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February 1 - 15, 2006
"February 1, 2006"
Surrey "Superb show at the Anvil, more relaxed and engaging than usual - it suits. Only thing missing was Christine Collister - usually a cert for Basingstoke! ""Ghosts in the wind"" is the name of the last haunting tune for the person who asked."
Reading Enjoyed a fantastic show at the Hexagon last night. My Mum is now also a fan!
New York love RT. best live performer out there.
East Sussex Just getting sorted before heading down to the Dome in Brighton..c u l8r
Mannheim "Dear Mr. Thompson, I really like your music. The year you´d been to Germany me ,my sons and my former boyfriend wanted to go to Crop. We had a quarrel, so we went back home after been for 6 days in Cornwell. Back home I realised that you had had a gig in Köln. I was down. But this is long ago. - I like Britain and had the pleasure to visit Crop. twice."
USA thank you richard
Essex just seen Richard in Cambridge and thought he was great.
Kansas Extraodinary songwriting and thrilled to see so many other artists cover Richard's songs.
Stirlingshire, Scotland "Saw the Glasgow gig a couple of weeks ago - absolutely wonderful, inspiring, magical. Was with a friend who, for personal reasons, will not be going to any more concerts for the foreseeable future and all I can say is that you made him happy about seeing a true artist for his final gig. Thank you Mr T"
Bampton "What is under the beret? It can't be that bad can it? I have lots of scald scars, I don't hide them. If others don't like them it's their problem not mine."
"February 2, 2006"
Groningen "Dear RT, I have just received the new box set - great! wonderful! Will you ever do a gig in Groningen?"
South Wales heard dimming of the day on dave gilmour's meltdown dvd and was instantly hooked looking fordward to listening to all i can find good song writing and good luck for the future
Carmarthen, Wales Please keep coming to Wales
West Sussex Great night at Brighton Dome - thanks - any chance you might play at our local theatre Chequer Mead East Grinstead???Great spot with wonderful acoustics!! Thanks again for last night- told my nephew to get to your spot in Pert WA - wish we could be there!!
Texas I love your voice and accent.
East Sussex "just been to Brighton Dome, brilliant concert, blew me away, been listening for over 30 years, looking foreard to the next 30!!!!"
Sidmouth "Went to concert at the Barbican last week,with my son,brilliant!"
"February 3, 2006"
Hertfordshire RT is the man the guitar was built for.
West Sussex briliant show in brighton on wednesday.
Hertfordshire "1. Took my son to see RT at the Barbican last week - he's converted

2. Persuasion from ""Action Packed"" is quite superb (just discovered)"

Argyll, Scotland "I enjoyed so much the concert in Glasgow 24th Jan 2006 Well worth a long bus ride and an over expensive hotel stay"
Devon would be great to get a gig in south west/will keep eyes open
East Sussex Saw you and DT at Brighton the other night - what a great night out! Never been so happy and depressed at the same time.
Ohio "I just received the new box set. What a collection. I haven't even gotten through a disk yet (the rarities). I just chuckled at James and Molly's photo in the VINCENT brochure."
"February 4, 2006"
Illinois While not my whole life since 1969. The pictures are priceless young man. I really don't know how they could have been better. God Bless and keep our priceless friend
Lancashire I'm really looking forward to seeing RT perform in Blackpool on 8th Feb. Saw the Exeter concert 2 years ago - fabulous night
USA "Thanks for all the years of great music, Richard. You've touched people deeper than you will ever know."
Hungary "Wow, very interesting site, good information, design not bad, webmaster - respect and success !!"
Ontario Thank you for the passion you have for interpreting music via a guitar
Surrey Brilliant show at Brighton. A wonderful family outing. Thank you. Hope we'll be seeing you again soon.
Maine "Your new 5 CD set got an ""A"" from Entertainment Weekly. Nice write up!"
London "Great music! Keep on playing Richard. Congratulations on a wonderful career"
"February 5, 2006"
Michigan Please consider Lansing (state capital) or East Lansing (Michigan State University) for a tour stop. ; )
Staffordshire Went to Richard with Danny Thompson in Manchester on 3rd February. I'm a great fan of both Richard and Danny's work with John Martyn. A fantastic show. Thank you.
West Midlands "Went to see Richard at The Deco, Northampton, last night and both he and Danny were in superb form. It was made all the more special for me because it was my stag night and my best woman had sneaked a note backstage to Richard, who mentioned it on stage (""why would you want to come to see me on your stag night?"") and wished us a long & happy marriage. He refused my offer of a gig at the wedding, though. Nevertheless, it made my night, week and year. Thank-you, Richard."
Lower Saw Richard at Brighton on Wednesday 1st Feb. A pleasure to see a master at work!
Moscow "I don't know who is Richard Thompson, but Boris Grebenschikov ( says that he is the greatest composer for the last 100 years. And what about Boris.. He is the greatest Russian songwriter today and I want to listen Richard Thompson by myself to think what Boris said about..."
British Columbia "I first saw RT in London, as part of Fairport Convention, Principal Edwards Magic Theatre was the opening act, 1971 or '72. I've never looked back, and never stopped loving the music. Thanks"
"February 6, 2006"
Yorkshire "Enjoyed last night's concert in York (England) very much, as did all of those present. Thanks also for Danny's support on bass."
Northamptonshire Monster concert the other night at The Deco Theatre in Northampton - thanks R.T!
Wolverton "just saw him again on Saturday 06/02/06 in Northampton. He was as fab as ever! Great voice, great guitar playing great songs.There's no-one else can touch him"
Sheffield Great show at Sheffield Lyceum.Thanks for all the enjoyment provided down the years.Looking foward to the next tour allready.
England Richard is truly the most giften singer/song writter I know and he is a unique phenomenon....we always see him whenever he comes over here- long may that continue!
Aberdeen, Scotland fantastic new 5 cd box set!
Oregon I received my box set in the mail on Saturday and I haven't stopped listening to it. The booklet is great too! Good job and congratulations. Cheers
Glasgow, Scotland The set at Celtic Connections was superb!!
Massachusetts 1970 I bought my first fairport convrenytion album
"February 7, 2006"
Dorset "Basingstoke UK 27th January was my first RT concert since 1998 (having seen many prior to that) Everything, it seems, just gets better - fantastic guitar technique and vocals better than ever ! I felt moved to go out and buy the new Free Reed box set - Thanks Richard"
Kent "Richard Please may I have a bonus Cd6 I have bought the boxed set for both myself and Grant You will know me as Annagh Wood (John's Daughter) Thanking you in advance and ever hopeful !"
Birmingham love the stuff you did with linda
Fife, Scotland "Recently saw RT in Glasgow - wow, what have we been missing all these years""!! Our 19 year old son going to Gateshead this week and is SOOO excited. "
Yorkshire Every album is different so I never get bored. Ist saw him with the original F.C. and Sandy on vocals.
Croydon Went see you at Brighton. It's very nice. Thank you. When are you coming back to Brighton ? or Croydon?
Colorado Last time Richard was here and played Chatauqua he played a song about going thru a lover's drawers while she was out. What was the title and where can I find it?
Essex "life changing, inspirational,music and musicianship."
Merseyside "Nice to see the ""World's most talented man"" getting recognition"
Chorley Superb concert in Manchester on Feb.3rd; great to see RT and DT in acoustic mode at last!!!!
"February 8, 2006"
Zurich RT is a wonderful musician who has enriched my life. Thank you Richard !
Colorado "My husband and I chatted with Richard when we bumped into him walking the Pearl Street mall in Boulder a few years ago. I had just moved here from Austin and we talked about that town and also my then-seventeen-year-old son's appreciation of his music. After this less-than five-minute talk, during which he was as charming and affable as his music, we now consider ourselves his close personal friends--perhaps even his very favorite fans of all time--which of course enhances the listening experience exponentially. But even if it's all in our heads, we will always love his music and consider his show among the best we've seen."
British Columbia I really enjoy the music as well as the thoughts behind the music.
Ohio " I can't believe I've missed Richard's amazingly beautiful music (and those awesome lyrics)over all these years. It was purely by a random selection that I borrowed ""Mock Tudor"" from a local library recently, and I couldn't believe what my ears heard. Please add me to the ever-growing list of lifetime fans of Richard Thompson! PS: When is the next tour in the States?"
Ireland dont stop playing
"February 9, 2006"
Blackpool, Lancashire I saw Richard last night at the Grand in Blackpool - excellent!
Virginia "I first got acquainted with the ""Mirror Blue"" album, and have been hooked ever since. As a longtime Strat player I've always appreciated the uniqueness of that particular guitar, and Richard, you make it sound like it is supposed to sound!"
Lancashire Excellent performance from Richard and Danny. Jeb was a great opening act also. Great night had by all!
Liverpool Saw the lads in Blackpool last night. They were on fire and obviously having such a good time. Thanks.
Instanbul "Just started to listen you but I will go on.So warm and must start promotions in Turkey!So great to hear about you and your music by internet.Keep on this way,Successes,bye"
Cheshire Saw you at Blackpool. WOW!! What more can I say you were FANTASTIC. WHEN ARE YOU TOURING ENGLAND AGAIN? Soon we hope x
Rome you play beatiful music. I like also the lyrics. I don't know why I didn't listen anything about you until one year ago.. I am sorry.
Cheshire "Saw Richard at The Grand in Blackpool last night, He was astounding! A fabulous performance, my Best ever gig! He is such a wonderful singer/musician, the audience seemed a bit dead tho, except our row, which was moving in time to his music. Can't wait to see him again. xx"
Northamptonshire Have listened since early Fairport Convention
Brighton Superb musician and for me the best guitar player this country has ever produced
Morecambe "I love your music, your singing and songwriting ability. You have have a wonderful take on the intricasies of life and the world we live in. I hope you keep writing and performing for many more years. You are the best."
Blackpool, Lancashire saw Richard at blackpool 8th of feb fantastic
Wisconsin I'd like to send Richard a book. Any suggestions how it can get into his hands directly?
Sydney Well deserved award to RT at last. Very long overdue. See you soon.
"February 10, 2006"
Redcar the sage at newcastle concert last night was brilliant - how about playing at Redcar again? - last seen at Coatham Bowl and prior to that Coatham Hotel i.e. Redcar Jazz Club with Fairport Convention
Sweden "It was so thrilling, listening to the wonderful mix of "Unhalfbricking" in 1970, and it still is - just like Richard's subsequent output! Thank you!!!"
Middlesbrough Just went to Richard's concert at the Sage last night and he was fantastic as usual!!!
Co Durham "Introduced to the man himself by the man himself,in 2003; the learning is a life journey and the link will remain. Seen for the first time live in Gateshead last evening. Thankyou."
wallsend " just seen richard and danny at the sage in gateshead last night. another mindblower, thanks very much indeed."
Northumberland "Gig at the Sage, Gateshead simply magnificent. My 14 year old son and his friend are converts. Thanks. Congrats on Folk Award"
Tyneside We went to listen to Richard and Danny at The Sage Gateshead last night - just blown away - fantastic. Thanks.
"February 11, 2006"
Bristol "I went to see RT in Bristol last night. Brilliant - better than ever. Mingus eyes to Ghosts in the Wind. Just incredible. Please let me know when the Song Book comes out. PS., is it true "Beeswing" is about Annie Briggs."
Tyneside Saw the show with Danny Thompson at the Sage in Gateshead on 9th February. Absolutely wonderful. Many thanks for the music.
Wisconsin Please come back to Milwaukee!
Worthing "Got to see you at Brighton 1st Feb. Been circling your music for years, what a fool i was...what an incredible show!!!"
Hertfordshire I want to see Richard live.
Cardiff, Wales An absolutely excellent show tonight in Cardiff (11/2). First time I have seen Richard live. Nice to see Danny Thompson on hand too!
California You're my favorite folk-rock artist of all time.
Texas Richard Thompson's music makes this world a much better place. thanksamillion.
New York Looking for cd's and concert or promo posters
"February 12, 2006"
Maryland "Richard Thompson's music is often played on ""Dave's Record Collection"" a weekly radio show on WMUC 88.1, College Park Md. ( "
Somerset Simply the best
Carmarthrnshire Saw Richard last night - 11/02/06 in St David's Hall Cardiff. Absolutely brilliant! This man has been such an important part of the soundtrack to my life. Thank you Richard
Swansea Was at cardiff last night..WOW wat ana mazin gig... Worth going to hear Crazy Man Michael alone.And Danny was out of this world.. what a team. my whole family and friend thoroughly enjoyed a great night. Thanx
Cheltenham "Thank you for a superb set at Bristol Colston Hall, one of the best from a consistently high standard over 30years"
Cardiff, Wales Just thanks for all the musical bliss and lyrical wisdom over the years. My wife and daughter are now big fans too.
Cheltenham "Can you pass on to Richard - I saw him at Colston Hall on Friday - I was utterly blown away - amazing - stratospheric - I've seen him several times, but this time was just incredible, a performance from a different planet - thank you for a fantastic night - not to forget Danny T. - who else could possibly accompany as well? I used to look forward esp. to band gigs, but voice, guitar, and bass was perfection itself. Yours, amazed!"
Corsham, Wilts "Just saw you and Danny at the Bristol Colson Hall. Wow, what a gig, truly tremendous, it was a real privledge to be there, great music!!!"
Massachusetts Just got the boxed set- gotta figure out how to get my FREE 6th disc- need those international reply coupons....thanks so much for your wonderful boxed set!
"February 12, 2006"
Dorset "Hi Richard, Have just got back from seeing you in Bristol and want to thank you for yet another superb evening of great music. It was so good to see you ' live' again and to relive the Thompson magic. Let's hope that it won't be too long before we meet on the ledge once again. Until then - thank you once again and keep the faith."
Cumbria "I'd known about RT for a long time and heard the odd track but started serious listening 6 months ago. Went to the Gateshead gig with my teenage son and he was better than I imagined. Definitely on my list of ""Who I would like dinner with"". Brilliant musician and I couldn't wait for the humorous comments."
Winterswijk I buy cd's & go to concerts. Keep on playing!
Iowa Waiting anxiously for the next tour stop in central Iowa!
Aberystwyth "Hey, Just wanted to say how much I enjoyed the gig at the Uni Arts Centre tonight - I'm gonna be on a high for several hours now! Please don't make it another 25 years before you come back again - any time during the uni term over the next 2.5 years would be great!"
Yorkshire "Lifetime aceivement award? NOT before time!!! All hail Mr Thompson and his fabulous, beautiful, soul-caressing music. P.S. Where can I get that SHIRT?? :)"
"February 13, 2006"
Tyrone "Favourite cover of an RT song: June Tabor - Strange Affair"
Ohio "I love the new box set. Lots of solo, live stuff. "
Ceredigion, Wales Seen Richard and Danny (and Jeb) at Aberystwyth last night . Absolutely brilliant
Nebraska "Huge fan, obviously. I could listen to ""I Want to See the Bright Lights Tonight"" for hours... and have."
Connecticut "Had the pleasure of seeing RT for the first time at the New Haven Folk Festival last summer. I was hooked instantly. Just purchased the Austin City Limits DVD and am similarly amazed. I had first heard about him years ago from my friend, UK's Earl Okin who toured with Fairport Convention and always told me about how much he enjoyed doing so. I would be quite pleased if he were to come back to CT. I noticed that he did Town Hall in NYC subsequently, and look forward to catching him when he next appears in the tri-state area."
Pembrokeshire, Wales "saw RT for first (but not last...oh no sirree!)time last night at Aberstwyth + DT on Double Bass,Fantastic! (sorry about the crap singing Richard, we were tired after watching the Wales/Scotland game!) "
London Gets better as he gets older
trondheim "are you gonna play in norway in 2006? i really like your music, thank you! "
Pennsylvania Just love his music and his playing in particular.
"February 14, 2006"
California Add me to the legions of fans.
Fareham "Saw Richard live in Chichester last month, an amazing performance"
Gloucestershire Love the new box set!! Keep it up Richard!
Swansea "so far, Richard is the only musician whose songs I have greatly enjoyed consistently on a first play"
Wales Thanks
Somerset "Actually not quite my whole life. I first saw Richard with Fairport Convention at the Albert Hall in 1968, when they were topping the bill, supported by Joni Mitchell."
Chichester I love the guitar work and the passion put into the performances.
Wales A thoroughly deserved lifetime achievement award in R2 Folk awards
Wellington "Is RT planing on coming to play in Wellington, NZ? If so when? If not, why not?"
"February 15, 2006"
tasmania looking forward to 9th march in melbourne
Kent Just heard your music on Bob Harris Saturday Radio 2 show. Wow! I have lots of catching up to do.
Hampshire hey richard love the site! keep on rockin and rollin!
Dorset "I first heard "Bright Lights" 20 years ago and fell in love with it. Since then, Richard's work has never failed to astonish and move me. Thanks for the site, guys. It's truly appreciated. "
Michigan Absolutely intrigued with music from Grizzly Man. Thoroughly enjoyed the music documentary with the DVD. Prompted me to find out more about RT and purchase his music. What a hoot!!! Thanks.