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March 1 - 31, 2013
"March 1, 2013"  
 Hemel Hempstead  Fantastic show at the O2,looking forward to also seeing the St. Albans gig.  Any chance of a double official bootleg of the show?
British Columbia I've just been returned a great positive. I bought 2 tickets for friends without knowing if they were able to make it to Nottingham on the 6th, a Wednesday but they are in Leicester (I'm in Canada). Oh, I have a course that night (damn!).....later.....ok we can make it to the show. I'm pretty sure I'm more exited than they are because I was in Victoria BC where he floored all of us with his talent.
Liverpool Saw Richard last night in Liverpool, Incredible performance, really enjoyable, thank you.
"March 2, 2013"
Lancashire Great gig in Liverpool,but want the ELECTRIC T-Shirt!.When will it be available to buy on the BEESWING website?
"March 3, 2013"
Swansea, Wales I wish I had learned of the music earlier - still trying to catch up with earlier songs.
"March 4, 2013"
England Been a fan for around 40 years and RT still manages to fascinate me every time I see him play live. Saw the 'electric trio' at the Sage Gateshead last night, wow. We all know that to perform well in a trio all 3 musicians have to be good, and these three set the bar very high indeed. Michael Jerome was so good that I spent at least half of the evening watching him rather than RT. I have yet to find any of Richard's albums disappointing, however every now and then he releases something which exceeds his own incredibly high standards and I think 'Electric' is such an album. Like 'kit bag, mock tudor, across a crowded room and loads of others this is an album I can see myself returning to over and over again for many years to come. I noticed that the Sage was filled to capacity for this concert, it's nice to see that RT is at last getting the following he deserves from the paying public and not just from the music critics. May he continue for many many more years. I look forward to the 80th birthday tour.
Merseyside Saw Richard at Liverpool Philharmonic recently. Only heard one song, Al Bowlly's In Heaven, properly. Every other song's lyrics were inaudible.
"March 6, 2013"
England Thommo is the Maestro!
Cambridgeshire went to the recent gig at the corn exchange again absolutely awesome your a genius Richard hope you can play this area again sometime soon
Middlesex The Barbican gig was absolutely superb. Thank you Sir!
"March 7, 2013"
Uithoorn Richard, when do you play in Amsterdam? Please.
"March 8, 2013"
Dublin Thank you for all the amazing Music.
"March 9, 2013"
Remington Concert last night in Basingstoke was absolutely superb. Thank you so much.
Withernsea Each new song is fresh and relevant, and old songs still have a fresh urgency today
"March 10, 2013"
High Wycombe Just that I love Richard's music
"March 11, 2013"
Hampshire Saw RT on Friday in Basingstoke. Stunning, first time I have seen him live. Expectations were high and he blasted past them with skill and humour. Can't wait for the next one
"March 13, 2013"
nynÑshamn What great new album ELECTRIC is
Lancashire Was at Salford on Sunday !! Great concert , one of the best Ive seen and heard of Richard's. 9pm to 5am man was the CORRECT answer !!!!! Thanks for a great night.
"March 14, 2013"
Washington State Please come to Seattle! Discovering your music (first heard "Poor Ditching Boy" on WFMU and had to look you up--good thing I did!) has really enriched me. Wishing you the success you deserve and many happy, healthy years!
"March 15, 2013"
Leeds, Yorkshire Thankyou for such wonderful music Richard.
"March 18, 2013"
Rome I wait for a live show in Rome, i can recall a concert here in Rome back in the ninety's and that richard and i shook hands before the concert. Keep on playing richard!!!
Oregon Sign up for presale Portland Oregon concert at Aladdin Please
"March 21, 2013"
California Please come back to McCabes and do another run of Cabaret of Souls. I caught all three shows at the Broad Stage. Amazing.
England If I've been listening to him his songs often crop up as background music in my dreams.
"March 22, 2013"
Nottinghamshire how have i missed this for all these years
Birmingham I must have been dead for the last 50 years why haven't I heard of Richard before tonight 22/03/13. I'm sitting watching him playing at the BBC television centre, my apologies I'm a fan now god bless him
England AM watching Richard on BBC4 - FANTASTIC. I have txt all my friends and family to tell them. Really lovely. Where have you been all my life? I need to hear more of your wonderful voice and music. Your drummer earns every penny, he must be so dehydrated at the end of each session. Your guests and daughter are also very talented. Please let me know when you are touring in England. Thank you.
Manchester Great scope of music
Eastbourne Wow! watched the BBC gig tonight, wish I had been there!
New York your music, words and eyes speak wonders! i am so sorry to miss you in my this march...i hope you will be back to soon. love the new album:)
"March 23, 2013"
Ontario Definite cult follower now! Richard you are "the business". Saw you in Liverpool where my husband is from and again in T.O. last night! EPIC!!! When are you going to do HOTS FOR THE SMARTS again? Last time we heard you do it was in St. Petersburg! Yes we have followed you many places! Love the new CD!!!
Leceistershire I'm a music teacher, children aged 8 to 18. They sing hymns with gusto! Usually.
Wolverhampton can't believe i have just discovered this. Hoping for some uk tour dates soon.
"March 24, 2013"
Louisiana Thanks for your reply re Richard coming to New Orleans on the current tour. To be safe, I got tix for the Dallas show, hurrah!
Belfast What an amazing artist, I can't believe it has taken me so long to find him and his work
Nottinghamshire So disappointed to miss you in Nottingham but hope to see you make another appearance at Cropredy before too long.
Pennsylvania You are the Bees Knees. Thank you for being you and can't wait to see you at the Academy of Music this Tuesday. Xoxo
"March 25, 2013"
Oslo Oslo this year please - and ''Cabaret'' on Vinyl !!
Dorset Always an inspiration!
Bedfordshire He's rather good is'nt he.!
New Jersey I want to apologize for being late to your show last night. I have heard there are those who have been arriving late because they were coming to see the "headliner" but that was not what happened with me. This was the third concert of yours that I attended and each time your playing and singing has been better better, although one can hardly conceive of how that is possible. Last night's performance was supposed to be an hour and a half drive from my home to a place I had never been before(it turned out to be closer to two and a half hours.) I was relying on the GPS in my phone to get me there. Well, I dropped it just when I was getting ready to leave and it shattered. I rushed to get a new phone, but once I got on the road, I discovered that the GPS in my new phone was not working. I would have liked to ask to hear "Take Care the Road You Choose", not only because that is one of my favorite songs, but because I did not choose the right ones. I am very sorry.
"March 26, 2013"
Wolverhampton of course you're one of the best guitaris for all the time well done
"March 29, 2013"
Colorado I hope to see Richard in Boulder in June. greatest songwriter on the planet.
Ontario Your Snow Goose is lovely.