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February 16-28, 2003

"Sun Feb 16, 2003"

Florida "Great group of folks on the mailing list have turned me on to alot of new, to me, music!"
California Come back to San Juan Capistrano or even San Diego!!!
ghent "as a guitarist myself i am very impressed by the differencies in the work of richard and find it a pity not have know much earlier this briliant player, writer, performer and, to my opinion, very intelligent man; hope to see him around soon; kind regards and respect"
lincolnshire the new album is great and the singing on track 4 is out of this world
aylesbury The music has been there nearly all my life - it has touched my soul with its intuition. I just wanted to say that I wouldn't have persevered with the six stringed witch in thwe corner if it hadn't been for RT's music. Thank you and bless you and yours
Devon "Been a fan since FC days, sadly since I moved to N.Devon we rarely see artists of your calibre in these y'ere parts,although I did see your'e one off appearance here when you supported local musicians, poets etc.Thanks for the incredible music and wonderful songs. "
"Mon Feb 17, 2003"
Yorkshire "THE OLD KIT BAG: Some great moments and some great words despite some musical retreads too. I can handle this - they are echoes of your own voice - even the greatest composers display such features. I once read that you felt your music had an affinity with Debussy, I can see this to an extent but I feel you should explore the string quartets of Shostakovitch for an even greater closeness of spirit. I suspect you already have, but if not try and hear The Fitzwilliam Quartet's 1980s cycle - it will certainly have you on your bike to musical happiness. I love what you do and I hope you don't mind me telling you this but I can't get it out of my head until it is said: In the song ""Outside Inside"" I was struck very forcibly by the last verse: ""I'm familiar with the cover...."" When a million muslims condemn a man for writing a book they've never read it just rang a bell that just won't stop chiming. I admit I haven't read the book myself but I remember reading you talking about it once. I credit you with having read it first so please don't take the foregoing comment as a personal reference. I look forward to seeing you in Newcastle."
Caversham "The Old Kit Bag is wonderful - hardly out of my player since it arrived on the day of release. Thank you. Thanks too from my 17 y/o daughter, who'd be even more hooked if I'd let her get her hands on it more often! I reckon She Said It Was Destiny sounds like a single. Any plans?"
Kangasala "Just best of all singer/songwriters.Beautiful English voice, guitar, melodies, lyrics etc.. Welcome to Finland, Richard."
California fantastic music!!!!
Minnesota "Sorry, Richard, but ""Henry The Human Fly"" is quite simply one of the 20 all-time greatest albums of all time, vocal mix and all. Just wish that 1) the Hannibal deal hadn't gone south and 2) there was some unused material from those sessions. First rate."
"Tue Feb 18, 2003"
lincolnshire there is nothing to say; RT is unique.
New Hampshire thank you for your artistry
Belgium "dear mr. thompson, have you any idea when you're playing a gig in belgium"
Bern "German-RS-writer Wolfgang Doebeling dubbed ""Cold Kisses"" and ""The Woods of Darney"" ""SHAKESPEAREAN"". He had a point?"
California "Old Kit Bag is available for purchase on the web from CD Wow, A UK site which ships free worldwide. Any day now then"
"Wed Feb 19, 2003"
Oregon "Just received The Old Kit Bag from Amazon.UK. Sorry--I just couldn't wait patiently. Great songs, great performance. Keep 'em coming. PS--Loved the Eugene show."
paris Wonderful new CD- thanks for all the great music. And thanks for the outstanding Paris show!
Michigan "Had the pleasure of seeing RT Live 12 times so far, looking forward to the next 12!"
cambridge enjoyed the tv prog 'RT a singular life' on new BBC3 channel. Some nice old footage. Looking forward to the Cambridge gig
Yorkshire Richard Thompson writes wonderful songs - so distinctive - words just arn't good enough.
"Thu Feb 20, 2003"
New York Are you planning to re-release the out of print material. What about additional live recordings? I'd be happy to help!!! Have Fun!!!
California Would like to know when you are coming to California?
Utrecht Club Lek performance was great!
Lancashire "I've been a great fan of Richard's music since the early 1980's and am really enjoying getting into 'OKB'. Well done Richard and thanks for producing great album after great album...Best wishes to you"
Pennsylvania "See you at the Keswick this year? If you come, you and the band are invited for dinner"
Bristol "Just played 'Walking Through a Wasted Land' after a 5 year gap. Nothing can touch it in my humble opinion. Any chance of playing it live in Bristol ? PS. Why the Colston Hall again, can't get off your feet. "
North Carolina "Sorry I've been delinquent with my ""atta boy's"". Atta boy! Atta boy! Please come back to the Carolina Theatre in Durham. We haven't talked to you for some time. We miss you way down here in The Old North State."
La Paz """The Old Kit Bag"" has found its way to the high Andes. Sounds very good to this volunteer for peace."
Missouri I have been searching for tab or chords to Dog eat dog in Denmark. Anyone know of any sites that have this song?
Illinois "Just got ""The Old Kit Bag"" from, and it's great! Thanks for all the music."
Melbourne "Just what is Hashimoto up to? Also, so that I have a clear mental picture of what was happening, was it a waxing, or a waning gibbous moon?"
"Fri Feb 21, 2003"
Connecticut "Thank you thank you for the new cd!! I don't even know what Loose Fur or any of my other new cds sounds like because OKB refuses to cede the cd player. Here's a question: Will the delayed US release also delay your US touring? Projected date to kick it off had been April -- has that changed? [An update on this would keep me from checking Beesweb's tour schedule every few hours, as I have anxiously been for the past few weeks...]. Thanks!"
Connecticut "Richard is one of my guitar heroes as well as a great singer/writer. Since I make a living playing guitar and making records, every now and then, I play a lick and think I should pay that guy royalties. Keep up the good fight."
"Sat Feb 22, 2003"
"Glasgow, Scotland" Enjoyed the pleasure of a cup of tea in the dressing room at Glasgow whilst watching the Scottish XV in the Rugby World Cup - then this quiet unassuming gentleman walked onstage and blew us away - looking forwards to Edinburgh in March.
Dorset "keep up the good work, your music is healing and a great natural high in a ever decreasing peaceful world."
Virginia Having first watched Richard on the E 54th St show I am became an instant fan.
Maryland "Thought I'd signed in many months ago, but now when I click on ""Email the Beekeeper,"" it says something to the effect that my return address has not been entered, or registered, so-"
"Sun Feb 23, 2003"
flintshire looking forward to the gig at leeds!!!!!
washington " A friend of mine who lives in Japan sent me the following (before I discovered this web site actually - I was looking for info on ""Semi-Detached Mock Tudor,"" which I didn't really find here): Okay, here's my other Tower tower story. About a week ago I wander in not expecting to find much but I see that the new Richard Thompson is out (_The Old Kit Bag_). Well, I'm not all that interested, but they play a tune over the PA and it sounds okay, so I go and look more carefully at the package. The artwork is quite nice, but what really catches my eye is the notation that says Bonus Track for Japan. So, what the hey, there's nothing else to buy, I decide to take it home for a test spin. It turns out to be what is undoutedly the album of the year. Man, what songs. And what performances. There's not a turkey amongst 'em, and the really good tunes, which are most, are just amazing. Thompson's singing and playing have never been better. He's using an extremely parred-down band behind him: a female vocalist to do harmonies, a drummer, and Danny Thompson on double bass. I love the way the tunes are constructed. R. Thompson is in the spotlight most of the time, naturally, but every once in a while he gets out of the way and lets D.Thompson cut loose. But not for too long, cause it's back to R. with some incendiary guitar and/or vocals. And Thompson really rocks at times, more than at any time since, perhaps, that great guitar break on ""A Sailor's Life."" And check out the vocal fireworks on ""A Love You Can't Survive"": get those flimsy female vocalists out of the way, there's a *man* singing here. Sandy, Linda, Christine: who gives a rat's ass about them when you can listen to raw power? And Ben Harper, get back to us when you finally get a pair. The thing about that new RT disc: after you hear it and try listening to anything else, ""anything else"" sounds like amateur stuff. The extra track? He did it for us at Bumbershoot: the Italian Renaissance one. You were hoping for maybe the Britney Spears? "
"Mon Feb 24, 2003"
Edinburgh "What are the chances of getting on a guest list for Richard's concert here in Edinburgh next week(6th March)? We do sell lots of his CDs, and are more or less the only folk specialist record shop in Scotland."
Colorado "One of a kind talent.There are good guitarists out there who can sing and many who can do one or the other with the ""other"" being just passable. Give me a break! Richard does both well AND is a great songwriter to boot! There's no one like him on the scene today."
Worms "Dear Richard, yesterday¥s gig in Cologne was superb and I have to say again: Richard Thompson is God!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you for an unforgettable evening."
Forst "It was a great concert in Berlin, Germany I think the best I ever heard. But I couldnt understand why it was not possible to buy shirts or cds? I went many kilometers for it. How can i buy these without a credit card? Thanks for this fine music."
New Jersey "Longtime fan. I interviewed Richard for a feature story in Guitar magazine here in the States 'round the time of you? me? us?... looking forward to hearing the old kit bag..."
"Tue Feb 25, 2003"
Oregon "Just heard OKB - astounding, 16 year old son agrees -You don't know how good this is, RT. You truly are Lord of the Hornets "
Alabama "I think it's bloody unfair I have to wait till May for Old Kit Bag! After all....I have just about every RT disc on vinyl and cd!!!!! Why must I be punished for being born american?"
Dorset "Loved the documenatary on BBC3/4? More please. Great new album. See you in Basingstoke."
Sussex "Were both fans,just played Old Kit Bag for first time, sounds typically interesting on first play .see ya Brighton"
California "Dear Richard: We are among those scary stalkers who track down each of your Northern California shows. As for the website, is there any way you can make the contrast between the pring and background less or the lettering any smaller. Occasionally, I'm able to read something without undergoing major eye strain and thus delay the time when I will be among the blind following the blind.We love you, Richard!"
Oregon I would give up my left testicle to be able to play guitar like you Richard.
"Wed Feb 26, 2003"
Neuenkirchen "Really enjoyed the show at Radio Bremen yesterday, good performance, excellent sound.Of course, I missed some of my favorites - well, you can't make everybody completely happy ... Was there a limit to the length of the performance (1:40 including the encores) set by the radio station, or is this the ""normal"" length of a solo set nowadays? I had the impression that everyone was longing for more.By the way, are there any plans to come to Germany with the RT band or will I have to come to the UK?"
Antwerpen "Richard is still getting better !!""Faut le faire"""
Coventry "Not really my whole life, but longer than 30 years! I started with the very first Fairport album. I saw FC live at Leicester University in (I think) October 1969. I have seen Richard live several times since, most notably when he played The Old House at Home folk club in Birmingham, in May 1981 or thereabouts - in fact I was part of the opening act. Ah, happy days. Still, nostalgia isn't what it used to be."
slask yesterday i started listening Richard's chance...very interesting music...fresh music
Surrey Just got my copy of The Old Kit Bag. Wonderful!
Georgia "Have been a fan since Fairport days and knew Nancy from the old McCabes days in Santa Monica. I used to play out there in a group with Doc and Merle Watson. Please pass my best along to her. Doc is well and won another Grammy Sunday night. So much for age slowing some folks down. That old coot will be 80 this birthday. Richard, keep up the great music. You are an absolute inspiration and every peice of work is BONA FIDE!! Teddy has a great voice. Must make you proud."
New York "First heard you on ""Liege and Lief"" as a college sophmore. First saw you live in Central Park in the early 90's and today scored four for your 5/4 gig at the Keswick Theater outside Philly. As you said to me two years ago in Ocean City, NJ: RT: How long have you been listening? ME: 30 years. RT: That's not long enough! And you were right! Best of luck on the American leg of your tour, and best of luck with the CD(s)."
"Thu Feb 27, 2003"
Ontario "Any plans to visit/perform in Canada. I figure if you would consider Alaska, good old Canada, former Brit colony might have a chance. Bye now."
UK "I have all of Richards albums on vinyl,but still have not managed to find Henry The Human Fly and Well Kept Secret on CD can anybody help ?"
North Carolina "Richard, thank you for being brave enough to speak your mind regarding the US/Iraq situation. So few artists these days have the guts to speak out, it seems."
New Jersey "Just curious as to what ""confirmed"" tour dates means? Just found out tickets are on sale for the Keswick Theater in Glenside, PA for May 4, 2003, but there is no mention of this date on your site. Is there a way you can post dates prior to tickets going on sale? Is the current tour solo or band? Any chance of a show in Ocean City, NJ again? Well, wishing you safe travels. Looking forward to the new cd and a show soon. Thanks."
"Fri Feb 28, 2003"
Wyoming "Would love to see you play here in Casper, Wyoming"
Bremen "Hello! I'm one of those lucky ones who got a ticket for the show at Radio Bremen on February 25th. What a performance!!! Thank's for the wonderful night. Manfred P.S. Just have taken notice that you played venues wizh a capacity up to 450 people. Next time you may play at our folkclub? We can offer the same."
Mannheim I've seen RT in Cologne and it was brill!!! But why does RT not come out after his gigs to sign CDs and other items???
London "What can I say?!! My No.1 guitar/songsmith hero for the last 28 years - looking forward to seeing The Man at The Corn Exchange in Cambridge, England, 10th March 2003"
California "Greatly appreciate your generous time with your Question and Answer Page.Very thoughtful, very cool."