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February 1 - 15, 2007
"February 1, 2007"
California please notify me of california shows and when his songbook is ready!
Ohio Dearest Richard! Love Dad's Gonna Kill Me, good show! You have more intensity and feeling in your voice than almost anyone I've ever heard. You still have it, baby. ;-) Looking forward to seeing you on the 25th, what a great birthday present for me! Keep on keepin' on....
Pennsylvania Love the song about the girls with smarts
Jersey CI Based in Cardiff and Bristol during late followed Fairports. Met Richard on board The President Riverboat in New Orleans for Roy Orbison concert in 1984. Have seen him since in NOLA again, Beaumaris [North Wales!!] and Town Hall, New York in Oct 2005. Always magical.
Missouri Hey Richard! Your body of work is a wonder. Thanks for the decades of great music. Peace and all the best to you!
California LOVE "Dad's Gonna Kill Me" (especially the line about Fox!)! Great rocking song, the band sounds fantastic and I particularly like Sara Watkins' violin (always wanted one in my old band - figured it would add a nice dimension and some diversion from my lead playing). Can't wait for the album! Cheers
"February 2, 2007"
California Richard! I had the chance to see you for the first time a year or so ago at UCLA. Being a guitarist myself, I felt truly inspired during the first three songs; the remainder of the show I felt like I should just give up- you truly are a one-man band (no disrespect to your fellow musicians). You have another fan for life.
Bedfordshire just got into your music after 30+ years of being on the fringe - 1000yrs was absolutely brilliant
London is (guitar, vocal) on cd
New Jersey Ready for the next tour & album!
Massachusetts Got me through some hard times. Began by accident with "Unhalfbricking." Thank you, thank you, thank you
West Midlands Tour and release info please
Oregon I adore King Dick T and several friends call ourselves confirmed "Dickheads" in his honor. I've seen him only twice in concert but am determined to see him again!! Coolest of the cool.
"February 3, 2007"
Montana It's been too long since you have played in Montana.
Surrey I was assistant to Doone (soundman) at Half Moon, Putney and handed RT his guitar on a few occasions.
Missouri Found out about him through the Fairport Convention best of double album when it first was released. Bought "Henry the Human Fly", the rest is history. Have not missed a show of his, here in St. Louis, since then.
Ohio love the 1000 years of music DVD
"February 5, 2007"
Indiana "i've been listening to richard thompson all my adult life, starting w/fairport convention. his music helped define 1970 for me and several friends, our first year of college. and, he still rocks!"
"February 6, 2007"
USA "I've asked for one of your berets for my birthday (Feb 14) Your music has everything I want and need. Thank you fo your latest ""Dad's Gonna Kill Me"""
Massachusetts My sweetheart turned me on to you. He's one of your biggest fans!(and I now know why). I like to buy him presents he'll appreciate. He's really not totally aware of this web site.Let's keep it our secret!
Gloucestershire play huntingdon hall again
Ontario I have only heard of Richard Thomson in the last 3 years,but he is handsdown my favourite guitartist ever.
Africa Richard music is so nice I love it keeeeeeeeeeeeep it up guy man
"February 7, 2007"
Missouri Looking forward to seeing you once again at the Pageant in St. Louis in Feb.
Plymouth Just listen to 'Dads Gonna Kill Me' - fantastic! RT in great form. Richard plse try to come and play in Plymouth UK again. I know its a cultural backwater!!
New Jersey Heard Richards Thompson on XM Radio in "The Loft" station. Fantastic songwriting, singing and guitar playing. I'm going to listen to a lot more of Mr. Thompson.
California I was at one of the great "1000 years" concerts in S.F. (as a guest of Harry & Judith's)!
Port Talbot, Wales Thank you Richard for hours and hours of pleasure.
Lancashire "Hi the track you put up for folk to listen to...'Dad's Gonna Kill me'. Looking forward to the new album, and to seeing you at Copredy this year (2007). I intuit that the new album is going to be a 'biggie'...mark my words! Best wishes."
"February 8, 2007"
Maine You were amazing at the Boston Folk Festival!!!
Arizona I love Richard's music. I see that he is coming to Phoenix in March. I can't wait to see him at the Rhythm Room. Give my regards to him.
"February 9, 2007"
Rome you are super
"February 10, 2007"
Ontario Saw Richard in concert in Toronto, Canada in October 2005. Thanks for a terrific show!
Alaska I was first introduced to your music when I was about 20 - been a huge fan ever since. We live in Alaska and dont have much of a chance to travel. My wife was in Seattle a few years ago to see a doctor and lucked up on a second row seat to one of your concerts. She called first to see if I would hate her for the opportunity to see Richard play live and I told her to go for it. She loved the concert and still talks about it. I hate her for her luck there. Not really, but please come to Alaska. My wife and i are long time guides in katmai National Park and manage a lodge between the bays where the Treadwell film was shot and spend alot of time in those areas. We had many visits with Treadwell over the years. Richard if you would ever like to visit this beautiful part of our planet , we would be the perfect hosts for you in a very private and intimate setting. But please, someday please do a concert or two in alaska!
Warwickshire Always a fantastic gig. Last years with Danny Thompson was superb! Many thanks!
Pennsylvania Met Richard in Pittsburgh a few months ago. Thank you for stepping out to say hello. Planning to attend shows in Nashville and CA in Feb and Mar. Bringing my brother to Cropredy! See you there!
California Sweet shirt Richard!!
"February 11, 2007"
Washington Thanks for the music. Hope I get to see you play somewhere sometime.
Mandaluyong I want to here the Album with a lyrics on living wage
Leicestershire Inspirational - sometimes witty, sometimes moving... Thanks for some of the best gigs I've ever been to! See you on the next tour…
Oregon Hope to see you in Portland, OR, again soon. It's been a while!
North Carolina I've wanted to hear "Dad's Gonna Kill Me" again since hearing it in two concerts last year. Thanks for making it available. My favorite line is ""No one's dying if you speak doublespeak."" So true. We're looking forward to the CD and hope you can make it back to the Carolinas or East TN this year.
"February 12, 2007"
Devon the man's a genius
New Mexico Looking forward to hearing RT live in Santa Fe next month! & hope he brings the band back to Santa Fe in the spring...(I heard they'll be touring with him around April & I've got to hear the electric stuff too!)
Ohio Hello Richard, I heard your song 1952 Vincent Black Lightning last night on a local classic rock station and i must say i have not been able to get it out of my head since. It was a live acoustical version and i thought it was just fantastic. I am a huge fan of ballads and must say that is one of the best i've ever heard. I would give my left arm to hear you in concert. Will you be touring the USA in 2007? Please say yes... I'm sorry I've never heard your music before.
"February 13, 2007"
Missouri You just keep getting better all the time…
Kent Do you have any songs that are in DADGAD tuning please?
"February 14, 2007"
Pennsylvania I've been WAITING to see you at Bonnaroo! I've always thought that would be a GREAT festival for you. I've seen your every concert in the Philly/NJ area over the last five years, and my wife and I do a bunch of your tunes in our gigs (sorry, you can sue but every job seems to COST us money)...Can't wait to see you and the band in Tennessee!
Oregon Guy's a genius-And modest too! I've seen him live twice and they're 2 of the most astonishing and memorable live concerts I've ever seen-And I'm a former hippy growing up (and protesting) in the 60's so ....that's saying a lot-
New York hope you can make it back to Buffalo NY some time soon
"February 15, 2007"
Swansea, Wales A truely outstanding and original singer songwriter... and an absolutely absorbing performer in any of his many set ups