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February 1-15, 2004
"February 2, 2004"
Cornwall I have become a fan of RT via listening to Fairport. It has been a revelation buying up the RT back catalogue. Fantastic!I can't wait to see a live gig in the UK.
"February 3, 2004"
Stoke-On-Trent I got my tickets for Bridgewater hall manchester 28th of may...Have you got yours????? Will be top still waiting for richard to come to stoke though Hehehe
Indiana Looking forward to your concert in Indy. Can't believe your coming to town.
New Jersey I love his music. Especially the live releases.
Leeds Probably the most talented & original songwriter around today - a guitar wizard & a nice guy!
"February 4, 2004"
Michigan "Love his wit! Like to see him solo, but the full band shows are good too, but a bit loud for these ears!"
"February 6, 2004"
Illinois "Dang! I begged Mr. Fitzgerald to try to book you into his club and now that he has, it's sold out and I'm not holding."
London he's the best thing with a guitar!
Antwerp "Not for the moment,perhaps later. Although, R.T. is one of the great artists of our time"
Evanton Ross-shire how about a highland gig?
"February 7, 2004"
new hampshire "Richard's work and that of Fairport are some of the most enthralling music I've ever heard, and I cherish all of it..…"
Massachusetts thank you!
"February 8, 2004"
Indiana "In two recent reunion shows with his band, Todd Snider and the Nervous Wrecks, Todd mentioned Richard Thompson both nights! I thought I'd check him out and saw that he would be at Birdy's later this month. I'll be there...If Todd says he's good."
indre et loire "only one regret: not to have known R T's music earlier because of its greatness, words and sounds"
Worcester "I thought that I'd just like to say to Richard that I think he's one of the best songwriters ever. I'm a below average guitarist myself, although I can sing a bit, and I think that the ultimate test of the power and quality of a song is ... can it surviv"
derbyshire cheers matey
"February 9, 2004"
Indiana "Richard, How come you're not coming to Bloomington this tour? I'll go to Indianapolis next week, but you're always welcome here in Bloomington! See you the 19th."
Manitoba "I'm really enjoying how this site is updated quite regularly. News From Home is a hoot and I hope you pursue your gift for prose even.I would love to see some more mp3s on the list. ""Push and Shove"" would be great or something live from the last band tour"
Derry I first heard Richard doing a live track on At the bottom line cd. Been a fan ever since
"February 10, 2004"
North Carolina RT rules! Best live performer in popular music.
Ohio found you...find us
"February 11, 2004"
Lisbon "Although I prefere the ""less-Folk"" songs (probably because of my backgrounds), I still consider you the best guitar player"
North Carolina Thanks in advance for comming to the Grey Eagle in Asheville NC. We look forward to talking with you. Don't skip your naps.
Bristol "Enjoyed Richard's Colston Hall (Bristol) gig last year, but I'm primarily interested in tip-offs of gigs and new releases for my partner (life-long fan!)"
North Carolina Looking forward to Mr. Thompson's concert (my first!)in Chapel Hill/Carrboro next month.
London "Just been learning to play beeswing, cold kisses and vbl '52 on my rustic flattop -a non trivial exercise, but great fun. Brilliant songs. Will RT issue a restraining order if I try to cover them at my gigs? There's only normally about 4 people there anyw"
oost-vlaanderen "my parents have been listening to Richard and I like his music.I am 13 but I learn a littlebit Englich at school but I cant ... Sorry ... "
"February 13, 2004"
Waterford unbelievable stuff - voice like no other and handy with the strings an' all.
Aragon "Saw RT many times w/Fairport in England. After 1982, in Central Park and almost every show in Tarrytown, through 2002. Moved to Zaragoza, Spain in '03. All our friends here love RT's music - and would be blown away by a live show... "
"February 15, 2004"
Paris I've followed RT's work from the early Fairport days. It's always been a pleasure to see him perform. Few guitarists outside the Jazz idiom can match his originality and inventiveness. Get him over to Paris soon!! (PS great website)
Colorado Please come to Colorado for a concert.
New York always like to know what's new with my favorite performer!