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MARCH 1-31, 2009
"March 2, 2009"
California I posted a link of Richard performing "Oops... I Did It Again!" on my facebook page - people loved it.
Indiana Saw him in Chicago in the 90s - standing room only! he rocked the house!!!!!!!!!!!!!
"March 3, 2009"
Venice Richard's music just makes me feel good.
"March 4, 2009"
Minnesota I live in MN and have seen Richard and sometimes band there and in Chicago (and Madison) many times. I am in Dallas on business this week and caught Richard's show last night. Excellent as usual. Based on comments I heard in the crowd before the show, I think many had not heard Richard's music before, so you made lots of new fans no doubt. It may also explain why they didn't know their parts for the sing-a-longs. On the other hand, as you said, it was Texas...:)
Texas golden concert at Lakewood PhD girlfriend loved "hots for the smarts". First time I have caught Richard since Kingston Poly 1973? 74? and I was in a much better state (read: sober) to appreciate this time round; I still put my original copy of ""unhalfbricking"" on the turntable, and it was surreal to hear that music live from its creator. Great voice/lyrics/guitar...and even the website rocks! Thank you, Richard, for your rich, deep craft. We'll try to make it to Penn State show too.
Witham, Essex Richard is great musician and song writer. I just can't get enough of his music. Can he please release a CD version of the DVD Live in Providence. His version of Walking on The Wire is just fantastic. So many great Songs..…
"March 5, 2009"
Texas Brilliant in every way. Changed my life, rock n roll style.
Texas good stuff!
Connecticut If you get any better I will have to quit my pursuit of the guitar!! LMAO
Hautot sur mer Normandie Keep going thanks
"March 6, 2009"
Indiana Umm, how you managed to do "1000 Years of Pop Music" and NOT include a Lennon & McCartney tune is beyond me.
Georgia Richard DearHeart - Exquisite show tonight .... thx for saving Dimming of the Day for me : )
"March 9, 2009"
Mississippi Toss that Lowden and get a Collings! Thanks for the music
North Carolina Saw him tonight at the Carrboro {NC}Arts Center. Fabulous. I expected the great guitar playing, but was amazed by how well he is singing.
"March 10, 2009"
Florida Looking forward to the show on March 14!
"March 11, 2009"
Texas Saw you for the 1st time tonite in Knoxville. A fan said it best tonight and unfortunately he caught your attention but you did not hear what he said, "the King may be in Memphis but tonight the Prince is in Knoxville." Thank you for a moving experience.
Ohio come back soon!!!(Akron/Kent area)
"March 12, 2009"
Tennessee Come back to Knoxville soon!!
"March 13, 2009"
Christchurch I hear the RT may be touring NZ in 2010. This would be fantastic as he is popular here.
"March 14, 2009"
Florida I was fortunate enough to see you at the Plaza Theatre last night. Freaking amazing! Loved the show and as a fellow guitar player, your playing is nothing short of brilliant!The best guitar player I have seen live. I'm glad I got to hear your music and have a couple laughs. So thanks for playing there and giving me the chance to here something incredible! Cheers!
California love bee's wing
Florida Just saw you in St. Petersburg, Fl. tonight. Awesome show! Thank you very much for the autograph. Will you have breakfast with us at Cracker Barrell the next go around?!
"March 15, 2009"
Florida Saw you last night in St. Pete, amazing show!
Georgia Hey, A very big thanx for each time you come see us at Variety Playhouse in Little 5
Stockport brilliant. encourages and discourages me from playing guitar. superb songwriter. DONT STOP
Louisiana I'll be at The Parish tonight!
"March 16, 2009"
West Sussex Well actually not my whole life,just since being rudely awoken in my sleeping bag by a very young RT playing with Fairport at the very first Isle of Wight festival, 68 or 69!! Thanks for a lifetime of brilliant music!
"March 18, 2009"
Connecticut I was an audio engineer and involved in other aspects of the music business for 16 years. Thank you for being an incredible singer/songwriter and guitarist.
California Big thanks for adding "The Way That It Shows" to Rock Band. I won't pretend it's my favorite RT song (not sure it would make my RT Top 100, actually), but it's great to play; in fact, it's even more fun to play Danny's bass track alongside Richard's incomparable soloing. More, please!
"March 20, 2009"
London What can I say? Simply the best British folk artist ever. Knows how to make a grown man cry.
"March 22, 2009"
Oregon When are you coming back to Portland?
"March 24, 2009"
California Great Show at the Mystic Theater- Petaluma and the "request only" shows at The Montalvo- Saratoga- California December 2008- I hope RT wentures to these venues soon.
Oxford This is one of the best most up to date and well laid websites I've ever seen.So many have information that is days if not weeks old.Congratulations to all concerned.To RT,boy what a tour the 1000 years was in uk.We went to the Oxford show,my wife never having seen RT before,it was a night that will rate highly in our list of truly great gigs.Look forward to seeing RT again in UK before too long.Thanks.
"March 25, 2009"
Washington I have seen Richard Thompson live a number of times. Always a transporting experience. Thank you!
"March 27, 2009"
Wiltshire Thanks! Keep up the good work
Georgia Excuse my girlfriend's mother, who called you a "sexy beast" when she reviewed your NC concert. I was the young guy who was ""starstruck"" by you. I was also the only one who wore an RT T-shirt, which was a "Daringly Adventurous" Tour shirt. Loved the show, still admire your work as the day I found it, and I'm still attempting to add many aspects of your guitar style to mine.
France Any news of the songbook(s)?
"March 28, 2009"
Scotland what a fantastic concert recently in glasgow, worth every penny...
"March 30, 2009"
Berlin Keep on working, keep on writing, keep on living, your music will always come with me. All the best