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February 16 - 28, 2006
"February 16, 2006"
Durham "Am lifelong Richard and Fairport fan. Saw Richard at Gateshead on 9/2/06 with Danny. Amazing, he's the best there ever was."
Wisconsin My 17 year old daughter and I LOVE you!!!! We know practically all your lyrics & we always make it to your concerts when you come to Madison. Just brought the boxed set!
England Great love his music
Derbyshire "I saw Richard and Linda at the Crucible Sheffield in 1980. They did an electric version of Modern Woman (I still have an old tape of the concert broadcast by Radio Sheffield, but the quailty is poor). All other available versions of modern woman are accoustic. Does Richard have an electric version in his collection? Any possibility of releasing it?"
Wales saw Richard and Danny in Aber on Sunday - wonderful evening despite the seats
Ohio How about a tour date for Ohio?
Massachusetts His music & guitar playing are so diverse that he should get the title of least boring musician alive. I love seeing him live and try to catch him whenever he's in this area.
Leamington Spa "Thompson is that rarest of creatures, a living legend. May he continue to surprise and inspire for many years, albums and tours to come."
Illinois "nice site. Is anyone at Connection home on this box set? has it been issued?"
England "Met you many years ago at Cropredy, the year of Simon Nicol's cornflake box guitar! You headlined on Friday night with the 'Hand of Kindness' line up."
Wisconsin Please play at Milwaukee's Summerfest again in 2006! We miss you greatly.
Mid Glamorgan "Saw you live at St David's in Cardiff. Really enjoyed the show. Also enjoyed the support, but I didn't catch his name."
Virginia "We just got the Life and the Music of RT"" Please come back to Charlottesville! Richard Thompson is the best live performer, songwriter, guitarist on the planet!"
California I met Richard and Linda through Marc and Ann Savoy - shared some Cuban chicken with them in LA before a show once as well... Great people and even greater talent. Hope to see Richard in San Francisco soon!
Pennsylvania Where is that songbook?
Illinois Richard Thompson's music is a joy to listen to!
"February 17, 2006"
Nevada Over the years your music has been a star on the horizon that I look forward too year after year. Bees Wing-still shakes me. Cheers
Essex "Richard Thompson's music is inspiring i must admit and as a fan of all types of music, except for mainstream pop and r & b, i think it is wonderful that he has released a five cd set of all his music and after hearing some of his music on the Bob Harris show here in the UK, i might consider buying it. keep up the awesome work."
Ohio Any upcoming Cincinnati concert dates?
Tennessee "I just saw the film ""Grizzly Man"" and was impressed with the music. The DVD extra on the production of the music was fascinating. The emotion of the music made the serious nature of the film all the better. I applaud Mr. Thompson, and the other musicians for their work."
Stroud Thanks for such great music.
New Jersey We are patiently waiting for your 2006 tour schedule. I can't wait to see/hear you in person again.
Pennsylvania "wxpn radio from the university of pennsylvania was my first introduction to rt ... i've seen him several times at whitaker center in harrisburg, pa ... and everytime my reaction has been the same: it's as if i'm watching a great painter paint"
California "Richard has more music inside him than any current musician you could name. Play in Arcata some time, O.K.? Cheers"
Genova seen Richard live in Genova he and guitars a lot of years ago hope to see him again soon
New York need any road crew?
Arizona Heard you on NPR -- great stuff!
Kentucky Hope to see Richard in concert near us soon...
Michigan Met Richard in Detroit - was doing sound for my brother's band. Richard's guitars got lost at the airport so he borrowed a few and was warming up backstage - getting to know the guitars. I was completely blown away and also depressed because I realized how much I sucked compared to him. I wonder if he remembers that night many years ago. I've been a fan ever since.
Michigan "I am listening to the Grizzly Man soundtrack and I am so enchanted with this sensual oriental fragile music. I am just mesmerized by it. And ""Coyotes"" is the most amazing classic. Seeing the movie and listening to the music are very complex experiences. I saw Richard Thompson perform at the Ann Arbor Folk Festival in Jan. 2005 and he was intricate and amazing. How he captures us. How he captures the complexity of ""Grizzly Man"" and all that Timothy Treadwell saw and all that Werner Herzog envisioned. Very very well done. And many many thanks to Richard Thompson for his intelligence and creative artistry. Thank you"
Massachusetts "i just heard rt today on an npr radio show called ""fresh air"" and was very impressed. i may have heard him before but i was not aware that it was him. i very much want to see him live and tommorow i am going to buy my first rt cd. i feel i have made a great discovery and am wondering how i could have missed him in all the years i have listened to music. well, better late than never, ciao."
California I believe I heard an interview given some years ago to kpbs in San Diego and I was intrigued being an expat.
"February 18, 2006"
Alabama I just heard an interview on NPR's Fresh Aire and fell for Richard's music.
Illinois "I am a painter, and you are quite an inspiration! "
Yorkshire The best guitarist I've ever seen. I'm a big fan of all his work from Fairport to Front Parlour Ballads.
New Jersey "First heard RT on WFUV live and was blown away. Asked myself how could I not have heard of him in all these years? A unique and refreshing musician. Come to NYC or northern NJ soon! I've turned my like-aged friends onto you, and they've never heard of you either. Sad, considering your awesome talent."
North Carolina I recently heard Richard on the Bob Edwards Show (XM Radio) and remembered hearing him on NPR playing the Britney Spears tune. Every time I hear his music I write myself a note to go looking for it. This could get rather expensive!
California "I have been moved by your music since 1972 when I studied at Dartington Hall in Devon and was a Fairport fan and loved your guitar playing. I adore every period that your music has gone through and share this adoration with my husband and my son (age 14 now but a fan for years). My husband and I are both ethnomusicologists and performers working in Balinese and Javanese music. He also is writing about Israeli and Arab fusion ensembles and music cognition and I have focused on studying and performing Balinese shadow puppet chamber music and trying to get my students to think about musical meaning. But I have loved and studied Scottish balladry and British Isles tunes and songs forever. It is the music that speaks to me and that I love to play. Your music is a powerful inspiration in our lives - on such a deep level. Thank you! I tried to avoid writing a fan letter, but I see it is impossible!"
California Come back to play in San Diego!
Tennessee Please come to Memphis!
Denbigh, Wales Waiting for you to return to North Wales - PLEASE!!!!
Florida "Pure Vocals, Succulant Strings. Could'nt get out of the car for pressing appointment, had to hear the rest of Fresh Air with Terry Gross. Why don't I know you all these years? Absolute astonishment."
West Virigina "I think I first heard you at Bethany College, West Virginia. My former lover, with whom I struggled against plant-closings through th '80's and 90's, as members of the Ohio Valley Unemployed Committee/Reindustrialization Project sent me your album ""Industry"", which we both find remarkably expressive and documentary of our struggles and of our recent experience. Particularly of his...he is now living the demise of a once vigorous aluminum smelter with a cream of the crop group of employees, run into the ground by a self-vaunting tunnel-visioned engineer-become-CEO, who thought that all that the company needed was a huge wave of abuse and insensitivity. Well, apparently not. Well apparently those bosses from the mine and those strike-breakers taken on were not the tonic required."
"February 19, 2006"
Missouri "What a great perfomer, player, singer and writer!"
Kos Having lived abroad for 19 years i will be going home very soon and look forward to going to Cropredy for the first time in a lot of years. Hoping Richard will be there. Thanks for great site
Ohio "Boy, How refreshing this music is, I'm regretful that i've missed this mans playing!!!Fantasic..but i found him now and i'll listen to what this man has to play and say! Bravo!"
Victoria "Have noted CD reviews over several years, but never actually heard on radio etc. Bought DVD Live in Austin after reading a review - and loving it!"
"February 20, 2006"
England "can't seem to get hold of strict tempo or guitar vocal, any clues as to where I start looking?"
Galdakao (Biscay) I wrote some of the first reviews on Richard ThompsonĀ“s neverending masterful song craftmanship in Spanish some 30 years ago. From then on I have reviewed most of his work
Nebraska "love this bloke's music, he is a all his music from fairport to today,kudos,thank you richard."
California "I just happened to surf over our local NPR station having a reprise of an interview with RT ten years ago. He sang a song from Carousel - ""You'll never walk alone."" I was so moved I dashed to Borders and purchased the CD The Old Kit Bag. He is wonderful."
"February 21, 2006"
Colorado "The best. Acoustic guitarist, electric guitarist, songwriter. Just the best."
Florida "Hello Richard & Company, you have been a huge influence on our music and songwrighting."
London "Hello Richard, I'm interested in Sufism. Can you recommend any groups?"
Cape Town Please come to South Africa sometime
Rhondda Valley Music wonderful! Website good but too US for my tastes. The download section is faaaaantasssssstic!
Washington Just a huge fan!
California "niiice stuff, thanxsooomuch Sir! look forward to Saratoga/Santa Cruz date, Godluvya!"
"February 22, 2006"
Windermere "The gigs at Glasgow and Blackpool were fantastic. Thanks for the signed CD. I am really annoyed with myself for leaving my RT beret, which I loved wearing, on atr ain. Is there any chance that you have another hidden away for me to replace it with? I notice it is not on your merchandise list. In hope! "
California "RT's live performances will restore anyone to full body and soul. Thanks!"
"February 23, 2006"
Tennessee "My favorite is still, Mock Tudor."
hemel hempstead great box set
Tennessee You are one of few artists that makes me have to sit down with a guitar and write everytime I hear you.
Yorkshire Sublime music!
London Fab gig at the Barbican..
Melbourne "Well nearly my whole life! I received Richard's box set today. Never have I been more satisfied with a purchase! I love the acoustic live versions of the 'band' numbers. More particularly, the selection of songs and versions, then their sequencing, is sublime. Thank you Richard for lighting up the darkness, which is some feat for the prince of darkness. Only fourteen more sleeps before I see him live again in Melbourne. From the vantage point of the middle of the second row this time! The box set has me salivating for his jaw-hanging presence."
Maryland all the way back to fairport
Illinois Never stop putting out music! You just keep getting better album after album.
Manchester "I, too, was a human fly, but didn't really have the legs for it."
Massachusetts "Actually, I've been listening to Richard for 36 years (since the first US Fairport record). I am a bass player and naturally a fan of that other Thompson fellow who plays the "proper instrument". (I've been listening to that one since a 1969 Fillmore East Pentangle concert, at which I was an usher.) I like the Brittany and ABBA covers, keep them coming. Just got Teddy's new album--the lad sounds promising--must be hard with such strong forebears. Hope to see Richard & Co. in this area soon. It would be wonderful if he could be booked at the Narrows Center for the Arts in Fall River, a great non-profit venue (with a good room and good sound system)in an old mill building. Fall River is a textile town, which once competed with Manchester as the largest cotton spinning center in world. We are now the area of the US with the highest percentage of persons of Portugese descent, Azoreans who first began coming to neighboring New Bedford on the whaling ships."
Lancashire AM AN Irish singer song writer I have never heard of you until tonight so I have not had a chance to listen to your music if i have to pay to listen to you well you can pay to listen to me.So I guess were quits.PS how come you look so fuckin young and are the teeth realy your you man your cool real cool
"February 24, 2006"
Texas "Wonderful Experience! Best ever at Caravan of Dreams in Fort Worth, TX."
Leicestershire Excellent! Excellent!
Yorkshire Amazing at Sheffield as usual- thanks.
"February 26, 2006"
Ontario "Not sure how I've managed to get to 43 and never even heard of Richard. It wasn't until I rented the dvd of Herzog's ""Grizzly Man"" and heard the amazing soundtrack. Lucky me, I can start now and not have to wait for more music for awhile, I've got a lifes work to discover. Thanks RT! P.S. When are you coming back to play in Canada? It would seem I've been missing out for years."
Yorkshire keep up the great music!
Sunderland keep up the great work and life that sutes best
Wiltshire "I saw Richard in Bristol this month,as good as ever,thoroughly enjoyed the evening."
California Anyone know of an album/CD that contains the song 'The Madness of Love'? I've only heard the Graham Parker tribute version.
Massachusetts Loved seeing you at the String of Horses Pub after Brampton (even if you only told jokes).
New Jersey "The music was haunting in Grizzly Man, so haunting and poetic that I had to look you up. Beautiful, beautiful work."
"February 27, 2006"
"Edinburgh, Scotland" "Seen Richard twice-both great concerts but Gateshead pipped it. Brought albums and new box set-I love it. How would I go about getting a signed photo of Richard & Danny? Wife thinks Iam going through a mid-life crisis! I explained that I love music of all sorts, I never tire of Richard`s as its so varied-it suits all my moods! best wishes to you all"
"February 28, 2006"
Kentucky It's great to find this website! It gets boring out there surfing the internet without music sites!
Manchester "This man can plumb the depths of the human psyche and is able to evoke past emotions bordering on despair, undoubtedly he is a poet who possess superb guitar skills. It is an honour to have seen and heard him play live. "
Liverpool Great Website!
Michigan "Awsome! I just love it all! Richard, You have no idea have much your music has enriched my life through your music."
Illinois Thank you for adding the Gear & Tunings section.