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March 1-15, 2004
"March 1, 2004"
Connecticut "I will be seeing RT with my family (wife, 15 yr old son, and 5 month old son in Albany, NY on March 21). I have brought my oldest daughter (now 25) and my middle child (now 11) to shows. It is now the newest addition's turn. "
"March 2, 2004"
California "After hearing ""Gethsemane"" on NPR I bought ""Old Kit Bag"" and haven't been able to stop listening. I don't remember ever being so moved by a body of work. I bought the ""watching the dark"" 3 CD set so I could see what I've bveen missing all these years, and the work is terrific, but I found nothing as compelling or evocative as Gethsemane. To a new fan, ""Old Kit Bag"" is the best yet. Thanks to Richard and all who worked to make such a fine album"
"March 3, 2004"
Byron Bay NSW Salaamu alaikum Yahya - we met in the late seventies in Norwich/ London.
Kansas "Great US shows in February! Thanks for playing such intimate venues. Love ""Watch Me Go"" - an instant classic, perhaps?"
"March 4, 2004"
NSW "I'm looking forward to seeing RT at the Bluesfest in Byron Bay over Easter. His first time there, my first time to see him. He'll love it, and I'm sure I'll love him. Cheers"
Warwickshire "Happy birthday, Richard"
Louisiana Please come to New Orleans soon.
"March 5, 2004"
Washington "i can't belive i've lived for 24 years and am just now having the pleasure of listening to richard's music it is incredibly inspirational thank you!"
Manchester Looking forward to the gig at Bridgewater Hall in May. Keep on keeping on.
Oregon "Richard Thompson is one of my primary influences as a songwriter and guitarist. I can't think of anyone (ANYONE) who has produced as much quality, soul-driven music. Richard Thompson, you have changed my life. Thank you."
"March 6, 2004"
Washington "I have only seen RT once, really want to be able to see him in Washington state. Coming close to Port Townsend, Wa. soon?"
London "Looking for DVD of concert @ Lupo's, Prov., RI, and any new CD's."
"March 7, 2004"
Illinois "I notice no comments from Chicago, so here's some: thanks for playing the tiny club Fitzgerald's here on the 20th. What a treat; everyone I know who was there is still marvelling. Really nicely balanced's exciting to hear you do songs like Regret It All and Hokey Pokey now, *and* the new songs were terrific. So looking forward to hearing ""should I betray you"" again, Janet Jackson song wickedly funny, and Alexander Graham Bell stuck with me for days. Bravo, sir!"
West Midlands Can I get your albums from any retail outlet in the UK or do I have to wait for you to tour?
Illinois "just to say that i'm a big fan---enjoyed the show in madison, wi last month and look forward to more."
London "Richard once said he's personally met everyone who has a vinyl copy of ""Henry...""Well I don't think he's ever met me!"
"March 9, 2004"
New York what make and model electric guitar and acoustic guitar does Richard play. I don't recognize the electric model on he website which also appeared on Austin City Limits. Thanks.
"March 10, 2004"
Wisconsin "Saw you at Alverno College in Milwaukee last year, and came up and introduced myself to you after the concert. We talked about Jerry Stockin and his influence on my life. And I saw you down at Fitzgerald's in ""Berwyn!"" last month. Great show!"
California Enjoy and be kind.
"March 12, 2004"
Wales "No Welsh dates!!! Don't you remeber how well you went down at The Coal Exchange, Cardiff last year!? It was fantastic. I can't afford to travel so far to see you solo. I feel gutted. Come back soon, RT."
south carolina "to:all rt fans,if you have xm radio you can hear him on ch.50 the loft on a regular basis,sometimes on ch.15 the village and somrtimes also ch.49 fine tuning, if you dont have xm i'm sorry"
Tipperary "I fell in love whilst listening to your music. The light has gone out of my eyes now, but the music shines on."
North Carolina Thank you Richard (and Simon) for appearances in Charlotte & Asheville. Now I know why we have been listening to your music all the time! Cheers.
"March 13, 2004"
Wisconsin "I still have not seen Richard live. I wish you would put out DVD's of some of his shows, old and new. I keep searching for live DVD's but can't find any. I have almost every CD Richard has put out."
Maryland I told my friend years ago that I would always love him for introducing me to Richard Thompson.
Florida glad to know you have a web-site and are planning on playing till you die.
"March 14, 2004"
Ohio Tour Ohio please