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March 1-15, 2003
"Sat Mar 01, 2003"
California 1.) Any chance of getting those Sessions at W. 54th folks to release the entire RT show?

2.) Will the latest tour make it to the West coast? (Please?)

3.) See you EC, RT is God.

North Carolina I always liked the image of you holding the chainsaw.
California "Richard, listening to your music is always my best companion and meeting you is ever so special. Can't wait for the next show. Best wishes to you and your family."
Tennessee "what can I say that hasn't already been said??? I sat on stage @ 12th and Porter in Nashville and was transported by his music once again, as always....when does he return?"
Eastern Flanders just like Thompsons music
Ile de France "Great great show in Paris! You're too rare in this city. You are obviously THE underrated singer-songwriter and guitarist of these times. And a great showman too. OK, we wil not discuss about Rugby !"
Plymouth Great Site. When are you (RT) coming to Plymouth again??
Illinois The most mesmerizing guitarist I've ever seen.
"Mon Mar 03, 2003"
Sheffield "I've seen some good gigs in my time (Purple, Who etc) but last night in Sheffield beat the lot! Awesome, amazing - but can you keep up the stamina for the rest of the tour?!"
Berlin "I heard Richard on the germany tour in Berlin (21.02.2003)REALLY GREAT MUSIC, GREAT CONCERT !! he has an amazing right hand picking style."
Stockholm A great site about a great musician! Pure pleasure! I will surely return for more news and music downloads.
"Tue Mar 04, 2003"
Arizona I discovered you 20 years ago but recently became hooked again big time. Please come to Arizona soon.
Warrington "Awesome at Leeds, shame about the power. Solo in last number one of the best. Still think you should have done King of Bohemia when the power cut. See you in Coventry."
southport Had to register the immense pleasure I received at last night's show (Leeds3/3/03).so good in fact I have booked for Shepherd's Bush.Richard is surely Britain's finest living talent.
Maryland "Love the new site(?)and waiting for the new CD after having read in Mojo you had put out a new CD. Started asking around for it but no one had heard of it. Didn't think about UK release first. Have seen you solo and with the band numerous times in Baltimore and Annapolis here in Maryland and look forward to your return. Great Fresh Air interview awhile back. Cheers & TTFN P.S. Loved the Celtsmerhz CD"
Arizona "My friend in the high Andes can get a copy of Old Kit Bag and I can't seem to find one in Arizona, even at the Virgin Megastore! I was one of the audience at your one and only Tucson appearance. An enthralling evening and a welcome addition to our Great Southwest. I'll probably have to go to SoCal to catch another show. Great Work!"
Essex My love of Richard Thompson's amazing music is all the fault of one man - my former English teacher... I am forever in his debt!
New Jersey I've been a regular at the McCarter Theatre Show in Princeton for 10 yrs almost now. I enjoy it more every year.Keep up thee good work!
Yorkshire "Thank you for a marvellous gig at the Lyceum. I submitted an amateur review to the ITV Teletext music pages which was deemed good enough to air, and hope new fans and ticket sales result. My way of saying thankyou for thirty years of listening pleasure. The finales handshakes and smiles said everything. Earl is a very fine strong but sensitive drummer - a real find. Best wishes for your travels, and I hope you come back to Sheffield soon. You know what to expect, and we know what you deserve."
" Wed Mar 05, 2003"
Derbyshire "just got back from the leicester de montfort hall show and want to say it was simply outstanding. rt is a true, true star"
Nottingham "Just back from your fantastic gig at Leicester De Montfort Hall! I`ve been going there, and seeing you there as long as you Richard! This time I took my 15 year old daughter and she thought it was a fantastic gig....considering that she listens to System of a Down and Black Sabbath I think there's hope for her yet. The band sounded tight and mean, and the new songs went down a treat!"
Brisbane "Can't wait for your next tour of Australia, Richard. It's been too long!"
Missouri Hi Richard! Please bring your band to St. Louis!!!!! I'm a big fan. Also can't wait for the new album. Thanks
Leicestershire "Thank you Mr.T and (stonking)band for yet another great evening. I have been listening to the music of RT since '73 - virtually a soundtrack to my life, it has made the good bits even better and the bad bits more tolerable than I could ever have hoped for. There is no other music or musician I know of that could do that. Cheers Mr.T - see you next time round!"
Worms "To those fans in Germany who missed the merchandise stall: Just go to the next musicstore and order the CDs. It takes 2 days to get them and it's much cheeper."
Kansas Seen him twice in Kansas City area. Keep us on tour schedule.
Leicestershire "Excellent gig at Leicester 4 March. I defy you to find better musicianship than this band anywhere. Good to hear newer songs dominate; RT isn't suited to playing ""greatest hits"" sets!. May he return here soon…"
Mayo Just got online:had to check out this site.Wish ireland had a songwriter like RT right now.King of Bohemia kills me.What a man.
"Thu Mar 06, 2003"
Maryland Any chance of you coming back to the Senator Theatre in Baltimore on this tour?
" Fri Mar 07, 2003"
Yorkshire "Took my seventeen year old son to Leeds Irish Centre on Monday. We were stood very close to the stage and we had a clear view of the magic being done. Nice to see a lot of young people there. As always a fabulous concert. My son was blown away by him."
Edinburgh "Saw the gig in the Queens Hall, last night (6/march 03) The man was on top form! Very atmospheric and new stuff fitted in seamlessly with the old favs, Nice one RT."
"Tampa, Florida" Come back to Florida! Your show at the Tampa Theatre was outstanding.
Herts "Listening to the new album as I type this and enjoying every note. Looking forward to seeing you in Cambridge on 10th. Will be bringing my 24 year old daughter to see you for the first time and hope she is turned on by the music in the same way that I am. Best wishes from Bishops Stortford. PS The Angel is still standing!"
Louisiana "About 3 years ago a friend of mine got me to go to the show at House of Blues in New Orleans. I was hooked. Saw you again the next year (2001) at JazzFest, and turned to my wife and said ""I told you he was good."" I also really enjoyed the Austin City Limits set in which the e string broke, I think on Shoot Out the Lights--incredible performance. I am morally outraged that you're not better known, but I guess I'm just as glad that you aren't so it's easier to get a good view. Please come back to New Orleans soon, and thanks for making me think that Oops is a good song."
Michigan Have you ever considered a solo tour playing only the hurdy gurdy and wearing only a floppy hat and neon jumpsuit? Do think about it.Shaken not stirred.
"Kirriemuir, Scotland" "Just back from Queens Hall, Edinburgh.Best I have seen-FANTASTIC NIGHT.Enthusiasm of Richard & band was tremendous.Shoot out the Lights was outstanding and as for Vincent, what can I say ! Thanks for a great night. P.S what chance a re-release of Henry the Human Fly on CD. "
Yorkshire Richard - the leeds gig was Awsome! - I've been a devoted fan for nearly 30 years and getting to a Thompson Bash is always a highlight - you are always never less than brilliant but last Mondays perfromance was the best ever - Come back soon!
"Sat Mar 08, 2003"
Co Down "With every album you get better. How do you do that? Lovely the way! "
Brisbane Still checking the Tour Dates regularly for Australian Tour in 2003!
Staffordshire "To Richard and the Band, thanks for a really great performance in Coventry last night. Keep it up lads. PS. What's in ""Big Dicks Space Dust""?"
Donegal "Has RT ever recorded ""From Galway to Graceland"" ? If so where ?"
Leicestershire "Went to the Leicester gig - came out just stunned. Amazing stuff..thanks Richard for all the music you've given us over the years. You've touched many a soul, and made the world a better place to live in. I'm writing a review of the gig for Traditional Music Maker..if I can find the words to describe the evening !!"
Worcestershire Saw the RT Band last night in Warwick. Stunning as ever. Thanks for the music Richard. Come back and see us soon!
Massachusetts """Rumor and Sigh"" and ""You? Me? Us?"" have gotten me through many hours of soul-crushing office work. Having memorized these two albums, I'm ready to hear more. However, CD's are damn expensive. Anyway, I hope Mr. Thompson visits the Boston-area soon."
birmingham "The Old Kit Bag is a great new album - love it! Brilliant gig at Warwick Uni Arts Centre Coventry 07.03.03, RT and Band on top form!"
Devon "By far your best album since 'you me us',like the more stripped down feel,superb. Are there any RT fans in the N.Devon area? "
Massachusetts "A friend sent me a magazine interview where your son Teddy spoke in astonishment at how fanatical your fans are - well, I'm confessing that I am one of them. At work we have on an ""alternative"" radio station and when a song of yours comes on I have been known to give ""Richard alerts"" to the staff. Ten years ago they got me an RT poster that is still above my desk. 2 thoughts - Could you go back to playing at the Iron Horse in Northampton, Ma rather than the Calvin theatre? The Horse is so much better of an experience. (I don't know how much control you have over that but it can't hurt to request!) Secondly, I love ""News from Home"". Have you thought of writing fiction? - Other than and in addition to the fiction within songwriting, of course. I love your humor, style,and find myself right there in the swirling fog with Georgio, and looking forward to the next installment."
Nottingham Love the new CD!!! Even my 5 year old sis likes it!!! Leicester concert was fantastic!!! Well done!!!
North Carolina Any news about Richard Thompson recording an album of music inspired by traditional Arabic or Muslim songs? I read a little something about this possibility a few years ago and was curious.
"Sun Mar 09, 2003"
"Monmouth, Wales" Great concert at Warwick. Any accoustic gigs due?
"Mon Mar 10, 2003"
Warrington "Saw Richard at Warwick Uni. Outstanding, even better than Leeds, and the power didn't fail. Lovely venue, great night. If Richard ever reads these I would like to thank him for the performance of 'King of Bohemia' which he gave at my request. It certainly didn't spoil the rhythm of the set, and rather than beating me up, several people thanked me for getting him to play it. You may not realise it, Richard, but you wrote that song for my brother who died some years ago and I can't hear it without thinking of him. Thankyou again for 2 superb shows. See you at Cropreddy again?"
North Carolina "please try to play asheville , north carolina again soon!!! maybe may 8? we have a great new club called the orange peel, that would be a great fit for the RT BAND."
Essex "I know it might sound a little 'sad' coming from a 48 year-old,but, knowing that Richard was 'made in the U.K.' STILL brings a little smug smile to my face,whenever his name is mentioned on radio,tv, or in the music press.It never seems to be mentioned enough as far as I'm concerned,but then I suppose that would take away some of the 'magic'.I'm going to see U.K's 'best kept secret' perform his 'greatest hits' at the Shepherds Bush Empire Tue 11 March. I'm ashamed to say that I do not as yet own a copy of his latest offering but ,from what I've heard of it so far,I'me sure I will not be dissapointed !"
Devon Bristol mid-week is too far for us. Will you be able to include a gig further South and West in your next UK tour?
"Tue Mar 11, 2003"
New York Great site! Glad to get the lyrics at last.
Illinois Just received Semi Detached Mock Tudor and it is one of the best cd's I've ever heard. Excellent sound. A must have.
Hitchin "Hello - went to the gig at Cambridge last night and we took along our son, who at the tender age of 17 weeks got his first dose of RT - he must have liked it 'cause he slept right through!! Great gig - looking forward to Shepherds Bush tonight (though this time son is staying with grandma!)"
North Carolina Looking forward to the Durham NC show first week of May. It has been 2 years since he's been in the southeast. Too Long!
Oxford "Such skill, ability and yet so modest."
Gateshead "I have loved Richard's music for a few years now, as a music student I have a good orientation of what is good music and of what is excellent: this music almost undoubtedly applies to the latter. Richard displays his multi faceted talents in concert extremely well and, in all sincerity his music not only lends itself to the hearts of his listeners but also to the core of the soul. I'd like to add this is not embellished flattery but a plainly honest opinion shared by myself and many others who have been touched by his music. All I can conclude is that music like Richard's displays only the surface behind what appears to be a mastermind and a true artist of true Romantic disposition. If only there were more of him around......"
Ontario "Planning any visits to eastern Canada(Ontario/Quebec)in 2003? If not, how close are you planning to be?"
Maine I've seen RT in Portland twice. Both were great shows. I enjoy turning others on to the music. Any chance you'll be back soon?
Nottingham "bought semi-detached mock tudor via your site last week. has to be one of the best live albums iv'e ever heard. outstanding track is the eleven minute plus 'hard on me'. also bought 'the old kit bag', this is impressive stuff. this album upholds the very high standard or mr thompsons work throughout his career. in fact if anything his rcordings have actually got better over the past decade or so. very very impressive. looking forward to the next concert"
Manchester "I've just bought ""Celtschmerz"" and ""Two Letter Words - Live 1994"", both live recordings. I'm sure many of you fans out there will have them already, but if you have not then don't delay, get them quick, they are both brilliant. Roll on the next time RT tours UK. Please, please, please do not forget Manchester (England's second city) next time Richard."
"Carms, Wales" "Just keep it going mate, you are really knocking out some good stuff now"
"Wed Mar 12, 2003"
North Somerset "Was a big fan in Richards early Fairport Convention days. Saw a BBC doc last night-glad to know the old chap is still making fine music."
Norwich "At the gig on Monday you said you could always rely on Cambridge - make that Cambridge and Norwich! A lot of us trooped down on the night but a lot more would come to a gig in Norwich! Waterfront or Theatre Royal would suit. Come on, you'd sell out up here :-)"
Reading "Richard: I discovered your music after chancing upon REM's version of Wall of Death a couple of years ago and have been enjoying delving into the back catalogue ever since. Any chance of some of the older stuff (particularly ëPour Down Like Silverí) being re-released on CD in the near future?Itís also nice to hear George Formby get a mention in the ëNews from Homeí section - now thereís someone else who deserves more recognition....Love the new album, looking forward to seeing you play for the first time tomorrow in Basingstoke!"
"fife, scotland" I saw RT and his band in Cambridge and thought it was the best I had seen. I used to enjoy RT solo more but this gig has changed everything. Seeing as you have some Scottish blood we need to see you more often up in Gods country. Keep up the great work.
Bedfordshire I am extremely worried about the dreadful conditions at last night's gig at Shepherds Bush Empire. RT was excellent - but there were so many people crushed in there it was really dangerous. Please let me have your e-mail address so that I can send you a copy of the letter I am sending to the venue & the local authority.
Sussex Just saw you at the Dome in Brighton on Sunday 9th. Thank you for a brilliant gig! My face was aching from smiling at the sheer pleasure of listening to you live again. AND two encores - what a treat! Hope to see you again very soon - any plans to drop ion at Cropredy this year?
"Thu Mar 13, 2003"
Lima I received two excellent surprises this year ! Old Kit Bag and David Gilmour covering Dimming of the Day ! wowwww . we love ya Richard
Ontario "You've got to come back to the Toronto and Buffalo area - and soon, we need you!"
Ohio "Richard: We didn't think you could top ""Mock Tudor""...but maybe you've matched it. We're still hoping to see you this summer in Dublin (Ohio, of course)."
"Abergavenny, Wales" "I saw Richard and the band in Bristol (12 March) an AWESOME performance, a privilage to be there! Thank you - very much."
north-east when are you bringing out a live dvd release?
Hertfordshire "Thanks for a wonderful night at the Shepherds Bush Empire. My first RT concert, and definitely not my last. Any idea where I can get hold of a copy of Henry the Human Fly?"
wales "Love the Bristol show. Very rockist! Leather trousers? Please play 'King of Bohemia' next time round. no gripes though. Thanks!"
"fife, scotland" "Great show at Queens Hall.Made Kit Bag really breath!And 'Razor Dance',too!"
California Brillant web site. Thanks for another album of beautiful music.
"Fri Mar 14, 2003"
Cambridgeshire "Just took in the show at the Corn Exchange here in Cambridge. It was a mind-blowing experience, and the new album is great. I especially enjoyed the Phil Ochs cover…"
"Aberystwyth, Wales" "Hi Richard - I was lucky enough to be at the Cambridge Corn Exchange on Monday, and really was blown away by the show! The new songs really took off - your singing on 'A love you can't survive' in particular was stunning. The band were superb, and I just couldn't get enough of your soloing (Shoot out the lights floored me). Thanks very much from one grateful and awestruck fan!"
Wiltshire "Saw Richard and the band at Basingstoke Anvil last night and felt I had to say what a fantastic night I had - front row kind of helped I'm sure!! Musically, of course, I knew to expect only the best. Just feel I need to add a commenet about the stunning lights and backdrop - made the evening even more special! Cheers to one and all for making my three year wait worth while."
Guildford Richard goes from strength to strength - I've just attended two of his UK gigs and he's playing and singing better than ever. He's a real hero!
North Carolina Come to NC again soon
"Sat Mar 15, 2003"
Dublin Enjoyed the gig at Vicar's Street 14th Mar 2003
Massachusetts "Obtained the new record from (God bless the Canadians!). I saw you in Northampton last fall when you previewed selections. I like the CD very much. Please do another gonzo record with Kaiser, French and Frith or combination(s) thereof. Looking forward to seeing you in Northampton on 4/30. Cheers. "