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MARCH 1-31, 2010
"March 1, 2010"
California Thank you, thank you, thank you for an inspiring and wonderful show at the Great American Music Hall in San Francisco. I can't get it off my mind.
Washington Attending a Richard Thompson show is a richly rewarding experience, many thanks to all that make this possible. His ability to create a shared musical experience enriches all who look forward to each show. Richard truly gives his songs a life of their own. music is life! Long live the show.
California Persuasion is one of my very favorite songs. Thank you.
"March 2, 2010"
California Saw Fairport at Fillmore East in 70
"March 3, 2010"
Oslo Any hope of a tour of Scandinavia (Norway)?
New York Love 1952 Vincent Black Lightning
"March 4, 2010"
Birmingham Have recently discovered RT. Can't get over the way he plays his guitar and the sounds and effects that he creates
Sydney Looking forward to the new album after many positive reviews of the concerts. Maybe we will see the electric version on stage in Aus sometime! Thanks Richard!
"March 5, 2010"
London play in England some time.
Maryland I had a panic attack when meeting richard after the show in Towson Md. It was a great show despite my meltdown!
"March 7, 2010"
Ontario We would love to see RT play in Hamilton, Ontario again or at the Hillside Festival in Guelph! All the Best!
Bristol Mr Thompson makes this world a more enjoyable place in which to exist…
"March 8, 2010"
Arizona We saw Richard in tucson, arizona two years ago and we are hoping that he will return in 2010.
"March 10, 2010"
Pennsylvania Thank you for continuing to create music that touches so many of us. Your songs bring meaning to our lives and joy to our hearts. And lots of smiles. Look forward to seeing you again at the McCarter Theatre this fall. I hope to God I manage to get tickets.
Minnesota Richard: first of all, thanks for all the music. In your recent Q&A, you sort of set this one up. What are your desert island albums? Books? Movies?
"March 11, 2010"
Minnesota I'm just wondering: would you happen to remember: I saw a great version once of 1952 Vincent on TV, duet with a woman whose name I can't remember. Is there a video posted somewhere of this? It is the only Ricahrd Thompson I know & it has stuck in my mind since. PS 46-59 for only another month!
"March 12, 2010"
London please advise your Meltdown guests,are u touring Europe this summer? are u playing Montreaux Jazz Festival? please add us on your mailing list so that we are alerted and updated early on your touring or performances in Europe. Thanking u in anticipation of answering all of the above, Bi for now but see u shortly esp at the Meltdown Festival in June
"March 15, 2010"
Minnesota I've seen RT six or seven times here in the Twin Cities; he never fails to enthrall. The BEST.
Pennsylvania I love your music. People say I look like you and a couple of years ago at the Keswick, the crew sure was looking at me oddly. Thank you.
"March 16, 2010"
Ontario I have played guitar since the age of 19 (39 now) and once a friend of mine introduced me to RT I had two choices. The first was to give it up and the second, which I chose proudly was to step up my playing, practicing and learning levels. Richard, you have been an inspiration to me and for that I am grateful. Looking forward to your next trip to Toronto.
Washington your the bees knees. there is no one like you. your music is unique and my husband and I see you when ever you are in the area!
"March 18, 2010"
New York I've been an RT fan since Fairport days
"March 19, 2010"
South Carolina Where can I get me the "H" shirt and red sunglasses?
Pennsylvania Richard's music has meant a lot to me through the years. I just love it.
"March 20, 2010"
Devon Please bring the Loud and Rich tour to the UK. as well as enjoying your music Richard i also enjoy Loudon's music. It will be a great success in the UK. I'll come !! i will !
California I have been a fan of Fairport Convention since the late 60s, and am originally from north west London so feel an affinity of sorts with RT -- another exile living in the usa.
"March 21, 2010"
New York A fan since late '60 when i used to listen to fairport convention on FM RADIO and nobody else in my High School knew of RT or FC.
"March 22, 2010"
British Columbia Please come back to Vancouver!
Hamilton luv ya
South Carolina your music is a refreshing change fm the bland no immagination coming out these days.
"March 24, 2010"
Oregon Loved your recent show in Eugene! Really liked that upbeat Irish jig sort of thing toward the end of the first set. Can't wait for the new album. Be well Richard and your troubador friends!
Maidenhead Richard continues to create fantastic music and his lyrics are poetic. From the early days of Fairport to today the music is very listenable to all ages.
"March 25, 2010"
Illinois loved him in person... the irish fest, milwaukee wis. 06
"March 27, 2010"
Washington Caught the Seattle show and it was great!
"March 28, 2010"
British Columbia Come visit Canada anytime
"March 29, 2010"
Nelson any plans to appear in New Zealand?
"March 30, 2010"
Florida I first saw Richard on May 31st 1989 when he opened for Bonnie Raitt in Atlanta.I had front row seats and I've been listening to him ever since.Thank you Richard Thompson.
"March 31, 2010"
Georgia Met Richard after a show in Telford (!) back in '92, just before he was to play Glastonbury. He signed a poster for me. Top bloke.
Pennsylvania Love ya! Come out of the wallpaper and shake things up around here again.