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February 16 - 28, 2007
"February 16, 2007"
Coventry first saw richard at lanchester poly in coventry, 1967/8. always been my no 1 guitarist
Fife, Scotland Well, I just rented "Grizzly Man". A bit dissapointing - with the exception of the score. The extra feature with Richard was (frikkin')awesome! Much better than the movie. It was an epiphany to see and hear him with the guitar - beyond superlatives. I now have a whole new level of guitar artistry to aspire to. Thanks!
Texas You've a fine Motorbike
Western Australia Hope you come back to Perth soon Richard
"February 17, 2007"
Illinois seen you 4 times, every show is great.
Texas Just found out about concert at Creighton Theater in Conroe , Tx. and I'm delirious!!!!
"February 18, 2007"
"February 19, 2007"
Teddington Love the shirt but love the music more.
Yorkshire Becoming more of a fan as the years go by. (Especially when I find a way to perform one myself !)
Illinois A true talent, unmatched and unparalleled.
New Jersey Please come to the Northeast USA again soon. Wish I could make a (first) trip to cropredy this year.
"February 20, 2007"
Wisconsin Who is Richard Thompson? I stumbled across this site while doing a Google search for black berets...!
"February 21, 2007"
Hessen I am eagerly anticipating the RT Songbook.
Wisconsin A fan of RT music and style since 1978. Have yet to see live performance.
Illinois Richard is truly amazing! Would love to have him over for dinner and conversation.
Ohio We went to the Mock Tudor show in Cleveland back in '99. Stunning show! Highlight: "Tear-Stained Letter". Finally just bought "Hand of Kindness". Excellent!
Missouri Totally incredible listening experience, fantastic guitar and lyrics - I'm expressionless!
what can one say about Dr. Thompson...come to Chicago more often!!!
Ohio Lyrics, guitar, can't say enough. Please come to Columbus sometime.
Colorado Now my husband is as big a fan as I am.
"February 22, 2007"
Illinois Wonderful concert tonight, Thank you so much for coming to Glen Ellyn, IL - only 1/2 hr away!! For an old man, you totally rock! Seriously, best music I've ever heard in my life...thank you, come back soon!!
Illinois Wow! What a phenomenal performance last night at the MAC in Glen Ellyn, IL! Two hours of Richard and his guitar - what a great way to spend a Wednesday evening!
Massachusetts Saw you at Saunder's Theater at Harvard-most amazing show I have ever been to! My husband is also now a big fan. Please keep making such fine music. Thanks
California thoroughly enjoyed your concert last year (2006) in sebastopol, ca. Look forward to any more I get the chance to attend. thankyou thankyou thankyou
Ohio As a songwriter, I have been deepy inspired by your music and admire the fact that you have such close working relationship with your wife.
"February 23, 2007"
Missouri Not counting Fairport Convention, my awareness of Richard's music only goes back maybe 5 or so years, from exposure through our excellent community-supported radio, KDHX, and my one worn-out CD (Action Packed).Saw his performance in St. Louis last night and I was blown away! How does he do that?
Arizona Hope to see you at the Rhythm Room in Phoenix on March 8th.
Illinois Saw you in concert 2/21/07. Fantastic! Thanks for sharing your talent with us. Husband & I, son & g'friend, brother & wife will attend again when you're in Midwest.
"February 24, 2007"
Lancashire great web site would like some more downloads (what a bum sorry) just cant afford too many cds these days
Massachusetts I saw Richard in the area twice in recent years. One concert at Harvard University, a benefit for Club Passim, appeared to have been professionally videotaped. Is there any word about whether that concert will be made available to the public? Also, during that concert Richard played a tune that, as I vaguely recall, roughly related to an extremist preparing to fight -- something like that... Anyway, if this rings a bell, could someone let me know if that song has been made available on a recording. Looking forward to the songbook too! Dad's Gonna Kill... is solid. Love it.
Indiana Didn't hear of the Bloomington, In show until after it was sold-out, but was allowed to stand in the lobby throughout, (gratefully!)
Indiana Fabulous concert in Bloomington IN last night.....guitar playing superb, British humor appreciated and new song about Bagdad (ie.,Dad) powerful and haunting....Also I really enjoyed Eliza Gilkyson's set--she is an amazing lyrcist (and not bad at playing guitar either!!)--I've added her CD Paradise Hotel to my collection.
Ohio I am really looking forward to Richard performing at KentStage tomorrow (2/25/07). I have not been this excited about attending a concert since forty-something years ago when I saw the Beatles perform.
"February 25, 2007"
Pennsylvania Great musician and lyrisist
Colorado Nam Vet(69). "Dad's" GREAT! I've collected many anti-war songs, yours captures the ""grunts"" xpierience xtremely well. I knew a guy (crewchief/doorgunner) named Yano who knew Willie Pete personally. Now his name's on the bow of some battleship. Maybe got a messhall named after him too. War sucks! Sing that song Richard, sing it loud!
Pennsylvania I am on your list, but my address changed. Just want to be sure I keep getting the Beekeeper updates.
North Carolina RT is incredible! If he ever wants goat cheese, let me know, we have a dairy.
Ohio I saw Richard in concert this evening at The Kent Stage in Kent, Ohio. I was absolutely blown away! I always knew Richard is a terrific songwriter, and I am familiar with his songs mainly through versions by other artists (e.g., June Tabor, Mary Black). However, I never knew Richard is such a talented guitarist and singer. I walked into his show as someon e who appreciates him, but now I count myself among his fans. (By the way, my wife and I met Richard after the show, and he is also a very nice gentleman, which makes us like him even more.) Outstanding, outstanding!
"February 26, 2007"
dietenhofen greatest guitar player and composer not only in u.k. - does richard have scottish roots? some tunes sound very like that! keep on playing!
Ohio I saw Richard at the Kent Stage in Ohio on Feb 25 and what a wonderful show it was. He played many of his best songs, such as "I feel so good" "I misunderstood" and "Beeswing," the latter being the final song. He also played an amazing version of "Matty Groves." The amusing "Hots for the Smarts", with him adding between verses - "and there's more" - was also part of the set. RT is in top form and a must see in concert!
Ohio Your performance at The Kent Stage last nite was fantastic.Thank you for sharing your talent and energy.
Ontario been a fan since LIEGE & LIEF . have followed HENRY to this day and going to "stick" with him the rest of the way. thanks a BUNCH
USA Have been to 2 RT concerts. Love the stories in the songs
Ohio Saw the show last night in Kent Ohio. I kept wishing all my friends and loved ones were there to enjoy You and Eliza as much as I did. Come back soon!!
Massachusetts More please!
"February 27, 2007"
Ohio Thanks for the music. I'm a full time musician, and have enjoyed your music since the 70's. Peace
Tennessee I'll be at tonight's show at the BELCOURT here in Nashville, TN....I don't usually ask for favors, but...I am a singer/songwriter (who isn't in this town, right???) and sing back-up with Brenda Lee...any chance of meeting Mr. Thompson??? I know, I know, he could care less about meeting anyone....frankly, this is all about ME....thank you, and have a great day!!!
"February 28, 2007"
California Love your website and think of you often.
Kent Hurry up with the songbook!!
Tennessee Just a wonderful show in Nashville last night. Many Thanks!
Bath Aren't Lowden's fab?