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FEBRUARY 1 - 15, 2008
"February 1, 2008"
New York Enjoyed the 1000 years show last night with my wife and daughter. We got to meet the man himself, what a great end to a great night.
New York Bravo on last night's show at Nokia Theater! Come back soon!
"February 2, 2008"
Connecticut Great show over in Ridgefield....too bad about the projector and the greater tragedy of the Hurdy Gurdy...met someone the very next day whose friend from danbury repairs them...who would have thought...I read the comment about your gardens in CA and the you actually get time to work in your gardens yourself? I would think with your touring schedule you'd only have time for cactus.
New Hampshire Keep playing and keep touring, please! Just caught your act for the first time last night, in Boston. My 14 year old son came with me, he was intrigued by the 1000 Years concept - it was a great dad-son night out. What a rich live sound, congrats to all involved in the show. Best wishes.
"February 3, 2008"
California Fascinated by the film on your scoring the music for Hertzog's Grizzly Man movie. Brilliant score. I have watched the documentary of the scoring five times.
West Midlands RT is a legend. Was introduced to his music last year through a good friend and was hooked! can't wait to see him live! :-D
New York Fabulous show at IMAC, Huntington, NY (2/2/08). Among the best I have witnessed there!!!
New York Last night I saw Richard's show at the IMAC theatre in Huntington. I can not say enough of what a great show this was. It was a musical history lesson that will live with me for a long time. I have not been that moved by such an artist and his band in many yeras.If I had the time to travel, I would follow this show for the rest of the 1000 year tour.It is said that one picture describes a thousand words, but Richard's show and his music described 1000 plus pictures in my mind. Thank you Richard and band for a most memorable evening.
Louisiana thank you i love your live shows at jaz fest and tips in new orleans and house of blues
Alberta keep the music coming please!
"February 4, 2008"
Ohio RT' music, lyrics & very being touch my heart & soul with wholeness.
London My favourite artist ever!
"February 5, 2008"
Ohio The Kent Ohio show was Amazing! You have done something very special. You can really pick the finest percussionists! Your vocalist was super and we loved the torch songs, opera and madrigal. I especially loved "Friday on my Mind"!
Ohio Loved your show in Kent last night. Thought it would be interesting to hear the Kinks number you did and the medieval boy on the road number one after the other as they seem to compliment each other so well. Thanks again for a great show.
North Carolina best live shows ive ever been too. never, never miss him.
"February 6, 2008"
Ohio Saw him in concert tonight in Cinti. Best $25 I've spent in a long time.
Pennsylvania Thank you for all the great music!
Wellington Come to New Zealand. We'll look after you.
Ohio Was at your concert in Cincinnati this past Tuesday and was completely charmed. Saw you in Columbus last year. Saw you on a bill with Crowded House (Rumor & Sigh?)
"February 7, 2008"
Pennsylvania nice page - see artist gary nisbet
"February 8, 2008"
Missouri My wife hates your music.
New York I'm very excited to see Richard in concert in April! Thanks for coming out! I saw Kamila Thompson opening for Sean Lennon last April and she was something else.
Wisconsin I have been listening to his music for years but did'nt know! I stumbled on 1000 years about ayear ago and just saw the show tonight. I must ask myself, what have I missed out on!
"February 9, 2008"
Wisconsin Richard, thanks for coming to Milwaukee and playing for us last night. It was a pleasure being guided by you through 1000 years of pop music. I dug it all!
Ontario This has to be one of the best musician websites I have ever seen. Very complete and a good selection between commercial sales and freebies. Keep up the good work and thank you.
Minnesota Keep up the great work and get back to the Twin Cities this year.
"February 10, 2008"
Illinois Saw the show in Schaumburg, Il on Feb. 09, 2008 and was thoroughly impressed. Can honestly say I didn't realize that Richard was that accomplished as a guitar player, to go along with the great voice. The show was great and I was equally impressed by the talents of Judith and Debra. I will become a frequent visitor to the website and look forward to your return to our area.
Wisconsin I was in Milwaukee on Thursday and I don't think I've ever enjoyed a concert more in my whole life (first saw Dylan live in 1965). Thanks for a great evening of music.
Firenze Everything starts so many years ago, when one dear friend of mine, has given me a copy of Liege & Lief of the Fairport. God blesses that day! p.s. Let's see us in May to Milan, I don't see the time!!!!!
"February 11, 2008"
Spain Hola! Le he descubierto en el film Driving lessons y me he quedado maravillada, creo que usted es genial. Adios!
Netherlands Great musician, great songs!
Maryland You definitely beat out half the players above you on the Rolling Stone list. And Bert Jansch near the bottom?!
Illinois Leaving home to go see Richard live at the Pageant in University City, MO. My greatest love: Vincent Black Lightning 1952 from Greatest Hits...2nd love: Teddy's "Upfront & Down Low" CD
"February 12, 2008"
Missouri I was at the St. Louis show last night (2-11). Fantastic! Mezmerizing! Gobsmacking! How long have I listened to RT, since French, Frith, Kaiser and Thompson. I don't know why, but I thought RT was Irish. My apologies. I was happy to hear he's from North London. Way Cool! Gunner for Life
Ohio Just saw Richard at the "1000 Years" show in Cincinnati - fantastic show.
"February 13, 2008"
Maine I was introduced to Richards music in "Grizzly Man" and was very impressed. I have played guitar for 13 years and I find Richards music to be inspiring.
Kansas Just saw the 1,000 Years show in Columbia, MO, from a front-row table. It was one of the best concerts I've attended in my 40 years of viewing. I will be there in Lawrence, KS, (3/12) to see him again! Any front-row seats available?
Missouri Richard, Debra and Judith gave us an absolutely wonderful performance last night in Columbia, MO. More than well worth the five hour roundtrip drive we made! Thanks for all the great tunes. See you in Lawrence, KS next month!
Granada Just to greet you and desire the best. I visit often your web and listening your music I like very much.Remember my first trip to Morocco I said to abdal haq that loved F.C. and he told me who you where sitting and eating with him...fantastic!If you can to Spain anytime hope to see you. Love&Peace
"February 14, 2008"
Missouri Saw the 1000 years show in Columbia, Missouri. I have to stay it was stunning. Truly professional musicians. Debra's drumming was amazing and Judith's vocal range was remarkable. And I was amazed mostly with the huge sound that RT could generate from his guitar. The three together sounded like a much bigger band. Between songs, RT was very funny too!
Indiana Richard is one of those rare musicians who have been filling my musical soul to the top for, really, my entire life from my teen years until recently, when I rediscovered him. Thank you Richard.
Kentucky Richard - Come to Louisville for the Kentucky Derby!!!
"February 15, 2008"
Wyoming Absolutely GREAT music! I can't wait for the Fretboard Journal interview.
Queensland Excellent.