surrey Music was just a noise in the background until you came along.Thanks. Last saw you at the Union Chapel -what a great venue. Cant wait to see you at Shepherds Bush doing your stuff.
"Wed Feb 05, 2003"
Auckland "How about lugging the old kit bag downunder. Twice now and no band! Now theres only 3 of you, how about it! It would be nice to hear some electric guitar. Solo would be good too!"
Derby "will you ever play derby? we boys on the derby beat would dearly love to listen!"
willich " 30 years listening - is that too long? no, it's at least 30 years too few - please come back to germany with a band soon!"
Bedfordshire "just got the new album,is this man capable of making a bad album !!,if he is I ain't heard it.appreciate the wait, this guy is a genius, long may he live."
Derbyshire What a hero! Hope to see you in Sheffield.Best regards.
"Thu Feb 06, 2003"
Adelaide I first saw RT back in the 1960s with the early line up of the Fairports. After being a fan for such a long time it was a buzz to be sitting next to a young couple at a WomAdelaide concert who were really excited hearing RT for the first time.
Emrick Man I just heard your vincent 53 song. Which is also the first time i'be heard it. I don't even know when it came out but I love it. Im angry that I haven't heard of you earlier but I love it n e wayz
New York I'm a longtime member of the amateur critics list. RT's the greatest!
"Cwmcarn, Wales" "Well, the new record is with us at last and it is a corker. Your music continues to move and inspire in equal measure. Looking forward to seeing you in Bristol but how come you aren't doing any Welsh dates? We love you too. Keep on keeping on."
"Whitwick, Leics" Looking forward tremendously to the De Montfort Hall gig in March (13 yr old loving son is coming solely on the basis of you playing My Daddy Is A Mummy.....). Looking forward with some trepidation to the upcoming TV documentary on RT as our TV list
New Jersey "Mr. Thompson, I have enjoyed as many of your live performances as I could get to in the NY-NJ area over these past years. My question to you is: When are you going to come through here again with a full band and play an electric set? I think you are one o"
Washington DC "Re: A venue in Delaware, Richard should check out the Grand Opera House in Wilmington, also the community of Arden has a singer/songwriter series (Dave Alvin plays there this month, I think)that should play to his Shakespeare jones"
Pennsylvania I could not wait for the US release of THE OLD KIT BAG so I pre-ordered from amazon uk I was amazed to recieve it Feb. 6. It was worth the added shipping expense as it is another fine CD from Richard Thompson.Gethesmane is incredible!!!!!
Iowa Really enjoyed show in Des Moines 1/17
"fife, scotland" Queens Hall March 6-Yippee!Last time was great!
Oregon "Discovered RT through John Renbourn, Bert Jansch. RT is such a consistantly honest artist. A cultural gem we should all be thankful for."
Vermont doing our best to tell people about rt over the years... looking forward to the new album
Pennsylvania "I've just listened to The Old Kit Bag -- beautiful, beautiful CD. My favorites on first listen are Word Unspoken and Outside of the Inside. The harmonies with Judith Owen on Word Unspoken are fantastic! Thank you for doing such a lovely job."
"Fri Feb 07, 2003 "
Alaska "We Alaska RT fans (I speak for at least three here in Anchorage who have gone so far as to fly to Seattle for RT concerts) were jazzed to read in ""latest questions and answers"" that Richard is ""very keen"" to get to Alaska. Ask Loudon Wainwright and Marti"
Amsterdam "I am really looking forward to your radio appearance on February 19th! What a pleasant surprise it was, to see that you're coming to Amsterdam. Also, I've been harrassing my local record stores for The Old Kit Bag, but they haven't received it yet... :-( "
Manchester "I have to echo the disappointment about the NW of England, although we have been well treated over the last few years with a couple of solo gigs in Oldham and the band gig at the Bridgewater - all of which were wonderful.
Bristol Will you visit the Rainbow Centre while you are in Bristol?
Oregon " Why, oh why is ""The Old Kit Bag"" not avaliable in the US until May? Any reason why I can't order it from your Euro distributor? Trusting there's no latent colonial resentment over that little seccession in the 18th century. Love you anyway. "
Leeds Your music is fantastic but right now I'd like a bottle opener.
"Sat Feb 08, 2003"
Massachusetts "I just recieved ""the Old Kit Bag"" yesterday and have been listening to it non-stop. I'm not very articulate when it comes to describing music, but the variety (from celtic in ""one door"" to jazzy in ""got no right"") and the rich but pared down arrangements."
Rotterdam or Istanbul "started with a solo gig in a big tent in a small park in Brighton, 1988, and went on from there...Have you ever, will you ever, play in Istanbul? I recommend the seafood!"
Connecticut "caught your show in Northhampton back in October, it was great! My new wife is equally enthusiastic, about touring with Dick Dale and have it sponsored by AARP? "
Chalfont St Peter Cracking new Album Richard !! some good stuff with Danny !!
cork Great Fairport Fan. Saw FC play the Stadium in Dublin in early Seventies (around time of Full House) Fan of Richard all through the years in all his many phases - saw him in Dublin recently with Danny T at the Olympia. Will try and get to Vicar St.
Florida Come back to St. Augustine!
"Glasgow, Scotland" cant wait to see you at edinburgh in march
Derby looking forward to trying to catch your set either in Leeds or Leicester. Great set at Croppers! Hope to see you there this year :) Keep up the good work and I love your new album!
New Jersey The first RT tune I ever heard was Beeswing. I bought the live album Two Letter Words. Then I learned to play the guitar just so I could play Beeswing. And I can play it now. So now I am learning Vincent.
"Sun Feb 09, 2003"
"Glasgow, Scotland" "first saw RT (and Linda) supporting Traffic (I think)at the Apollo, Glasgow in mid 70s. Didn't tune in again until a couple of years ago when Don't Sit on My Jimmy Shands became the soundtrack of a long overdue mid life crisis. Saw the BBC/John Peel narra"
wolverhampton "Keep in touch. Always interested in new releases or tours passing our way."
New York "Richard has been an inspiration for better than 20 years. Best ""unknown"" guitarist alive. Acoustic AND Electric"
Norwich Can anyone (including Richard) tell me what the splendid 'Gethsemane' is about?
Yorkshire Iv'e seen RT many times and think he's an excellent artist. I hope to see him on his latest tour(Sheffield and Leeds probably)
Georgia Please come back to Atlanta or to the Strawberry Music Festival ASAP! Thanks!
"Mon Feb 10, 2003"
New Jersey "Japanese Bonus track?? How 'bout equal rights for all!! When ""Action Packed"" came out with two new tracks and the rest material I already have I was peeved. Now that you have more 'control'I thought you would not permit these things!!!!"
California Well since you asked.....I would like to say that Mr. Thompson's music has been so valauable to me and my family living in a little farm shack it warms the cabin and goes well with house cleaning or a cup of late night tea.Meny thanks.
Minnesota "Any word of when the Live at the Fitzgerald Theatre concert will be broadcast? Or made available for purchase? (hint, hint)"
Yorkshire We love you Richard. Looking forward to the March tour.
Indiana "First of all, congratulations on TOKB. No matter what my friends and family say I do believe I can be objective when it comes to RT and I can objectively say this is one of your finest works. The material is powerful, playing is stunning.
Bath Im 15 years old and have been listening to RT for over 10 years now. I think RT is the best guitar player in the world and im going to see him in concert next month for the 4th time.
British Columbia "I am visiting the UK next week and will be at the March 7th concert in Coventry, because my brother is a huge fan of your music, Richard, and has got tickets.
Dublin See you in Vicar Street on 14 March '03. Any other Irish dates?
"Tue Feb 11, 2003"
Massachusetts "Couldn't wait until May so I ordered The Old Kit Bag from the UK. Smart move. Excellent CD!! Early favorites; Outside of the Inside, One Door Opens and A Love You Can't Survive. Just ordered two more copies. Hurry back to the East Coast."
New York "Richard, I met you a few times in the late 70s/early 80s. I was a young art student back then. I've been painting since and your music has rarely been far from the stereo- a fairly constant companion."
Virginia "By far my favorite singer/songwriter; an inspiration, mentor, and just plain amazing!"
Illinois Really enjoying Mock Tudor on vinyl.Hope I can find The Old Kit Bag in the xl size. Can't wait to hear Sight Unseen after hearing it in concert. The news from home is a riot. Thanks for the chuckle. Hope you'll be in the Chicago area this year. All the best.
Illinois Great Songwriter and Great Voice. Looking forward to seeing you in concert
Montana I'll produce a wyoming show for you next time! Great night at the Gateway Inn!
Illinois "Will you ever record your musical version of Hamlet? I've heard you do on stage and just think it is fantastic. Thanks for all the great music and shows."
New York ``A Love You Can't Survive'' (off the new album) is easily one of the best five songs Richard has ever recorded. It starts almost as a pedestrian and forgettable folk song and slowly builds into one of the most howling and mournful elegies.
Sydney "Hi and thanks RT for The Old Kit Bag - am enjoying it no end - fave tracks One Door, Pearly, Gethsemane, Jealous Words, Destiny ... getting into it!"
Milton Keynes "Having been a fan since the earliest Fairport days, it's great to say that ""kit bag"" is as good as anything before, if not the best. Greatly enjoyed the BBC documentary and am looking forward to seeing you at Leicester."
"Wed Feb 12, 2003"
Florida I heard you on NPR one friday night loved your music so I bought your CD one night & been hooked ever since.
Milton Keynes The best RT album since the last one?
"fife, scotland" "Very nice web site and very excited about seeing RT once again at the Edinburgh Queens Hall next month. First time I saw Richard play was at the Bath Festival in 1970 (as part of Fairport), sadly never saw R& L play together but have seen RT solo and with"
Florida "Have you ever considered recording an album of a purely Scottish/Celtic theme?
Nottingham Richard you just keep getting better.
London hallo!
Accrington Lancs New album is fantastic. Just disappointed no tour dates in North West of England
Missouri "My brother and I first saw Richard,solo acoustic, at a small, no longer existing, club in a St. Louis suburb in the late 70's. We have never missed another show, in St. Louis, since.
"Thu Feb 13, 2003"
California "do you want us to check-in as guests ONLY once, or to demonstrate use of the site? although this is my second sign-in, I visit rather more often than might be considered rational."
Sheffield "Enjoyed 'Solitary Life' documentary. Time well spent.You seemed unhappy with your garden.The perfect antidote for brashness is Anenome Nemorosa 'Vestal'.Buy some for your UK nearest and dearest when you're over.E-mail me for more tips-trust me, I'm a gard"
Wiltshire See ya in Bristol
Kentucky Actually at my age I've been listening to Richard for more than 30 yrs but a little short of my whole life. Any chance of a Kentucky appearance this time? Also is there any chance of The Bunch being reissued--I'd like to have a new copy?
New York I'd rather see Richard perform than anything else in the world!!!!!!!
NSW "Richard Thompson is, without a shadow of a doubt,one of the greatest and most under-rated/overlooked songwriters and guitarists of all time.How can such brilliant music NOT get airplay?"
"Fri Feb 14, 2003"
New York Does being a US citizen preclude my purchasing a copy of Semi-Detatched Mock Tudor?
Ohio It just keeps getting better. I've seen RT about 6 times.
Sweden Great great new album.STOP THE WAR!!!
Somerset I am hoping to get a barbershop style arrangement done for dimming of the day.
Leuven "I am a big fan of Richard Thompson, but what's the matter with his record company? The radio's been playing his record for two weeks now, but there's not one Kitbag to be found in all the record shops in Leuven (that's a university town in Belgium)."
"Sat Feb 15, 2003"
Oregon "Great show here in Eugene, early February--You're a treasure, Richard."
Bristol "Thanks for staying so loyal to your roots[and Fairport]over the years. Croprepy just wouldn't be the same without the old guard! A word for that other fine master of all styles, Ken Nicol. Late of the Albion Band. Between you you've made an old folkie a very happy."
Zurrieq "Keep on strumming the guitar, Richard"
USA Excellent site. Love your work. Great Design and useful information. I will be back soon!
Illinois Would like to know about next US concerts in Chicago. Thanks.
Cornwall "Just to say great songs, played so well."