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February 1 - 15, 2005
"February 1, 2005"
Manitoba a truly unique entertainer
Washington "hello to RT and Nancy from one of the fans who attended the first Cropredy/England/Scotland summer tour back in--was it '84?? as they say, memory is the second thing to go... Cheers"
"February 2, 2005"
Georgia "RT you are a God, I want to have your baby!!!"
Milan Bloody fantastic guitarist and superb songwriter.
michigan "Loved RT ever since the FC 60's. Finally saw him live last week at AA Folk Festival. Blown away! Want to buy ""Hots for the Smarts"". Is recorded?"
Durham "Where can I get a copy of ""FIRST LIGHT""?"
UK "Do you know how to play Route 66? I bet you would do a great job of it, live. You're good at taking other people's songs and making them your own. Even songs that I haven't really liked before sound great when you cover them. That aside, you never cease to amaze with your own songwriting skills. In recent years my favourite RT album has always been your last. And there aren't many I can say that about."
Dorset "From early-ish Fairport (London Festival Hall 1968?) I've enjoyed Richard's music. Great songs, thrilling guitar playing. Looking forward to Cropredy 05!"
Maine "first live concert 1972, London last Dec 2004 in Camden Maine. Still FANTASTIC !"
"February 3, 2005"
tasmania great to see an official & informative RT site
Illinois "In reference to King Sunny Ade's remark on Live Live Juju, he actually saying, ""Peace and Love..."""
California We need to see more of RT locally here in Southern California!
California great show in petaluma california last night
Staffordshire Looking forward to the New DVD when I can find it. Richard Reinvigorated my interest in playing the Guitar many years ago
"February 4, 2005"
California "Forget Eric Clapton, RT is God! Well, a brilliant musician anyway."
Maryland Huge fan!
California "Just saw the 1000 Years show at the Mystic in Petaluma. Great!!! I kept hoping that the encores would go on forever, but I have a vivid imagination. How does one narrow down the popular music of one thousand years to just one shows worth! Oops! was awesome! Then again, Richard could perform the phone book and make it shine. Those women he played with are also fantastic. What an amazing project. Glad to be there to enjoy it!"
California Just saw your 100 years show at Bimbo's. I haven't had so much fun in a long time. You were absolutely phenominal in every way. What a true talent. Can't wait for the next show ..
California "ooops! correction... ""1000"" years! my apologies! still basking in the memory of a great evening."
"February 5, 2005"
ohio when is RT coming back to Cleveland?????
Vermont "took my 7 yr old daughter to 1000 yrs, told her it was only 10 yrs, so as not to scare her. of course, she loved it, especially thanks for oops! you really came thru for me!"
Missouri "I am lucky to meet and speak with Richard on two occasions.Once at Starlight Theatre after opening for Bonnie Raitt and then again at The Grand Emporium quite a few years later. Yet the best concert in my Life was in Lawrence KS at Liberty Hall, Thursday September 23rd. Dave Alvin opened. Richard's son was on Guitar.I wonder if you remember that night Richard. Thank you! "
Dorset Since the Fairport days Richard has continually pushed back the envelope of the singer - songwriter. Please let me know when he is next in the UK. We can't wait to hear more.
Yorkshire my whole life means I started in 1968!! I never heard the legendary Tangerine Man!
California "Great '1000 Years' show at 24th St Theater last night, 4Feb. RT only gets better with the years."
"February 6, 2005"
Arizona "My god, what have I been missing all these years??? RT hits every nerve."
Belfast Bought your cd!! Pleasantly surprised. Will buy more.
Oklahoma "Richard Thompson's one of the greatest living guitar players, forget Clapton, give me RT. Come play Oklahoma or Texas!"
"February 7, 2005"
Auckland I have all the CDs plural and the DVD singular. More of both please. And another concert in Auckland - I've seen two - would be nice.
Sweden "Come play in Sweden and Denmark and keep releasing those great live albums. Nice page, b.t.w."
"Gouda, South Holland" Is there a discounts if one buys the DVD plus 4 CD's in one go? I am Dutch you know!
New York "Just started listening to WFUV on the radio, and heard the song ""Persuasion"". I love it, and am going to purchase the CD with this song on it!!!"
Virginia A true and immeasurably valued muscian and artist.
"February 8, 2005"
Cork "I saw you playing in Cork, Ireland a few years back..great!!Cork is the EU Capital of culture 2005."
Maryland Your song Bathsheba smile came up. Cool - any shows in dc/md coming up?
Nottingham tour soon richard!
"February 9, 2005"
California "Thanks for lowering the music stand in Petaluma, CA (Feb. 1st) so those of us in the front row/center could see you! Fantastic show and Britney should be proud that you've covered one of her songs."
NSW I have seen Richard twice in Australia - simply magical. Luv ya work mate!
Maine Please come back to Maine!
New Jersey leige and leaf turned me into a's all uphill since.
New Jersey "Richard, Thanks for signing the Chrono CD after the Outpost at the Burbs show. "
West Midlands i have just started playing folk music and Richard Thompson is a big influence on me
"February 10, 2005"
Virginia Richard is a prince among men.
Hertfordshire The best singer/songwriter in the English speaking world.
Nottingham We call him The Blessed Richard Thompson. Says it all really.
Germany Love to see Richard Thompson live in Germany.
Italy Happy to add my signature to my all-time favourite Richard!!!
South Wales Brilliant.
"February 11, 2005"
Texas Bring it on!
Illinois "I love your music. Listening is like reading a book, I get lost in your lyrics. Thank you"
California Seven of us just enjoyed the totally amazing and incredible concert in Sacramento. Three in the group had never seen Richard perform. They were blown away! His rapport with the audience is a wonderful thing to experience. Thank you. Come back again!
Hampshire I am very pleased to see RT now has a DVD of his performance and the link to purchase his music. I would appreciate it if you could keep me updated on future developments and any UK tours/ gigs. Thank you
Essex It is strangely satisfying to sign a cheque directly to an artist!
Illinois He is the greatest!
Colorado "Just tell Richard Thanks So Much for the wonderful songs, music and shows over the years. He is the best! It is nice to see someone continue to do what he obviously loves so well."
Durham Thanks for so many years enjoyment
Sweden "Being a guitarplayer myself, I'm very impressed with Mr. Thompson's playing."
Massachusetts Sometimes I wish I didn't live my life to a RT soundtrack... it's kinda wearing.
New Jersey "Saw Richard in Lakewood New Jersey at the Strand Theater with my wife. And to this day she has not stopped telling her friends and family about him.And rightly so he is a monster on stage,a truly incredible talented musician,singer and songwrier.If you've only thought about seeing him,you are missing out on a real special talent.I only wish I could see him more often."
Rhode Island "Looking for gigs in the Boston, MA, RI area."
"February 12, 2005"
Surrey "Just received my copy of the Live In Providence DVD, normally I find DVDs can be fall short of expectation, not in this case, surely the best music DVD I own and the sound is fabulous. No gimmicks, no flash, just pure RT and that outstanding tone, well done!"
"February 13, 2005"
Ontario "I believe Richard mentioned somewhere in some recent comments on the site that there was a tour of Canada in the works for this spring. Is this still in the cards? Haven't been able to find any details anywhere. If not I guess I'll just have to give the credit card a hit and get to Cropredy... Tough life, innit."
London "It would be cool if you came to London again. I missed the concert at Hacney empire last year but I'll definetly go if you do another concert here, and I'll invite my high school teacher from Denmark who introduced me to your music a few years ago. It would be an honour to be able to see the best guitar player in the world perform live."
"February 14, 2005"
Indiana "Please indulge a (hopefully for you)short story. Two weeks ago I underwent surgery that required an overnight stay at our local hospital. Attempting to lighten the mood the morning of the surgery I put on ""Wall of Death"", from the CD ""Two Letter Words"" (my favorite version by the way). My wife was not amused of course but so be it. The next day, following the operation and a sleepless night in the hospital and all that entails my nurse wheels me to the front door where my long-suffering wife helps me into the car where OUR LOCAL SOUTHERN INDIANA RADIO STATION IS PLAYING RT'S LIVE VERSION OF ""WE'VE GOT TO GET OUT OF THIS PLACE."" Through the pain and to my wife's ""I can't believe this"" I turned the volume of course ...UP! Thank you Richard and please come see us next time around in Bloomington."
New Jersey R. T. is the best!
London Bright Lights was one of my favourite songs - but the recent stuff is just great. The whole family loves whoops I did it again. Just ordered 1000 years for Wife's birthday.
croydon Please keep me informed of tour dates in UK and CD releases. We saw him solo at Hackney last year but need another fix of RT with band!!
North Carolina "ARGGGGGGGGGGGGGG!!!!!!!!!!!I visit Richard's web site often to check additions to his tour schedule and am still patiently awaiting a return to Western North Carolina. I have promised many of my friends who have never seen Richard AN AMAZING SHOW if only he would come. So please, Richard, if you read these comments, know that you have wonderfully spoiled us with your word and song---in fact, opened our hearts with love and our souls with recognition---and your fun loving live self is famously missed. I feel the same way about your live music as I do about a trip to the ocean---gotta hear it to fill up the soul. So thanks for listening and come on by again real soon!!!!!!!!!!!!"
"February 15, 2005"
Sheffield "Laughed and Cried with Richard's songs over the years. He has been writing them for me hasn't he?!Whatever, he is a genius on the quiet, on the side, etc. Cheers Richard, and Thanks."
Washington You are a singular talent - thanks for all the music.
Glastonbury Just thanks man
England Thompson has been one of my favorite artists for many a year !