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February 16 - 28, 2005
"February 16, 2005"
Utah Any chance of releasing a Bear Family Records Compilation?
Liverpool Very much looking forward to next time Richard playing North West England!
Madrid Who takes care of your discs in Spain? They are hard to find.
"alnwick,northumberland" just got back from the cold(music wise)trying to rediscover my youth and found my future have just added capital years to my slightly dated collection and think i'm back on the thompson rollercoaster.when is next uk tour
Colorado Richard should do something with Mark Knopfler--styles would mesh so nicely---should do something with Martin Carthy---something in the Brass Monkey/Henry the Human Fly vein--with vocals--while both great guitarists' they are so much more fun when they sing also
"February 17, 2005"
British Columbia "when are you back in vancouver, love the music, all of it from fairport till today"
"February 18, 2005"
Amersfoort I'm a big fan!
Hampshire The music gets better if that's possible. Look forward to Cropredy 2005 - when is the next UK tour with the band?
michigan "Bravo Richard, Keep up the good work!"
"February 19, 2005"
Massachusetts Thanks for a great body of work RT!
British Columbia "Hi Richard, Don't usually do this kind of thing, but I had to write to congratulate you on the electric guitar on The Ol' Kit Bag. Truly the most breathtaking yet.. Those groaning, soaring downright doric (!) solos speak to me like nothin else. Thankyou!"
Leicestershire what a great website for a great artist
Texas "I first heard 1952 Vincent on XM radio,it's a beautiful song that brings a tear to my eyes."
"February 20, 2005"
florida "You'll get no ""Tear-Stained Letter"" here,'s always a thrill listening to you...I even enjoyed hearing you tune-up once...have only heard your acoustic sets and live for the day when I can hear you plugged in. Thanks for what you do."
Victoria i think he is the finest player ive heard
Bristol Actually the first gig was Fairport at Majestic Ballroom Plymouth 1968.Jack o`Diamonds was incredible
Southampton "Am looking forward to seeing and hearing Richard in another great show this summer,hopefully in Basingstoke or Salisbury or dare I say it - Southampton!"
New York "I really like Farewell, Farewell. I play the piano and the flute and I would like to find the written music for this song. Where can I find it? Thank you."
"February 21, 2005"
Alaska "When is RT going to play in Alaska, and does he ever give lessons? I bought my first (only) guitar after hearing Vincent 52. "
Solihull Interested in UK tour dates and new CD releases. RT - great songs - mesmerising guitar!
michigan "Richard, as an F1 fan, I'd like to offer you the chance to be a Pit Marshal for the USGP in Indianapolis in June; can't get any closer to the cars than we do!"
"February 22, 2005"
Holland How about an RSS feed for Catch of the Day (this is for the webmaster!)
Liverpool "What can I say? Richard, you are an absolute genius. I only discovered your music 3 months ago and already own about a dozen of your albums, with the intention of buying everything else I can lay my hands on. Any chance of a gig in Liverpool in the near future?."
Beds I'd like to see a jam with yourself and Clapton - would be intriguing.
"February 23, 2005"
Western Australia Great web site.
Worcestershire An artist of the highest calibre
Hertfordshire "Really enjoyed your (solo) gig in Watford last year. Hope you return with band, either to Watford, or (better still) St Albans (they'd love you here!)."
New York "I suggest you occasionally release entire shows on cd rather than piece mealing them together..I have been to a few shows that I think are worthy of such treatment, and Richard really seems to know how to put a set together :)"
Sussex "saw fairport the other week and congrats on being ""sir"" in near future!"
Texas Best web site of any musician! Love the updates from home...
florida "My sister turned me on to you--she sends me compilations of stuff she thinks I'll like, and the first song I ever heard was ""Beeswing."" You never hear stuff like that on the radio, at least not in the part of the world I live in. If you ever come to Jacksonville I want to see you if I have to borrow money for the ticket and go by myself."
British Columbia "I was just introduced to Richard's music and think it is fantastic. I hope we can see you in our neck of the woods soon. Have not checked your schedule yet, but will do."
"February 24, 2005"
Arkansas Love the website!!! Will there be any dvd's from past tours?????
Massachusetts "This past summer I stumbled across WMVY radio from the island of Martha's Vineyard. I listen on-line at work and they play the occasional Richard Thompson tune. I love his sound!"
Kentucky I'm just a fan
Pennsylvania "Hope you'll be stopping in Pittsburgh again. Loved the show at the Arts Festival. Hartwood, perhaps."
"February 25, 2005"
hamburg "great website for a great musician! i always loved and admired his songwriting as well as his guitarwork - from never again and dimming of the day to sloth and can't win. but - why's he in germany only every couple of years ? best wishes"
Nantes "Irish, living on the Atlantic coast. Keeps the the Triangle harmonious. Need more?"
Berkshire Send me anything and everything!
California Ask Richard if he'll write a song around my name !
"February 26, 2005"
New York "First time I saw Richard was at the Tarrytown Music Hall in '98. I've been a fan ever since!"
Texas I got to meet Richard in Dallas. Poor David's Pub. I hope to see Richard at the upcoming Poor David's gig
"February 27, 2005"
Minnesota heavenly
New York "Is Richard's soundtrack for ""Grizzly Man"" available on CD? Thanks ..."
Vienna "when do you come to Austria, Richard? Your Austrian fans are waiting for you for such a long long time …"
Alberta currently listening to 'vincent 52' on the 'folk show on ckua fm here in edmonton alberta canda
Pennsylvania "Looking forward to RT in Philly.West Chester is a small college town where Richard would feel at home.Give us a ring."
"February 28, 2005"
Surrey Folk Club orgnaiser for last 10 years. We have adopted Richard Thompson as our official AnchorFolk Hero.
North Carolina Bravo
florida/colorado Thanks for all the wonderful music and great shows. The airlines and hotels in the cities I have flown to to see you would like to thank you also.
Maine Glad to sign in and for the chance to say how much I love this music. I feel like I have been making up for lost time and hunting for anything and everything I can find. So pleased that there's a date in Portland in May. I do plan to be there!!!